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Official AT&T Q&A Thread

Discussion in 'AT&T' started by MarcMaiden, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Android Expert

    Hey Tex!

    Definitely, and without a doubt they will detect any phone with an imei id registered on their network. I dont know if you'll get automatically rolled into a data plan. But knowimg AT&T....they want $$$, so just be prepared.


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  2. jessOTR

    jessOTR Newbie

    My husband's line is due for an upgrade. Amazon has the LG Optimus G for $50 with upgrade, but the lowest data option is the $30 3G. We have a $15 data plan that we want to keep. If I choose this $30 option upon checkout with Amazon, will ATT let me keep the $15 plan we already have?
  3. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Android Expert

    You should be able to keep your current plan with the update through Amazon. Its been several days since your post..have you taken the deal? How did it go.
  4. mrnyjet

    mrnyjet Android Enthusiast

    get this: i used to work for ny state at county level. I had verizon with 20% govt discount . I am now prepaid. I saw phone that i wanted on at&t, so i called cust service. Got tra sferred twice, but was told that as long as i get state pension check i would get the discount on their contract. But when i went to the att store, rep called someone who said no, only currently employed can get discount. Thr retail rep repeated a number of times before he made the call that he had denied retirees many times for those discounts. He hung up after the call and just walked away. Verizon may be high priced, but i never got rude treatment in any of their stores. Guess business must be great if they can afford to turn away potential contracts.
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  5. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Android Expert

    Yes, its hard to fight those types of situations. Thats when you may need to try again but with a different set of reps taking your requests. Might get someone who "knows" what to do.
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  6. Attain????????

    Attain???????? Well-Known Member

    Kind of a confusing question, but I have the GS3 and not eligible for an upgrade till next February, my mother who is on the same contract has a "dumb" phone and no data, with am upgrade laying around she doesn't plan on ever using in the forseeable future, could she get a smartphone with it and give it to me all the while not having to pay for a data plan every month in the end? EX she has her old contract back with the dumbphone I have the new phone? I know if she had a smartphone it would be as easy as her going to the store getting the phone and giving it to me and I'd just put my sim in it..
  7. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Android Expert

    i know that with my plan i have three lines, at one point early on, one ofthe lines was a dumb phone and i used one of the other line's upgrade on the dumbphone line and upgraded it to a smartphone........but i 've upgraded it to a data plan.

    so you can use an upgrade on line a for line b if you want but i dont know about the second part of the question. i hope you can. please keep us updated on what you do.
  8. TgeekB

    TgeekB Well-Known Member

    I doubt it. If she purchases a smartphone, she will have to get a smartphone plan. I do know you can use her upgrade though (since you are on the same plan). My family has done that multiple times.
  9. jessOTR

    jessOTR Newbie

    I have not. My hubs is stubborn and goes back and forth about what he wants to do. I'm currently waiting for the $30 S3 Refurbs to be back in stock on AT&T's site.
  10. PDubs

    PDubs Newbie

    Two questions:

    1. My company offers Good for Enterprise. On Verizon, this requires an additional $15/mo on top of my data plan. Does AT&T have the same requirement?

    2. I am targeting a smartphone purchase and want the ability to use it as a hot spot when in a jam. Does AT&T still require a special 5G/$50 tethering plan, or can I be on a standard $30 data plan with the ability to tether as needed? Tethering needs are only for VPN'ing into work, not xfer of big files or streaming.
  11. mrnyjet

    mrnyjet Android Enthusiast

    i bought unlocked att 4 g/lte phone, pantech flex. Disabled lots of att crapware. Wish google would allow program like pc decrapifier to be used on unlocked phones to remove carrier bloatware. After all, if you own phone outright, you should be able to control without rooting. With money saved on prepaid, can avoid 2 yr contract phone upgrading cycle. If att gives mvno or me crap, i can move to t mobile.
    Carriers should be legally prohibited from selling phones, both for ending contracts and updating of software purposes. If google puts out upgrade, why should you have to wait months just for carrier to pass it onto your phone? Also all phones sold should be required to have removable standardized sim cards.
  12. everhez

    everhez Lurker

    Update for LG ESCAPE P870 to Jelly Bean?
  13. jessOTR

    jessOTR Newbie

    I'm getting frustrated with AT&T's shopping website. Last week, before logging in, it was showing the S3 Refurb for $9.99 and in stock. Once logged in (and apparently I'm a Premier member) it was $29.99 (still a good price) and completely out of stock. I called and talked to CS, and the guy said it was out of stock and was apparently just looking like it was in-stock because I wasn't logged in. He said to "check back in a day or 2." I've been checking for over a month now, and it has yet to be in stock/available for me to buy.
  14. Oliverbill

    Oliverbill Lurker

    You do not need a special plan for the Good application. I use it regularly on both iPhone and Android.

    As far as tethering, if you get a family plan, it includes tethering. Other plans, I believe still require the extra fee.
  15. BLKRZR

    BLKRZR Newbie

    I apologize if this has been answered or if it comes across as a stupid question, but I can't seem to find a definite answer. So here it is: will AT&T do an instant rebate in thier stores or do they still do the mail in rebate? I've seen no, yes, maybe, and it depends. The reason I'm asking is that I'm looking to get the One and with the 100.00 trade in that AT&T is offering, I think that would be the way for me to go. And they won't do the rebates, etc., you get through the Premier website instore, right? It has to be through the website? I was thinking of trading my phone, getting the credit and ordering through Premier, but that seems like a lot to go through and I'd be without a phone for however long it took to get the new one. If anyone can answer this for me, point me in the right direction or have any suggestions on the best way to handle this, I would REALLY appreciate it...
  16. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Android Expert

    I have three lines, one of them is the first Galaxy Note . Just received the text message from AT&T that the Note is getting the Android 4.1.2 update.

    The os update is located at Samsung.com/us/attgalaxynote/update

    When I load the page and follow instructions , I get the part where I have to connect he device to the computer and the KIES tool will connect to the device.

    It never happens. Ive done the trouble shooting suggested, disconnected the device, reinstalled drivers, and reconnected the usb cable and still no connection.

    But, wheni connect my Galaxy note 2 to the cable, then KIES start right away noticing the phone....

    Help! I need the Samsung Galaxy NOte (1) to connect to KIES successfully!

    *Screenshot: Samsung Galaxy Note (1) connected to computer by usb cable... KIES says "please connect device..." not recognizing my phone.

  17. cpht

    cpht Member

    I'm a new AT&T customer and the rep signed me up for the Mobile Protection Package. The package includes "enhanced support", the extra insurance, and Mobile Locate. My question is about Mobile Locate. Is this already paid for in the package price or will it cost extra to use, because the app itself says $10 for 2 phones or $15 for 3. Life360 and Lookout work for free.
  18. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Android Expert

    What is Mobile Locate? A service to track a lost phone and/or deactivate if lostbor stolen? Att should deactivate at no charge. I wonder if apps in googleplay that can locate a lost phone is cheaper than $15.

    But since that service is included in a bundled package, it might be a deal. What else is included for $15? And what is "extra insurance" and how would it be used?
  19. SammanthaX345

    SammanthaX345 Well-Known Member

    Mobile locate app isn't anything that's going to charge additional other than the $3 you already pay. At&t can remove it for free at any time. However if you are looking to use it, you need to have had activated the app first. Once the device is stolen or lost At&t can locate with mobile signal and tell you the exact location. This feature can be used by calling Asurion the insurance company l that At&t uses.. Hope this helps.
  20. SammanthaX345

    SammanthaX345 Well-Known Member

    What you're looking for is a trade in program by trading in a smartphone for money towards a smartphone. The "rebate" comes on a "gift card" that you get in store I believe. The trade in needs to be done in store so they can determine if it is eligible or not for trade in. This also needs to be done at a company store and not an authorized retailer.
  21. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Android Expert

    So, if i use a phone locator in the Norton Mobile Security App, would this be sufficient and not need an att app?
  22. SammanthaX345

    SammanthaX345 Well-Known Member

    Yes that is correct. However att uses the imei and network to locate the device. I'm not sure how the Norton Mobile works. Hope this helps. :)
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  23. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Android Expert

    Thanks! Good to know
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