Help Occasional reboots...?


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Ok, occasionally my X will just reboot for no reason. I am currently running the deoxed .595 GB version, but it is not specific to this release. I had it do it back on completely stock unrooted Froyo. Actually, that is the first time I remember getting reboots. It does not happen often, but it does happen. Seems like it did it on ever ROM I was on and every version. This morning, I received a text message and turned my phone to landscape to view the Handcent quick popup screen and it rebooted.

Just wondering if it is just me or anyone else sees this as well. I have wiped and wiped and wiped on installations and I know it has nothing to do with that because I remember this starting before my phone was ever rooted and doing it after the VZW OTA to Froyo. I know of others locally that are still completely stock never rooted and they have seen this same thing after the OTA update to Froyo as well.


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the question is how often is it doing it? it seems that all phones will reboot themselves from time to time, but once a day or more should be viewed as an issue. if your phone is doing it daily then it is probably defective. a call to VZW support would be a good place to start.

just a warning: the first thing they're going to suggest is a hard reset, so prepare yourself for that beforehand. more than likely they won't be able to solve the problem and will send you a replacement. i had a DX that rebooted itself several times a day. VZW sent me a new one; haven't had a problem since.


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it happens to me occasionally as NEVER happened when i was on happens every once and awhile on GingerBread...but nothing that really makes me worry...

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I used to get it on stock FroYo and the FroYo ApeX versions. Never once I switched to GummyJAR. The .595 Gingerbread release does it once in a while and 100% of the time it's when I'm listening to audio, either music or a podcast.

Hoping .596 will fix it but not holding my breath.