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ODIN not working?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Ionkiller, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Ionkiller

    Ionkiller Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So, I rooted and installed CWM on my Samsung Admire earlier this year, some time before Summer. I know the process of installing CWM. So, earlier this year, I messed with the phone, and put it on, but I took a wrong turn and forgot to install a kernel or something and left the phone at the boot screen. So I let it catch dust and go dormant and continued with the LG Optimus F3, today I figured I'd revive the dead and bring him back into action. So, it still boots into recovery (but I don't have my old backup SD Card) So I gotta put it back on I got it into download mode and ODIN is reading the device, but I downloaded teh admire-cwm.tar a bunch of times over and over and still, ODIN won't read the .tar file whether I go to "PDA" or "One Package". Like, it won't show the file for me to select it, don't know why, any ideas?

  2. andriodadmirer

    andriodadmirer Android Enthusiast

    i got a hold of another admire recently and attempted the ame and i to had the same problem it would show up in odin but never went through
    so i disconnected anything conected to any of my usb ports
    put my phones usb in another port on the computer and it went right through
    but the ops file goes in ops and the cwm tar goes in one package i hope this helps
  3. Cogra147

    Cogra147 Android Enthusiast

    Did you install the indulge drivers?
  4. Ionkiller

    Ionkiller Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Honestly, I had got it to work last week, forgot to post, but I hoenstly can't remember how I did it. Indulge drivers have been on my computer since.....a long time ago, so yeah it wasn't that. I did something and it worked, but when I try to flash a ROM on the Admire from, it just goes to the SCH-R720 screen and sits until it dies.
  5. Samsung Use i

    Samsung Use i Well-Known Member

    finally somebody else that has pain with the CWM (well at least i did before) um please make sure the ROM supports ;) try other roms if it does not work

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