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Odd netmask issues on wifi

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by natecarlson, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. natecarlson

    natecarlson Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I've got a shiny new Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S) on AT&T.. working fairly well so far, besides the annoyances with the phone being locked down and the crappy bundled mail client (I've got loooots of email in my imap box, grin.)

    In any case, the issue I'm having is that the phone is setting an invalid netmask ( on the wifi interface, instead of the proper one as served by dhcp ( this is preventing the phone from talking to other devices in 10/8.

    Here's the DHCP response sent to the phone by my DHCP server:

    Code (Text):
    2.       Client-IP
    3.       Your-IP
    4.       Client-Ethernet-Address 00:26:37:xx:xx:xx
    5.       Vendor-rfc1048 Extensions
    6.         Magic Cookie 0x63825363
    7.         DHCP-Message Option 53, length 1: ACK
    8.         Server-ID Option 54, length 4:
    9.         Lease-Time Option 51, length 4: 86400
    10.         Subnet-Mask Option 1, length 4:
    11.         Default-Gateway Option 3, length 4:
    12.         Domain-Name-Server Option 6, length 8:,
    13.         BR Option 28, length 4:
    14.         RN Option 58, length 4: 43200
    15.         RB Option 59, length 4: 75600
    16.         END Option 255, length 0
    17.         PAD Option 0, length 0, occurs 4
    As you can see from the above, the phone was assigned with a netmask of I finally set up the android sdk, and fired up a shell with adb.. here's what it thinks its ip is:

    Code (Text):
    2. $ ifconfig eth0
    3. eth0: ip mask flags [up broadcast running multicast]
    even odder, the properties on the phone has the correct netmask; output from 'getprop':

    Code (Text):
    2. [dhcp.eth0.pid]: [3350]
    3. [dhcp.eth0.reason]: [BOUND]
    4. [dhcp.eth0.dns1]: []
    5. [dhcp.eth0.dns2]: []
    6. [dhcp.eth0.dns3]: []
    7. [dhcp.eth0.dns4]: []
    8. [dhcp.eth0.ipaddress]: []
    9. [dhcp.eth0.gateway]: []
    10. [dhcp.eth0.mask]: []
    11. [dhcp.eth0.leasetime]: [86400]
    12. [dhcp.eth0.server]: []
    I suspect a firmware bug, but don't know for sure - anyone run into this before?

    Appreciate any thoughts!

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  2. bigehokie

    bigehokie Lurker

    I've got this exact issue but know of no remedy at this point (just figured this out this morning while trying to ping our proxy server). Please post any relevant info you find out to this thread.
  3. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

  4. natecarlson

    natecarlson Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks Frisco!

    Haven't been able to figure out any way to resolve this yet, besides rooting the phone and changing it manually..
  5. bigehokie

    bigehokie Lurker

    Nate and everyone else watching this issue.

    I flashed my Captivate with the leaked 2.2 ROM. This is no longer an issue with this release. My netmask and gateway get set appropriately now...

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