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"Official" DInc 2 Retirement thread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AMTrombley0924, May 1, 2011.

  1. thetomlin2

    thetomlin2 Guest

    RIP: HTC Eris
    Launch Day
    Rooted, ran xtrROM x.x
    Replaced by: HTC Droid Incredible 2

    I still remember the days of 1.5 and checking this site every day to see if we were going to get 2.1.

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  2. anguish

    anguish Well-Known Member

    RIP: Droid 2 Global
    December 2010 - April 2011

    Replaced with the DINC2, and I absolutely love it. Nice to have a stable phone, unlike the D2G.
  3. Hero_Guy

    Hero_Guy Well-Known Member

    RIP HTC Hero(running cyanogem mod7)

    first smartphone I have ever had and I will never go back to a non smartphone.nI would have upgraded to the Htc Evo 3d but sprint's customer service was just horrendous :(
  4. TTupa

    TTupa Member

    Happy Trails: Droid Eris
    Received: March 2010
    Retired: June 2011

    OS of Choice: Tried FroShedYo, CELBFroyo, and NonSensikal, but you LOVED XTR.ROM. You ran xtr.ROM 5.0 for 6+ months, because none of the other flavors or ROMs could match the performance and battery life. In the end, you were a great first smartphone. Rooted and optimized you performed day-to-day functions like a champ. Higher-level functionality and future upgrade options caused me to look for a more modern phone.
  5. chassum

    chassum Well-Known Member

    1+ what he said ;)
    Got my eris December 2009 and have always loved it - especially after xtrasense. still had 56 days until I was eligible for an upgrade, but vzw support was willing to ignore that and overnighted a Since to me. Life is good!
  6. dfoote626

    dfoote626 Newbie

    RIP: BB Storm 2 (4th one). This phone was more of a nightmare than a phone...

    So far so good with DroidInc2... I am liking this phone.
  7. xrawritsjack

    xrawritsjack Lurker

    RIP: Blackberry Tour 9630.
    Honestly hated it with all my heart.
  8. Jman42028

    Jman42028 Well-Known Member

    RIP original INC1. Love the inc2 so far.
  9. jumperwire

    jumperwire Newbie

    HAHA Me too
  10. jumperwire

    jumperwire Newbie

    HAHA Me too
  11. picord

    picord Well-Known Member

    BB Curve..Ok for my first smart phone
    BB Storm1..Sucked Big Time
    Original Dinc Rooted....RIP LCD Broke..replacement LCD on order.
    BB Storm1...yes I had to use it for a week till today when I got my DINC2
  12. ganj_420

    ganj_420 Well-Known Member

    Came from a HTC Aria. Decent little beginner smartphone, but taught me that 3.2 inches just doesn't cut it...
  13. Dysnomia

    Dysnomia Well-Known Member

    Well, when I started the contract last June, I got the og Moto Droid, went through several warranty replacements, they kept sending me faulty ones, speakers not working, screens that didn't stay in place, even had one that wouldn't turn on, eventually they offered to give me the first incredible so I said sure.

    The first one didn't vibrate, which was kind of annoying, because I liked to have haptic feedback, the second one's speaker didn't work, and the third one worked for about 3 months, and then it reset every 20 minutes on it's own, and then they offered to send me an incredible 2. So I jumped on that, and now it's on it's way to me. Bad luck with warranty replacements, eh? Think the dinc2 replacements will be just as bad?
  14. harrmonica

    harrmonica Lurker

    rip: samsung fascinate
    Dec '10-July 11

    no gps, samsung took its sweet time to update to froyo, really hated touch wiz too. great screen...outside of that good riddance!
  15. RIP: Blackberry Tour 9630
    June 2009 - July 2011
    "You were so much better than my Treo, but then you got advanced Alzheimer's..."
  16. StreakTheQuad

    StreakTheQuad Well-Known Member

    RIP OG Droid. I'll miss gingerbread roms on you, but hopefully not for long.

    The incredible2 has been awesome so far. I even like Sense a lot more than I thought I would.
  17. darkside

    darkside Android Enthusiast

    From the:
    Voyager-EnV Touch-Droid Eris-OG Droid-Droid X-Awaiting my Inc2.

    My eris was my first android phone, and I must give it respect in the aspect that it sealed me and androids future for a long time. It was painfully slow, so when they upgraded me to the OG Droid I was stoked. I ran about every rom available for it and my wife is currently using it running Project Elite. That was a great phone with a FANTASTIC dev community. My Droid X is still kicking and serves me very well, especially now that they achieved 2nd init so CM7 is possible.

    Just couldn't pass up an early upgrade opportunity.
    Hopefully we get root and roms with the Inc2 soon.
  18. RIP - Droid X/X2
    Protected by: Otterbox Defender Series (love otterbox! always will gatta get one for my Dinc2)
    Rooted: Gingerbreak , Froyo 2.2.2

    Motorola's blur is just way to slow there phones have way to many problems for me, should of gone with HTC in the first place! Loving it!
  19. yohankenobi

    yohankenobi Well-Known Member

    RIP - Droid X

    Loving every moment I have with my Inc 2 and havent thought of my X. Don't miss it!
  20. rander3141

    rander3141 Lurker

    R.I.P. Samsung Impression with ATT All I could get at my home was Edge network. The Impression was a great feature phone and the smartest dumb phone out there. I had Google Maps with working GPS and many other features thanks to the Impression forum. Decided to change service to Verizon because I had 3G digital in my home area. I purchased my two Inc2 phones from Wirefly for $1.99 each and have never looked back. I use Hot spot at my house for my laptop and it sure beats dialup. Great phones, love them!

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