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Official AIM, YAHOO, or MSN Messenger?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by utonium, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. utonium

    utonium Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Would anyone know if/when there will be an official AIM, Yahoo, or MSN messenger app will be released? I don't see how any of those companies totally ignore the android market. I have tried ALL messenger apps on the device and it just doesnt have a solid feel. I recently returned my Eris due to it not having those apps that i mentioned, however would def jump right back once i know its official.

  2. craigrn16

    craigrn16 Android Enthusiast

    I hear you on that. I've emailed and wrote with no response. No one seems to care. All seem to be iPhone fans I guess
  3. AddictiveMs

    AddictiveMs Lurker

    Same here I'd love the real yahoo messenger.
  4. Geoponic

    Geoponic Well-Known Member

    ebuddy works wonders for me.

    All of them in one place.
    Even facebook chat is supported!

    I find it pretty silly you returned it because it doesn't have official IM software.

    Maybe look for a different, cheaper phone if this is the only thing that matters?
  5. craigrn16

    craigrn16 Android Enthusiast

    Try ebuddy for iPhone. Way more features. Way better UI. Too bad android cant get that same love.
  6. andib

    andib Lurker

    I REALLY like ebuddy, but - I have 2 yahoo IDs that are linked. Instead of using the one I'm logging in with, when I send to my friends, they see my other ID (which, of course, no one knows who that is).

    Anyone else happen to have run into this. Unfortunately, for now, I'm having to use meebo as it is using the correct id. But, it logs me out all the time and doesn't log me back in automatically like ebuddy did. :thinking:
  7. JDW

    JDW Member

    Sad, I don't like eBuddy much and am using Meebo. It isn't great either. Keeps logging me out as well and the emoticons are so small you have no idea what they are. Otherwise he Meebo GUI isn't too terrible I guesss.

    I miss the rock solid official Yahoo from my Blackberry a LOT.

    Hoping someone comes up with a good one, or better yet, that Yahoo officially releases something soon... This is one of the main issues I have with the Droid. All my friends are on yahoo.
  8. EMSguy

    EMSguy Newbie

    idk about MSN or yahoo, but judging from the iphone/itouch AIM app, I pray to god they never make it to android. That thing was TERRIBLE. It froze CONSTANTLY, including everytime it recieved a message. It was a total battery whore, and I was actually unable to set an away message from my computer after I started using the app. I'm much happier using meebo (especially since I use gtalk, aim, and facebook chat, and like not needing to use three apps) than I ever was with the itouch AIM app
  9. JDW

    JDW Member

    The Official apps? That certainly sucks... They were really good on Blackberry IMO.

    Am I just short bus, or is there no way to make the emoticons larger on the Meebo app? They are like 1/16" or just slightly bigger, Can't even see what they are on my Droid. And of course no easy way to insert them. Otherwise I'd be able to bo ok with Meebo for the most part.

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