Hey does anyone know what the ETA for odin will be


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i think its going to be some weeks down the road :(

if you havent already messed up your phone, use CWM... it makes a copy of your phone and you can restore it from almost any thing :)


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Odin is a specific tool for setting phones back to stock when cwm can't even do it. It requires your phone to be able to boot into download mode which most bricked phones can do even if they can't get into recovery which is what cwm requires.

As an update it seems that we're closer then before but still not quite there.. I am not part of this project but I'm observing on irc and last night someone was able to glitch the 2 min reboot timer in cwm to get a full dump of /dev/block which should contain useful info as to what is where partition mount wise. I was able to get in contact with interdepth regarding any info he had on odin ops and partition mounts and he gave us 2 hints that I dunno if were useful or not. He's still helping :). To give back if you want without hurting your wallet please see my thread entitled ACS in the non root forums here...

Or better yet donate to mavrikmeercat who is has taken over odin.