Help Occasional SMS messages won't send


I'm having a strange and intermittent problem with my HD. Every now and then I'll go to send an SMS and it just won't send. I'll type the message out and hit the send button and the "please wait" box flashes up, then it just closes my on-screen keyboard down and the message just sits there with the cursor flashing.

This happens sometimes on new threads, sometimes in response to received messages. Not just on one contact either. I've tried a re-start. I've tried taking the +44 off and replacing it with "0" (even though it still recognises it's a person in my contacts). I've cleared my SMS inbox out in case it was a space issue. All to no avail.

It just won't send and my only option is to go back and save it in drafts.

I think this has only happened since upgrading to OS 2.3.3.

Anyone else experienced this or can help?



Yes, I have had the same issue since upgrade to 2.3.3

There is a workaround of sorts. When you have tried (and failed) to send your SMS click on the Menu and 'Add subject'. Give it any subject you like - I tend toi just insert a space - and then send. This effectively converts your message from SMS to MMS so be aware if your contract will incur charges. But it does work.

I have been searching for a while but not found either a cause or a solution ...

...anyone out there found one ?

Mark W


Hi, I have also had this issue and while the 3rd party app has temporarily solved the problem for me I was wondering if anyone has "fixed" the problem for the stock messaging app? Thanks
I also had problems sending sms messages to some people after an upgrade. I found that if I cleaned out of my stored messages and deleted them (doesn't matter who they are from), then I didn't experience the problem any more. Maybe it is a storage space related issue.


Thanks FlopCrispin! That worked for me just now.

It started occurring intermittently after an upgrade was pushed a few weeks ago. Very irritating!

Previously, I noticed that if I attached an image, it would send. That must be similar to the situation celemi describes. However, adding a subject or an image didn't work today, but deleting all my messages did.

I called Sprint and they said to take it into the store and tried to sell me insurance first...