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Odd audio support question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Bouchehog, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Bouchehog

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    Hi there! I've been emailed an audio file without any file extension which, rather surprisingly, opened and played perfectly from my SD card when use ES File Explorer to open it as an audio file (which kicks it to the standard media player).

    The file itself is 1.31mb and it's a recording that someone took on their phone and then emailed the file to me. I don't know what the phone was, although I will find this out in the week. The recording is an exhibit for a family law case from a client that I am seeing this coming week and I'm going to have to convert the file into a wave file so that I can stick it onto an audio CD to play in court.

    The problem is that I've no idea what file format the file is in. I've tried adding the usual file extension and playing the file on my laptop in winamp and wmp. So far I've tried: AAC, AMR, OGG, M4A, MID, MP3, WAV, WMA.

    Presumably this file must be something that the stock Desire media player supports. Anyone got any suggestions to help me work out what type of file this is???


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