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Official CM11 Nightlies

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by George55155, Dec 25, 2013.

  1. George55155

    George55155 Member
    Thread Starter

    Okay we've had CM11 available for thanks to some pretty rad people, I'm actually using the rom by the way which is great in just about evreything, but now that the official versions of CM11 are being release what do we do now?

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  2. aaronp121

    aaronp121 Well-Known Member

    Really official CM11? It has working camera now?
  3. nathanhaywood

    nathanhaywood Well-Known Member

    Yes, official nightlies... Keep in mind that that means Nightlies not Stable (or even RC or milestone)

    FWIW, no-go on the camera here on a dirty-ish flash over 12/20 unofficial. Wiped cache, dalvik, and system and then installed the latest official nightly + PA Full 4.4.2 GApps. Camera app FCs and Camera toggle from quick toggles tries to launch but has the old bad display / static / noise (buffer init issues?)

    In the meantime, the more of us that stick with D2A's (and Neph's and TDM's) bleeding-edge ROMs, the quicker we can get most of these issues fixed and merged into the official CM repos. For me, I'll be jumping back and forth to see what works on each.
  4. death2all110

    death2all110 Android Expert

    The nightlies will have the same if not more issues than My builds
  5. aaronp121

    aaronp121 Well-Known Member

    In CM11 nightly camera totally not working. "camera stopped working".

    Edit: BTW phone on ZV8 if it matters.
  6. HueyT

    HueyT Well-Known Member

    D2A's beta 11 CM11 is best currently CM11 as his camera works fine along with BT. Nightly has to catch up
  7. aaronp121

    aaronp121 Well-Known Member

    His Beta 11 on my phone camera won't capture picture instantly.
  8. Neph81

    Neph81 Android Expert

    That's because it takes upward of 15 seconds for CM to clear out memory in the background on CM11. I'm finding that if you turn down background processes to 1 or 2, you get much better responsiveness. It's not a great fix, but it is a bandage until we can get the root problem fixed.
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  9. HueyT

    HueyT Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I keep my phone pretty slim memory wise as I run V6 supercharger script, DXToolbox latest version, and Supermanager to kill as many processes as possible. My camera is snappy as usual for me. I would have between 300-450MB free at any point that I checked.
  10. HueyT

    HueyT Well-Known Member

    Hey, anyone tried 12/28/13 CM11 latest nightly yet? Any progress? Did they fix camera yet?
  11. nathanhaywood

    nathanhaywood Well-Known Member

    Nope. Still no camera on 12/28
  12. HueyT

    HueyT Well-Known Member

    I tried it too and no camera, laggy, reboots few times, but I like the volume wake option.
  13. George55155

    George55155 Member
    Thread Starter

    Any update from the new 01/01/2014 Nightly? Happy New Years by the way :D
  14. nathanhaywood

    nathanhaywood Well-Known Member

    Camera works for me with 1/1 nightly and 12/30 gapps full/stock
  15. George55155

    George55155 Member
    Thread Starter

    Does it still lag when taking pictures ?
  16. nathanhaywood

    nathanhaywood Well-Known Member

    Seems as good as any of the other 4.4 (or 4.4.2) ROMs. Give it a shot
  17. HueyT

    HueyT Well-Known Member

    Yes, CM11 latest nightly 1/3/14 works very well. Camera/Camcorder works now. ART works if you use ART modified Gapps from 11/19/14. Clear dalvik-cache in recovery before enabling ART in developer options and it'll work. ART supposedly is faster and saves battery. BT pairs fine with my car for phone calls. I've not tried Pandora yet as I usually use my AUX cord.
  18. robastewart

    robastewart Newbie

    I am currently running CM 10.1.3 and am planning to update to CM 11. I wanted to confirm I'm not missing anything before I go through with it. Here's what I think I need to do:

    1. Download CWM spec -- Done
    I think the link below is the one I installed but am not 100% sure. The download I have is from Nov. 13th.

    2. Reboot into recovery and flash the new version of CMW -- Done

    3. Download GApps 4.4.2 -- Done

    I downloaded pa_gapps-stock-4.4.2-20131230-signed.zip from here:

    Goo.im Downloads - Browsing gapps

    4. Download latest build of CM 11 from Cyanogenmod

    5. Reboot into Recovery

    6. Perform full backup

    7. Flash CM 11 build

    8. Flash GApps 4.4.2

    9. Wipe Cache partition

    10. Go under advanced and Wipe Dalvik Cache

    11. Reboot

    Am I missing anything?

    My phone reboots randomly on CM 10.1.3. Will moving to CM 11 help?
  19. nathanhaywood

    nathanhaywood Well-Known Member

    That should do it, though we can't guarantee it will fix your random reboots. If they are caused by a bad app, that could only get worse. Personally, I'd recommend making backups via something like Titanium Backup as well as your nandroid (backup from recovery) and include Wiping System and Data before installing CM11 (make that step 6.1 and 6.2).

    Alternatively, you can give this a try as is, but I'd definitely make a backup with TiBu. If you still have reboot issues after the upgrade to CM11, you might need to Factory Reset (basically the same as Wipe Data)
    robastewart likes this.
  20. death2all110

    death2all110 Android Expert

    I'd wipe data no matter what, its a new version of android period
    rockstar490, cac2us and robastewart like this.
  21. Neph81

    Neph81 Android Expert

    If you installed that CWM, then you will have issues flashing any ROM. The correct one should be:

    Otherwise, you'll end up with code 7 errors.
    robastewart likes this.
  22. robastewart

    robastewart Newbie

    I went ahead and installed the January 5th nightly. I did a wipe before installing based on your advise. So far it seems to be working pretty well. I did have one crash and had to pull the battery. On a positive note, I noticed that the phone doesn't reboot when I push the power button while in the camera app which was happening before. WiFi, mobile data, and GPS all seem to be working. I can't comment on Bluetooth as I don't have any Bluetooth devices.

    It does seem like it is chewing through battery quicker.

    I'll report back if I see anything unusual.

    Thanks again.
  23. death2all110

    death2all110 Android Expert

    Do the official nightlies take as long as my builds to boot?
  24. robastewart

    robastewart Newbie

    Do you mean every time or just after flashing? I have rebooted a few times after first installing and it didn't seem too bad. When I first installed I restarted and stepped away. However, it did seem to take some time.
  25. George55155

    George55155 Member
    Thread Starter

    On latest nightly did a full factory reset wiped cache and wipe dalvik cache everything runs smooth just that when charging overnight the phone turns off and I can't boot up till I pull battery any suggestions?

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