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[OFFICIAL] 2.2 ota is live for evo

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by IXDoubleDXI, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. nizmoz

    nizmoz Well-Known Member

    Well I tried it, and no workie. It starts to install, gets about 1/4 of the way on the bar then goes to a < ! > and locks up. I have to pull the battery to reboot. Tried it again, same problem. Any ideas guys?

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  2. surfologist87

    surfologist87 Android Expert

    Hey Tampa!
    Im over here in Palm Harbor. I wanted to wait for the dust to settle on froyo but I couldnt take the wait.
    DLoad and install in less than 15 mins.
    Phone is just booted back up now :D
  3. Thanks so much...followed what you said and there is was for me too!!! Was a lil scared if those leaked downloads.

  4. Mellin83

    Mellin83 Lurker

    I would love a little help here... I downloaded the update a couple of hours ago.. I dont think it took completely. It says Android 2.2 on the phone info. But the camera isnt changed. I dont think flash is working properly either. My market place keeps force closing when i push update all. Its all messed up!! Is there a way to uninstall it and try it again? This isnt the leaked one, i just hit the update version and it updated.
  5. dasbone

    dasbone Newbie

    I'm a little confused. Is the OTA everyone is downloading received by the automatic notification Sprint is sending to their phones? Or are they downloading it from clicking on the HTC software update button on the phone? In other words, was the update presented to them by Sprint or did they go looking for it? Not talking about the unofficial version or a link. Talking about the official OTA version
  6. most are clicking the software update button on the phone
  7. spex2004

    spex2004 Lurker

    mine downloads to 89% then fails. tried it a couple times already, just started again. Hope it goes thru this time!!

    Edit: Downloaded & Installed!!!

    Ps, anyone else having a similar problem with download unsuccessful: Clear the data from the "Download Manager": Settings -> Applications -> Download Manager -> Clear Data.

    Worked for me.
  8. SHO_ONE

    SHO_ONE Android Enthusiast

    No worries... I had to exchange my EVO anyway.. slight screen separation must have screwed up with my touch screen or a virus must have infected my EVO or something went wrong when I rooted, but all I know is that with as possessed as my phone was I was damn close to calling a priest... my phone was phantom dialing (swype lines everywhere) and the home screen would shift like it was the girl from the Exorcist.... New phone, updated no problem. I honestly can say if Gingerbread is anything like what we've been hearing and if it's anything like this update we're all in for a treat... no pun intended.
  9. evans555

    evans555 Newbie

    Installed, One thing I have noticed (not sure if anyone has mentioned it) is that when browsing on the internet you have much more control when scrolling up and down, not sure if this makes sense but the scrolling does not seem as sensitive. Before with the older version it was a pain in the ass, in that I would go to scroll down to read something and it would take me all the way to the bottom of the page....
  10. Roadk1ng

    Roadk1ng Newbie

    4G is now in the Tampa area and now the update. What could be better?:D
  11. Shenaniganz

    Shenaniganz Newbie

    Quick update after I got 2.2
    Maybe a little faster not as much as I hoped. I find the key board to be a lot more responsive though. Also call quality seems better.Placebo effect? But I must say only after one day I do in fact see a slight improvement in battery !
  12. charlottenian

    charlottenian Newbie

    I am having the same problem
  13. charlottenian

    charlottenian Newbie

    have people been able to update who have rooted their phone? Because for me I keep getting an error after it downloads and is then unpacking the software.
  14. Did you try rebooting your phone? Last night I downloaded the update but it never gave me a prompt to install it. Once I rebooted the install prompt showed up. The camera will look the same for the most part.

    Besides the 2.2 on your software, the video camera should have a flash and you should also have a few new apps- App Sharing, Flashlight and the Google search icon looks a little different. Check your text messages, the compose window is bigger and has an attachment clip icon. I'm pretty sure if your software says 2.2, that's really what it is but you can check those few things if you're not convinced. Some people are having problems with flash in their web browser, there's a fix for it if you run into that, just search the forum. I googled "flash web sites" and clicked on one of the links. Luckily my flash was working fine. also check sites like ESPN or CNN or something like that.
  15. rush_swope

    rush_swope Lurker

    I downloaded the OTA .6 from the HTC firmware update and during the install process I get the dreaded red triangle with an exclamation point in it. .6 does not break root. so how do i get froyo without wiping my phone?
  16. I updated mine on the 3rd, I noticed Im able to put apps on my card I think, I havnt tried. I saw some app sharing app lol thats cute. But I keep getting a FC I maybe got 20 since I had the phone now its 10 an HR, process android.process. acore wth? is that.... I think is linked to peep or the Twitter HTC Sence app? anyone else seeing this?
  17. pp7

    pp7 Newbie

    I had the same problem but found a solution. I went here:

    HTC OTA Froyo 2.2, *FINAL*, build 3.36.651.6 (Rooted) Odexed - xda-developers

    ... downloaded the ROM from the link then used ROM manager (from the market) to flash that ROM. It installed perfectly first time and now I have sweet 2.2! I was also originally rooted with unrevoked 3.
  18. spec3racer

    spec3racer Lurker

    What am I missing? I have not been prompted to download any updates. I went to Settings and tried to manually update the firmware and HTC software but it says there are no updates available. I have tried it over WiFi and 3G but keep getting the same result. HELP!!!

  19. ZNA03

    ZNA03 Member

    Don't worry, i'm in the same boat. I've tried all the other solutions people have posted but I haven't gotten the OTA update. I'm not to worried since i'm on the unoffical update, but eventually i'd like to be with everyone else.
  20. jfenton

    jfenton Well-Known Member

    DL and install went fine but I'm not finding after two days and numerous battery pulls that frequently, when I go on the internet and my Google home page comes up, the phone immediately turns itself off and then back on...never did this with 2.1
  21. ariot

    ariot Newbie

    I remember a time long ago, say around July 30, 2010 when August 3rd, 2010 seemed too far away into the future!!!

  22. mkanet

    mkanet Newbie

    My phone was fully loaded with over a hundred apps installed. I dont know if there was something wrong with my stock OS (version 2.1), but menu transitions/animation were choppy and apps were very sluggish to start. After my update, menu scrolling, transitions, video are smooth as butter. My apps now just popup as if they were already active in memory. Just the performance alone was worth this update. I didnt notice any significant new features. Hulu still doesnt work. I'm not sure what I can do with flash 10.1 that makes any difference from before.

    I was expecting 802.11N since I heard that both the hardware and Froyo support it. However, it doesnt look like its connecting at that speed.

    Overall, I'm happy to say both battery life and performance is much more polished. I'm still waiting for a good movie streaming app from Netflix or Blockbuster.
  23. charlottenian

    charlottenian Newbie

    Do you know of anywhere there is step by step instructions on this, I have searched and can't find anything and would really like to get my 2.2 activated as I was stuck with the same problem you had during the OTA update.
  24. dologiles

    dologiles Newbie

    Downloading it now, WOHOO!!!!!
  25. I cant get the update. Ive been checking round the clock and I havent received anything. Everyone i know has it except me. What can I do?

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