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Office Depot has the tf300 32gig in stock now. PS. Got mine for the 379.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by leroybrute, May 4, 2012.

  1. leroybrute

    leroybrute Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I took my 16 gig back to best buy today.Then took the Walmart online ad 379 for the tf300 32gig into office depot and they price matched.
    Hope I gave some good news to some.

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  2. Droid.Incredible

    Droid.Incredible Well-Known Member

  3. leroybrute

    leroybrute Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Before taxes. I have used amazon many times. And will always use them when needed. But you don't have to wait for it and you don't have to deal with all the shipping issues and wait! But that's beside the point! People like options. Amazon is an option. So is best buy. So is fry's etc. But so is Office Depot online or in store. I didn't post this to give ignorant jerks a reason to try to make their selves look smart or make others (myself) look stupid.
    Sorry for the rant. Just trying to give useful info. Last post on this forum! (As of this post).
  4. jericko

    jericko Android Enthusiast

    Thanks leroybrute, I would rather buy it local and if there was a issue I could quickly return/exchange it. PLus the Amazon price is all over the place.
  5. robcope

    robcope Lurker

    What he said lol. I did exactly the same thing.
  6. jericko

    jericko Android Enthusiast

    Where can I find this walmart online ad?
  7. leroybrute

    leroybrute Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I said I wouldn't post again but I looked up the ad and it has since changed to 399.99 for the 32gig at Wally world. Sorry for the news. However if best buy gets the 32gig they will match anyone selling it new online. I got my keyboard dock from best buy for 126 + tax because of the online ads.
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  8. jericko

    jericko Android Enthusiast

    Thanks for the info, I guess I missed it.
  9. sonnyade

    sonnyade Lurker

    Would anyone recommend that I buy the Transformer TF300 or keep my current Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
  10. esquire415

    esquire415 Lurker

    I just found this thread looking for better deals on the TF300. I too bought the one from Best Buy. However I tried to pricematch them with Amazon. The manager didn't budge even though the one on Amazon is a 32GB (they do not pricematch etailers). I have $500 worth of gift cards from BB so I bought it just to test it.

    I probably would not have returned if the one sold on BB was a 32GB but it was only a 16GB. Good thing that BB changed their return policy to 30 days as I was able to play with it for a while before returning it. I do like it and now on a lookout for a better deal that BB could price match.

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