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Hello all, new user of a tablet here. Have droid phone but use it only for texting, email and talking so my experience with this is limited. I got a tablet for work so i could take notes on sales calls the modern way rather than the old paper way. Anyway I'm looking for a free or low cost ( right now Officesuite pro is 4.95 ) app that I can create folders and files for each of my customers. I started using Google Drive but found i cannot use if off line. My question is can I use an app like Officesuite Pro off line?
Or what apps would be good for what I'm looking to do.
I would also like to download Excel files and PDF files on this Tablet for quick access to certain information with out carrying around a 20 lb bag all the time.



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You can make folders with Total Commander or ES File Explorer. They're free.

Create files? You'd need an app that creates the kind of file you want. Spreadsheet? Text file? Word doc? "Create a file" is too generic to mean anything.


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Thank you !!!

Mainly would want word doc for just taking notes but will also want to import excel spread sheets for viewing only.