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Odin stuck on Modem.bin

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by No_Nickname90, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. No_Nickname90

    No_Nickname90 Well-Known Member
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    I'm trying to install LiteNing using Odin, and it get's stuck on "Modem.bin".

    I exit, unplug, and do a battery pull on my phone, and the phone starts back up normally, but then when I start the ROM, I don't have any service and when I go to "Wireless and Networks" -> "Mobile Network" it tells me to "Insert my SIM card". This means I'm downloading ROMs that forces you to use a SIM card.

    I guess my real question is are there any Epic 4G Touch ROMs?

    I don't want a ROM that's for the Int. Galaxy S2, since those use SIM cards and not CDMA. If you link me to a ROM that says Galaxy S2, I want you to tell me what ROM Version and Kernel you're using, since I keep getting "Insert SIM card" errors.


    P.S. This is what I get for forgetting to make a backup of my stock ROM. -_-

  2. lafester

    lafester Android Enthusiast

    you probably know this by now but that rom is not for the epic touch
  3. yoprincess

    yoprincess Lurker

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