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Root Odin and Stock ROM Tutorial

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by karandpr, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Feb 16, 2011
    Read Everything Carefully .I/This Forum/Anyone in particular is not responsible in any way if you damage your device .You have taken the responsibility of your phone .

    Disclaimer : You and Just you are responsible for flashing with Odin .You were never forced by anyone to do it . You have Voluntarily decided to Flash with Odin .

    This is just a thread with info about all the Stock ROMs and Odin

    Almost all Regions including Canada(Yesterday ,available on CheckFus and samfirmware under I5510M) Now have Stock ROMs .

    Websites catering to Stock ROM :

    sampro.pl : Good site ,was updated faster than samfirmware first But has European firmwares .

    sammobile.com (earlier samfirmware.com ): Caters to all audiences NOW including North America and South America .

    CheckFUS. : Basically It is a checking site for all firmwares .If it's available on CHeckFus then chances are it's available in KIES

    Difference between Flashing with Odin and "upgrading with KIES

    The same difference in calling tomato a toh-mah-toh or toh-may-toh (may-toh FTW)

    Both methods have EQUAL risks .

    Odin is just faster and you know where you botched up .

    Some Definitions :

    Amss_Phone : The radio/baseband of your phone .It dictates WiFi/3G/2G/Bluetooth Performance and Problems .It also dictates your Battery performance .

    PDA :- This is usually "The system" or the ROM .

    CSC : this is the carrier or country related apps or bloatware .

    Boot: This is bootloader . You need froyo Boot loader for Froyo ROMs and Gingerbread Bootloader for Gingerbread ROMs

    Some Random stuff :

    European and Asian Radios are cross Compatible . That is I5510 phones

    Meaning : You can use European Firmwares and Gingerbread on Asian Phones .

    South American Phones are I5510L and North American Phones are I5510M .

    Both have Unique Radios which are not compatible .

    If you are flashing a Custom Froyo Rom ,just Flash the PDA and 3G/GPS functionality will be retained

    There are no Gingerbread Stock ROMs for Either I5510L nor for I5510M .

    So If you plan to Flash Gingerbread ,you have to live without 3G or GPS

    Yeah Froyo amss_Phone is not compatible with Gingerbread (Bootloader).

    Bootloaders are the fastest to flash .they take 14~15 seconds to Flash .

    If your Phone fails in between this time ,your phone is black hard bricked .

    Black brick cant be recovered by any of the methods or USB jig .

    The Current Stock ROMs available :

    Europe : 2.3.6 Gingerbread (XEO-KPG/Display Glitch solved ,NRJ/XEF -AZERTY/FRANCE ,DBT - QWERTZ /Germany

    North and South Americas : 2.2.2 Froyo (KC5)

    Asia : 2.2 Froyo (JK4/5)

    Disclaimer : You and Just you are responsible for flashing with Odin .You were never forced y anyone to do it . You have Voluntarily decided to Flash with Odin .

    Where do I get Odin and Callisto_OPS?

    SamMobile.com | Everything for your Samsung Mobile | SamMobile



    Information and Basics : Odin

    Using Odin is not rocket science .

    The OPS script is the most essential part .

    The first thing you do is Download Odin and OPS script from samfirmware .

    Next ,decide whether actually you want to try another ROM .

    If you are satisfied with the performance of your phone then it's futile to install another ROM

    Before trying another ROM ,it's best to try your own stock ROM .

    The Odin files are either .tar or .tar.md5

    md5sum is attached usually to files to prevent corrupted downloads from being flashed

    Now Stock ROM can be flashed with Odin in two ways .

    One is the regular way .

    There are four firmware files .

    One is bootloader,One is Phone ,One is PDA and the rest is CSC .

    Now each file can be flashed seperately or together .You can also flash say Phone and PDA

    Bootloader is essential if you are switching from Froyo to Gingerbread or so .

    Bootloader is the SOLE reason for total phone bricks via Odin Flashes.If your flash fails between the Bootloader flash ,you will brick the Phone .

    So unless you are switching The Operating Sytem I would avoid flashing Bootloader .

    Phone is useful when you have say WiFi/Bluetooth or 3G issues .You can try and test other amss_phone since amss_phone dictates the radio which in turn dictates the battery Life

    CSC is carrier related stuff so it's particularly useless most of the times .

    But It may contain AZERTY and QWERTZ layouts which are useful for countries other than QWERTY users .

    PDA flash is what called Factory restore .Total Flash of all four files is Total Factory restore .

    The "factory Reset " in recovery mode (T+ power ) just formats data and cache .

    Most of the problems are solved by a single PDA flash .

    The Second Method is A "One package flash"

    Basically Bootloader,PDA,phone,amss are packed in one file to reduce labor and flashed in one package :D

    Most Recent Stock ROMs are Flash as One Package ROMs

    You can also flash individually, the above PDA,phone,amss,Bootloader with One Package Flash Option

    Things to do before performing an Odin Flash :

    Put phone in Download Mode with Q+Power .Q is the hardware key (Probably A+power for AZERTY users !!)

    Your Phone will look like this .

    Install Samsung USB drivers on Windows or KIES

    Attach Phone to Working ,flawless USB port with working flawless USB cable

    If you in windows Vista/7 the drivers will be automatically installed

    That should ready the device for flashing

    The Odin Flash

    Double Click Odin.exe

    Checking the USB connection

    There should be a Yellow port saying (COM 4)(5/6/11) or whatever .

    Loading CSC script

    Load Callisto_v1.0.Ops by clicking OPS button and clicking the Callisto.ops located on hard disk .

    Check whether you have loaded Callisto_Ops

    Again check whther you have loaded Callisto.ops

    Probably you should check whether you have loaded Callisto_OPS

    Load the .tar.md5 files

    Method One.

    Load files PDA in PDA .BOOTLOADER in BOOT .AMSS_PHONE in PHONE .CSC in CSC .depending on the need

    Method two aka One Package Flash

    Tick the Option One Package .which is below COM Port Mapping, Left of Auto Reboot and Above Reset Time

    Now the Select Integrate Package which is below the EFS will be unlocked and PDA,CSC,BOOT,PHONE,EFS will be greyed .

    Load the required files by clicking One Package


    Igor - Pull The Switch! (Yes Master) - YouTube

    Press The Start Button

    Did you get an un-named file was not found error


    Here is a Video From Brazilian Orkut FOR the One package Flash by putz321

    AutoScreenRecorder_08 Sep. 07 23.10.avi - YouTube

    Wait for 2-5 minutes and your phone will reboot soon and you have successfully flashed ROM with Odin . (Hand out sweets )

    If the flash goes more than 9 minutes then pull of the USB cable ,Remove battery wait for 10 minutes (battery and phone should cool down) and TRY again .

    Change USB port if it happens again .

    If A Bad Odin Flash Happens.....

    If it is NOT a Bootloader failure (The first 15 seconds ) then just try AGAIN on different USB port/Cable/Computer

    If it is Bootloader failure(Like mine ,13th second ....)

    Well Just Hope ,you are under warranty and maybe ,just maybe samsung folks will fix it

    My Phone just Bootloops .

    Well . your /data and /cache are not rfs .(ext2/ext4 or JFS/reiserfs blah blah . )

    So Wipe data and cache from recovery (T+Power)

    Cheers and Ciao !!!


  2. fresh2air

    fresh2air New Member

    Jan 10, 2012
    Hi I have got samsung Galaxy wonder gt-i8150, will this rooting process work on my phone i have got android version 2.3.5
  3. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Feb 16, 2011
  4. arnoldward929

    arnoldward929 Member

    Jun 14, 2012
    Hello guys I want to know about edumobile.org just few days ago I came across this site while surfing. It is site for learning android tutorial online. So want some info from here about that side is anyone here know more about edumobile.org
  5. Zoandroid

    Zoandroid Well-Known Member

    May 28, 2010
    Ohio - USA
    I would like to know more about how Odin handles the MD5 suffix it encounters. It appears that this triggers an MD5 verification as Odin begins, but where does Odin get the MD5 string it uses to verify the file isn't corrupt? Its the string stored within the image.tar.md5 file itself? Because I'm not seeing MD5 strings being supplied with the image files.
  6. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Feb 16, 2011
    It's attached to the tail of the tarball
    md5 verification is triggered only if there is a md5 attached and the file ends with md5 extension..

    if you have a hex editor ,you can see the md5 string attached to a x.tar.md5 file

    You can bypass the md5 verification by removing the .md5 extension ...
  7. Zoandroid

    Zoandroid Well-Known Member

    May 28, 2010
    Ohio - USA
    Thanks! That explains why the files such as ROM image files with .tar.md5 extensions I have seen are typically not accompanied with a text md5 string when downloading them. Nifty idea that the md5 is automatically verified. :)
  8. szhjcn

    szhjcn New Member

    Feb 12, 2012
    Will this remove apps and passwords etc.. ?

    My old phone is used by my son. But he changed the password and can't remember it. I tried to do a factory reset but this asks for a code/password.

    Kies will not connect, so looking for other options.

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