Accessories OEM Nexus One Pouch?


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It's coming from Hong Kong, so it should be a little bit obvious. It doesn't say anything about being authentic, and "OEM" can mean anything really. The other thread was merged into the accessories thread I believe. Anyways, at about 1/3 the cost of the real item, it might very well still be worth it. Let us know when you get it!


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prolly take a month to get it

I've purchased a few photography items in the past from some of the better eBay dealers out of Hong Kong and I was suprised at how well they packaged items and at how quickly I received the item. Some of these folks are excellent.


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if you read the shipping section it says it will arrive in the US in 7-14 working days. Items I buy from Hong Kong come pretty fast, sometimes faster than people in the US.