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Odd downloads?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by genovdot, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. genovdot

    genovdot Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Every time I try downloading a file from a browser it only downloads 38.80 KBS of the file. Things would work just fine after a factory reset but I don't wanna keep resetting just to v download one file. Any clue what the issue could be. I have more than enough free Space on my internal and external memory.

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  2. johnnyl1111

    johnnyl1111 Android Expert

    have you tried using desktop mode in the browser?
  3. genovdot

    genovdot Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yes sir. It did this when I tried getting cwm (eventually got it) now its doing it with paranoid android.
  4. aboatright

    aboatright Android Expert

    I had that issue. It works through opera. But sometimes I just switch to see which one it'll download with
  5. genovdot

    genovdot Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Cool. Thanks ab

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