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[Official] Cricket Referral Program Links Only/ No Discussion/Read before posting your Links !!

Discussion in 'Cricket' started by dstephe9, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. dstephe9

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    MOD EDIT :

    We have changed the requirements to post your referral links here. You will need a minimum of 10 productive post on our site, and you must login on a regular basis, not create 10 post in one day and then your gone for your benefit. We have deleted many of the post in this thread, We did not ban any Members, but we will monitor this thread for unproductive post. Please report any post that is not, in case we miss it.

    **Updated Program May 3rd, 2016**

    Cricket is now operating two referral programs for the time being. I have been told by a friend higher-up at Cricket that AS OF RIGHT NOW both programs are here to stay but eventually will move exclusively to the new mPLUS system in the future. When? He couldn't say but not for a while. He said it would probably be several years away even. He did say as of now you can participate in BOTH programs and earn 10 referrals for EACH program BUT can only use one program per friend.

    My suggestion is to max out Sparkrefer and then move to mPLUS. I have listed the pros and cons of each program to help you choose the best for you! Or list both links and let your "Friend" decide what they would rather use :)

    Referral Programs:

    Reward: 50,000 Points (Good for a $25 airtime card or other rewards)
    My Link: http://getm.pt/gk8xxd?DEVIN.S-7E1179

    1. Supposed to be MUCH FASTER than sparkrefer
    2. Points are NOT limited to airtime and can be spent on the various MPLUS venues (Cricket rewards app, mPLUS website, or mPLUS app). Rewards consist of gift cards (Wal*Mart, Gamestop, Amazon), Cricket Airtime, Novelties (Cricket Plush Toys, Cricket Sunglasses, Etc).. Rewards change all the time! And are different between venues
    3. Can be stacked with other "Cricket Rewards" points.. Last year I earned enough points for about $50 in gamestop gift cards just doing other task in the cricket rewards app!!
    4. Can save points for nicer rewards
    5. Can donate points if you wish
    1. Please expect bugs early on - We all know the bugs in the old system are FINALLY gone BUT I would expect them in the new system just knowing cricket
    2. Both parties MUST signup for the cricket rewards program
    3. MUST COME BACK to spend your points!!
    4. Rewards can be confusing to find (Because they are spread between various locations) and CAN BE EXPENSIVE. Best value is the cricket airtime
    Instructions: BELOW

    Reward: $25 account credit
    My Link: https://mycricket.sparkrefer.com/4Mhb2TA

    1. Pretty much automated for the person making the referral. No need to come back and "Spend" your rewards. Rewards are automatically credited to your account
    2. Bugs are all worked out! And this program is NOW working very well for most
    1. Rewards limited to account credit
    2. VERY SLOW. It can take months to receive your credit.

    First, the official program rules are found here (Not updated for mPlus promoter perks yet but mPlus info can be found in the official TOS for Cricket)

    https://www.cricketwireless.com/rewards (Sparkrefer)
    https://www.cricketwireless.com/legal-info/cricket-rewards-terms-and-conditions.html (mPLUS)

    and the new official site is found here.. (Same link as the other program now)



    1. Download the "Cricket Rewards" App and register
    2. Click Settings (Gear at the top)
    3. Click "Promoter Perks"
    4. Click "Share on Twitter" (This will get you a link to post here in the forums)



    1.) Register at the referral site https://www.cricketwireless.com/referrals.html
    2.) Post your link in this thread but only once!

    Steps to Redeem (Similar in BOTH programs)

    1.) Click on the referral link such as this

    https://mycricket.sparkrefer.com/4Mhb2TA (Sparkrefer)


    http://getm.pt/gk8xxd?DEVIN.S-7E1179 (mPLUS)

    2.) Register at the referral site or for mPlus (Depending on the link you choose)

    3.) Order and activate service

    4.) Come back to the referral site after you activate service and enter your new account information

    5.) Wait about 75 days for the credit (Less for mPlus) (mPlus awards credits within 48 hours of activation. This has been confirmed)

    6.) Your
    referral status resets at the first of the year

    NOTE:: If you have already started new cricket service you have 30 days if you would still like to redeem a referral.. (Not sure if this works with mPlus)

    AS ALWAYS thanks to DonB for keeping this thread clean and updated!! :)

    AND PLEASE hang around and post if you are a new user!!!

    The below photos are the steps in the "Cricket Rewards" app

    **Mod Note**
    First of all, thank you to dstephe9 for starting this thread.:)

    Please only post your referral codes/links here and keep them out of other cricket referral threads. Any referrals posted elsewhere will be deleted, edited, or moved to this thread.

    Only post your referral code/link ONCE.
    Any duplicates will be removed without notification, Links only no pictures

    If this is your first post here on AF--then WELCOME!!, please continue to peruse around the rest of the site. I am confident, yes, I almost guarantee you will find it awesome:)



    Current Example Rewards, if you choose the mPlus program from the Cricket Rewards app (Rewards are from May 6th, 2016)




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  2. Best Answer:
    Post #4 by DonB, Apr 19, 2015 (16 points)
  3. DonB

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    Please follow the above referral requirements, or all other post will be deleted.

    Here's mine in the 2nd post, https://refer.cricketwireless.com/54Mj4PC

    Also for now I'll also post my new referral code for those of you using the new system already.

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  5. DonB

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    Again if anyone is over their limit, please let us know, so we can shorten this thread.

    Also please don't duplicate your referral post or they will be deleted. a few have been deleted. This thread has been cleaned up.

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    OK, last night I decided to check the last 2 post referrals here as I found them to be a little suspicious. Well I was right, they were from a same member who created 2 accounts, and was only here to post 2 referral codes. This will not be allowed, this referral thread if for members who are going to contribute to the forums, and not just to come here and create an account and have one post and hope to use the site for their benefit only. Later today I will be going through this thread and checking all the accounts and weeding out the ones creating an account only for referral credits. The last 2 from last night have been deleted and banned for this purpose, so of you are one in this thread before I go through them later today, you be best to come clean and PM and I may decide to allow your original post stay and simply delete your 2nd account. If not both accounts will be deleted and possibly account closed and band. This is not fare to the members that help on these forums. Greed will get you in the long run.

    New requirements posted in the first post, please read before posting your referral link.
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    OK, delete a bunch more referrals that did not meet the requirements, and some that do have the post requirements but have not logged in in months are deleted, ;)
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    ok, I'll post a handy dandy little link to the op right here:

    In fact, I'll post the main point here just in case folks are too lazy to click on my link:

    If you are wondering why your posts have disappeared, that is why. :rolleyes:

    Please adhere to the guidelines for posting here. ;)
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    Thank You!
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    Devin, instead of me starting a new thread, I'll post some info here for you to edit your original post, I'll send you a PM also.

    Looks like they have finally changed the process and will be done by April 10-2017, Member
    BubzzLemz Just made me aware of this.

    This thread will be edited or replace with the below new info, just waiting on DSteph to respond, before I do something. In the meantime you have the info posted below. If Dsteph doesn't update the original post before the 10th, I'll create a new thread for referrals.

    I've also went ahead an added my new code for the new system in the 2nd post.

    See links below


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