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odafone customers beware!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ulstersoldier, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. barney2005

    barney2005 Lurker

    :D I have just found a workaround for the 140 bootloader error. Go to xda-developers site, find thread No 745552. On page 2, scroll down to post number 12 and follow instructions. I have just used this and successfully installed a stock rom on my desire which had suffered the VF update.

    I claim no credit for this and offer my sincere thanks to all those involved in this. They are heroes!

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    LECTER Android Expert

    Would have been nice if you had posted a link!!!!! :rolleyes:
  3. barney2005

    barney2005 Lurker

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  4. xlucian

    xlucian Newbie

    do I do this by going to recovery mode.....and do it like I would do the manual update for froyo?
  5. barney2005

    barney2005 Lurker

    I copied it to the sd card, went to recovery mode and updated via zip, so I assume this is a "yes". I am a newbie, so my knowledge comes from other, helpful members.
  6. SurfXombie

    SurfXombie Member

    What I did was leave the phone alone (with the B&W HTC logo on it) and run the program again. It just went on and did it. I had to do this twice due to cocking it up at a later stage (twice :))
  7. sonicaholic

    sonicaholic Lurker

    Yes check the debrand thread below there's a post there explaining how too.
    I got lucky got the update but decided to check the blogs first, I debranded my vodafone Desire today and am running on kernol 0.80(still rootable) F/w 2.2 (FroYo)
  8. daffyduck

    daffyduck Guest

    I am glad to see this thread....

    As a current Vodafone customer with a Nexus from Google direct, I am just glad to get my updates direct with no carrier interference.

    After discussing it with my other half who has a Vodafone Desire and with the likelihood that this crapware will still be incorporated into the 2.2 Froyo update (whenever that will be, probably my guess October onwards) and with the likelihood that future OTA's will close the possibility of risk-free root, I followed the risk-free root option and now, her phone runs Stock Froyo 2.2 and OMG, the phone is much better for it.

    Now it doesn't lag as much as it did, which was always my issue with some of the Sense stuff......

    Vodafone's stance on this is absolutely appalling - shame on them for trying to increase their revenues, by putting dating site crap on phones LOL. I hope Watchdog on the BBC in the UK rip them apart (which is rumoured that they are interested in investigating this issue). Who owns the phone on contract - Vodafone, or the people signing up to the contract!

    LECTER Android Expert

    This would be awesome!!
  10. Elwood42

    Elwood42 Member

    is this vodafone stuff an optional install, as in you don't have to install it, or it has to be done?
  11. matluz

    matluz Newbie

    would debranding and running froyo void my warranty? SOrry lots written about this and not sure how legit it is?

  12. nx1977

    nx1977 Android Expert

    Perhaps a Facebook petition to force the eu to stop the practice of unremovable carrier add ons to the software of our phones.

    Afterall, doesn't happen on pc's!
  13. jabtas

    jabtas Well-Known Member

    I'm really sorry for Voda customers, I'm just hoping the the delay on T Mobiles release of 2.2 is down to the same underhand plans
  14. japester

    japester Member

    Hi guys - Looked on the XDA thread - but I'm a bit lost....

    1. Make a goldcard. - Got this done
    2. With unrevoked3 root your phone. - and I've downloaded this
    3. Patch the /misc partition with update.zip (found on modaco forums, www .shadowchild. nl/fixmisc/update.zip).
    4. Install RUU with goldcard in phone (you won't get error 140). I had to restart my phone with adb reboot bootloader.
    5. Flash OTA update.zip from sdcard.

    3,4 and 5 - Erm... not a clue what I'm supposed to do next. NB. I've downloaded UR3 but not run it or anything yet - any help would be mucho appreciated. I'm on bootloader 0.80.000 by the way.

  15. barney2005

    barney2005 Lurker

    IMPORTANT!! Do a backup before you start this! If you have the vodafone update installed, I would forget about restoring apps or settings - I restored everything and ended up with most of the bloatware back on my phone, even though I was running a stock ROM. After my second install, I just restored my data, which put my messages, call log, etc, back in place, but left the rubbish where it belongs.

    3. Copy the file update.zip to the root of your sd card. Start the phone in recovery mode, ie, hold down "volume down" while pressing the power button. Select the "Recovery" option from the menu - you may need to wait until the phone has tried to load files. Select "flash from update.zip" (may be worded slightly differently). This will run the patch which will solve the uploader problem.

    4. Download one of the RUU files - I used WWE 1.21.405...signed.exe. Connect the phone to your PC and make sure USB debugging is selected (Settings>Applications>Development). Find the RUU file you downloaded and double-click it. This will run the Update Utility - follow the instructions on screen. I did not have to use the reloader. When it has finished, check the software version in Settings>About phone>Software. It should read 1.21.405... The .405. tells you that the software is not linked to any carrier.

    5. Find the official 2..2 ROM from http://liveimage.htc.com/OTA_Bravo_Froyo_HTC_WWE_2.09.405.8-1.21.405.2_release4dua3bcrut4wrv30.zip. Rename this file to "update.zip" and copy to SD card, replacing the original file. You can leave the goldcard in now and use as normal - it will remain a goldcard for your phone. Using the Recovery option as above, flash the update.zip file. If everything goes according to plan, you will now have Froyo installed.

    Hopefully, this makes sense. If anyone out there can explain it better than I can, please do.
  16. starbase1

    starbase1 Newbie

    Oh yes it does....

    If you ever buy a laptop from PCV World, seems particularly bad on their own brand 'advent' laptops, you will find it littered with demo versions, help files that point you to their paid for support services, time limited virus software, nobbled versions of word... And much of itwill run as a continual task, soaking up CPU, and slowing boot times.

    Saw a study which suggested that it will typically take out about 15% of your CPU cycles, and add a lot more than thatto your boot times.

    It's generally known as 'crapware' in PC circles, and it's a royal pain.

    It's my phone.
    It's my PC.

    And when retailers treat me like this, I go online and m,ake a point of telling others in reviews what they can expect.
  17. barney2005

    barney2005 Lurker

    Sorry if my last post was confusing. When I said that it would solve the uploader problem, I obviously meant the bootloader problem.
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  18. nx1977

    nx1977 Android Expert

    But on a PC removal is easy. Phones they make it hard without doing things like rooting and voiding your warranty.
  19. Raggy

    Raggy Member

    Used you instructions after rooting and then going to a cusom 2.2 after getting the VF bloat, I downgraded then installed the official 2.2 so now running as sweet as can be
  20. xlucian

    xlucian Newbie

    a managed to install 1.21.405.2 on my desire after the vf update using the /misc repair, installed all my apps and everything

    will the manual install of the update.zip erase everything (apps+data)?
  21. magicbeans

    magicbeans Lurker

    I received a reply to my complaint to vodafone ceo today. This outlines their position on the matter regarding all the complaints. Hopefully you will find it reassuring. Just in case anyone hasn't seen it here is the text.

    Hi everyone

    We’ve listened to feedback from customers on a number of points around the recent 360 Android 2.1 update and made some changes to the roll out plan.

    The Android 2.2 update for Vodafone HTC Desire users will be based on the HTC open market version of the software and we will customise it to ensure our network settings are installed.

    For customers who have downloaded the recent 360 update for Android 2.1, we can confirm that the Android 2.2 update will remove the 360 applications and will leave the homepage and bookmarks on your current settings.

    Customers who want to access the 360 services will be able to do so once the Android 2.2 compatible version is available and, in the meantime, can now download apps like 360 People from the Android Marketplace.

    We plan to make the 360 apps available in a separate update for the HTC Desire at a later date, giving customers the choice to download it.

    We will let you know when the date for delivery of the Android 2.2 update is finalised, but, subject to testing, we expect this to be in 7-10 days time.


    Vodafone eForum
  22. petehtc

    petehtc Newbie

    if only id seen this before my desire died...... i miss my desire so much. have a temp blackberry curve at the moment :-(
  23. starbase1

    starbase1 Newbie

    This morning I got an email back from Vodaphony, in response to using the 'feedback to CEO' option opn their website, a link to a forum post giving their current position...

    The good news:
    They are planning to separate their 360 stuff from the other updates, and make it clearer what is in there. It will also be optional and serarate when 2.2 froyo comes out, which is expected in 7-10 days.

    The bad news:
    No sign of an apology or any admission they did something wrong.

    So I'd summarise by saying it looks to me like they are planning on doing things the right way in future. But would it have hurt to say 'Sorry'? I'd find it a lot more convincing about their behaving better in the future if they acknowledged at least a mistake this time around...


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