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Odin Stalled during Modem install

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SmittyNM, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. SmittyNM

    SmittyNM Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Big time lurker here finally coming out of the shadows. First I want to thank all of the developers and the folks who support us noobs in getting our phones rooted. You guys are awsome.

    After following the root guides for a while and getting myself familiar with the process I have decided to plunge into the world of rooying etc.

    So I was starting from a stock fascinate. I decided to follow the EB01 walkthrough method:
    [EB01 WALKTHROUGHS] Rooting, Clockwork, Voodoo, Stock and Custom ROM, Battery, etc - xda-developers

    I was able to successfully root the phone, Titanium backup my apps and data, add CWM to the phone (first green then red) and created a nandroid through CWM.

    I then went to push the EB01a_modem.tar file through odin. It was going through the process and landed at the modem.tar and stalled.

    I ended up letting the phone sit over night so I could get some sleep. This am I repushed the modem, and then flashed the EB01 zip and I am now up and running.


    I did not wipe the data or cache. Should I do that now? Also I am thinking of testing some themes etc. Should I push a deodexed rom before doing that (and then wipe data/cache)?

    Once I wipe, which is the better restoe to use in titanium?

    Now that I am on EB01 I will create a new nandroid. Should I / or is there any way I can pull the original nandroid I made? Do I even need to?

    Thanks for all the help. You all rock

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  2. Bob-o

    Bob-o Android Enthusiast

    If you flashed a deodexed rom or super clean, they *should* be themeable. I themed my super clean on dl09 with no problems. I don't know about wiping after the fact. Someone can chime in on that.

    Welcome to the party by the way :D.

  3. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Android Expert

    the best possible scenario is wiping data and cache between roms...is it always neccessary? no...but certainly a best practice...and going to aosp a must

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