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***Official G-Nex first impressions thread*** Love it? Hate it?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Steven58, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. Aethulwulf

    Aethulwulf Newbie

    It's really a minor item. For me, I'm usually using the phone with the earbuds in two different situations. The first is when I listen to music, it's usually when I'm walking to and fro. In these situations I like carrying the phone either in my shirt or in the inside pocket of my coat. In both cases, my developed behavior is to reach in partially, grab the phone by the sides at the top, and pull it out. This keeps the phone upright. With the Gnex, I have to either do this and then rotate the phone using two hands, or reach deep into the pocket to make sure I pull it out right-side up. Man, I'm feeling like Moss of the IT Crowd at the moment... Kind of sad...

    The other times is when I'm watching a video with the phone in landscape mode. Since I'm right handed, and the phone menus are traditionally at the bottom of the phone, the jack also being there took a little getting used to.

    But like I said, these are minor things that I've noticed about myself, coming from two previous smart phones with plugs at the top. I'm sure I'll adapt and it will be a non-issue over time. But for now, as a first impression, it's still a minor annoyance.

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  2. Never really thought of a coat pocket. I figure most people put it into a pants pocket.

  3. politzer

    politzer Well-Known Member

    My problem is that I manage contacts through Outlook, since I also have to sync them to a virtual work environment. So I'm stuck with the Outlook formatting.
  4. ProbeDroid

    ProbeDroid Newbie

    I wanted to chime in on my first impressions of the GNexus.

    Coming from a Droid X I was super excited about it. Once I started playing things started to bug me. I believe the most annoying thing about the phone is the button placement. for me the power button is where my thumb falls and the volume buttons fall where my fingers are. So sometimes holding the phone and texting I find my self closing the phone or changing the volume. But now I am getting use to it but occasionally will hit the buttons. Battery life on the first couple days were horrible but just on this last charge I got about 15 hours where the battery was around 7% with medium to light usage of browsing, market place, youtube, and texting. Calls here and there. I don't want to say that's all the problems I have there are others too but I think it's more of a learning curve for me. I do notice it being slightly laggy on screen rotations but that's not a major issue. Also the 4G is a bit spotty but it seems to be getting better.

    I did have one incident where i was texting and did hit the home button but it's more of coordination and relearning the placement of fingers on a new phone. If I come up with some more impression on the phone I'll post it.
  5. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Android Expert

    I love my phone but the battery life I think. Sucks so I am trying to get an extended. Battery but there are none to order from Verizon
  6. five8

    five8 Lurker

    Awesome software. Hardware seems ok so far coming from a BB user. Screen gets hot after 30 mins of use (try putting it up to your face after playing a game for 30 mins).

    Love the customization.

    So far this is what I have.

    lock screen.jpg

    home screen.jpg
  7. M0381U5

    M0381U5 Newbie

    Greetings all,

    I have both the SGSII and the GN,


    To start with the GN is a great piece of hardware.
    design, battery, size, screen, specs, you name it... so is the SGSII


    - Storage
    the lack of MicroSD Slot and only 16GB is a complete fail for me,
    when I purchased the phone I ASSUMED it had MicroSD slot,
    major fail on my behalf, it reminded me of the iPhone 3 i ASSUMED had many standard features available at the time
    I just didnt think to check if it had these STANDARD, available features. :mad:
    I mean, WTF?

    For this I give the SGSII the prize.

    Great size and still practical, great res, but barely noticeable with general mobile usage....
    ...obviously one over the SGSII

    SGSII 8MP... GN 5MP... and a noticeable difference when displayed on a PC, especially after crop and editing to compose image.... this may not be a necessity for some.
    ....SGSII again.

    Even though the GN hardware specs are brilliant, no MicroSD card slot and only 16GB.... SGSII takes the cake, even though the screen is slightly smaller and lower res, the noticeable difference is negligible, and the ability to expand memory for movies and music is invaluable.

    SGSII wins

    SGSII Android 2.3 Gingerbread
    NG Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

    Well to be honest this has been the biggest factor in my judgement of the GN, other then the obvious aesthetic and system performance improvements, which will soon be available to the SGSII, I have found NG ICS some what... empty, like the apps draw. Obviously this is Google providing a platform for developers to create data and economic remuneration for themselves, But i feel like I have some what of an empty canvas. The outrageous and unnecessary permissions required on many apps are totally unacceptable, and to provide them to some obscure nobody developer to do who knows what with, is just rude. ICS is an app platform, requiring many installs to get standard functionality, where as the SGSII comes raring to go.

    If this is what is to be expected from ICS on the SGSII, there is no chance of me upgrading.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    GN ICS has FAILED to provide many features, out of the box, that I had become a custom to and use regularly with SGSII Ginger Bread, with out providing an alternative.

    I will begin with the fails....

    -default TASK MANAGER/KILLER, SGSII has.
    -'Set As' ringtone, from file manager/browser or music player, must copy file to ringtone folder, SGSII has.
    -Swype keyboard, SGSII has, and SlideIT sucks comparatively.
    -Default NAVIGON, Google maps is great, but NAVIGON does NOT require internet access, SGSII has.
    -Notification Bar Switch at top, SGSII does.
    - Equilizer, features or settings in Music Player, SGSII has.

    I have no doubt, having had the phone such a short time and finding many practical and functional deficiencies in the Galaxy Nexus, I will find more issues to address and post about.

    If the SGS3 is an improvement upon the SGSII using ICS, and still including many of the practical and functional features, then holding out for the SGS3 is my suggestion.

    When comparing the 2 and considering the overall feel and functionality of the unit, I have to make a tough decision and say the SGSII is an overall more practical and functional phone, out of the box.

    Before all you tech heads start sprooking to ROOT the phone or promoting an endless list of suitable apps, I would like to remind you that i am talking about 'out of the box' condition here. ROOT is not suitable, practical or even recommended to many many users, and as my phones are still under warranty, and having had to replace my SGSII once, due to a random dead pixel, must remain factory until the warranty period has ceased.

    To all you that have managed to complete this post, thank you and I hope to hear any comments ;)
  8. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Android Expert

    Seems like you have GSM nexus and SGSII, maybe on AT&T? To be honest, if verizon has gotten SGSII with LTE, I would have snatched it no doubt. It's great phone. But your assessment of SGN seems a bit harsh. And it offers 32Gb on verizon nexus. Like you said, SGN doesn't offer certain apps out of box that SGSII does. But you can get most of the same functionality from market apps even without rooting. I agree that it's not suitable for people who just want to use it out of box without even having to add some necessary apps themselves. SGN is basically for people who can deal with setting, installing market apps at least.
  9. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Android Expert

    Agree with this assessment here
  10. Karuk

    Karuk Android Enthusiast

    Very good points M0381U5. It's hard not to agree with most of what you said.

    Consider that you are comparing two very different kinds of phones. SGII is for the average consumer. I would buy this for my girl or even my mom (currently rockin the droid x). Nexus line is for some with a little more interest in mobile tech than the average bear. Me...

    In most cases developers make better apps than the stock app loaded on any phone. The Nexus is my blank slate and I get to create an amazing experience myself without having to fight Touchwiz, Blur, etc. This is not something my girl wants to do.
  11. jfrosty420

    jfrosty420 Lurker

    Love this phone. I'm running RootzBoat 4.0.3 with an Apex kernel and this phone moves. Yes there are some issues with screen rotation being slow and I have noticed loss of data connectivity when traveling between towers but these are bugs I can deal with, this is a Nexus phone. Battery life has been what's expected for a 4G smartphone, limited. I have no issue with that because I know what I'm getting into buying a 4G phone. I'm hoping the undervolted Apex kernel helps out with this some. Thanks everyone for sharing what they know about this phone and thanks Birdman and Fabulous for the vanilla rom and the kernel.
  12. fadeout

    fadeout Well-Known Member

    just activated it and really happy to have it in my hands. can't wait to tear into it!
  13. replica9000

    replica9000 Well-Known Member

    Traded mine for the Rezound. Was the Nexus a bad phone? Not at all. If the Rezound wasn't out, I probably would have kept it. Battery life was kinda of suckish, but I'm sure it would have improved with future updates.
  14. crankerchick

    crankerchick Android Enthusiast

    To be honest, all that you have called a fail are items that the SGSII has because it is NOT a nexus phone and has Samsung TouchWiz and oem/carrier bloat (one man'sbloatis another man's buffet??). Most of your fails are solved in the market or with a google search. Task killers are NOT needed but if you do want to kill an app or need to kill an app, you can do this in all versions of android in the settings menu. While some of the things you mentioned would probably be appreciated themasses (like quick toggles in the notification bar) the thing about a nexus device is that those of us that don't want that feature don't have to have it, and those of you that do can always get it in the market. With a non-nexus device, you get manythings you may not want and no choice not to have them unless root is an option and you are willing to do it.

    While I think you raise good points, i counter with some don't want all of what is on the SGSII out of the box and since we aren't talking root, the SGSII out of thebox isn't the most functional phone for some because it comes with a skin and a bunch of apps that some people don't want and have way to remove.
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  15. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Android Expert

    Why does everyone keep comparing stock vanilla android prior Samsung's with touchwiz? They are two completely different things
  16. i agree about comparing a stock android to one that is not stock. i would hope they are very different. To me stock is better. I dont have to mess with any bloat ware or wait to see if they decide to update or not. This phone is not the fastest or the best but its stock. The issue is that people think that Blur or Touchwiz, Sence is android and its not it just a skin with a bunch of crap a locked boot. Now stock is not perfect but neither is any thing. Ha the camera is not supper great but its better then the d3 that i was using. Its funny how some people say the the screen rotaitions is slow and it is but it will get fixed. A lot of the complaints are minor and they all will get fixed. And remember that some of you have bad phones. If you are having a bunch of issues take it back. As to the battery life is a 4g phone and it will have bad battery life. Yes maybe worse then some but not all phones have the same type of radios in then so you are going to get different results. Get an extended battt and you will be happier. The fist full day i had this phone and no extended batt yet and on 4g all day long i ended up with 20% after 9 hours. Now with my extended batt im at about 45-50% after 9 hours. Even better if im on wifi. Its just part of the phone. Keep chargers everywhere. This phone is a stock android phone and there are going to be a lot of people that will not like it becouse its not what they are use to. Most people only know Moto Blur and Htc sence so they think thats android. Me i have been waiting for a phone like this to come out for Verizon for a long time. Its funny that i had the d3 and was putting roms on it that were based on the stock android and then i was adding themes to it to make it look like and work like a stock 4.0 android phone. Im just one that does not like the ui's that they put on their phones. The nexus phone is a perfect phone for me. I can finally show people what android looks like. One last thing about android 4.o is that it now supports scrollible and resizible widgets. Thats a big plus.
  17. replica9000

    replica9000 Well-Known Member

    I ran a benchmark on mine before I returned it. It's 2D performance wasn't that great, even though 3D was pretty good. The stock ICS interface really isn't bad either, I just wish it had more options to tinker with.
  18. Cptmorgan

    Cptmorgan Lurker

    My impression over the last week:

    If I return my G Nexus it will be for one reason, the in call sound quality. I'm having trouble overlooking the very light distortion that I hear. I am being very picky, there's not much there but for something I plan to use for 2 years, I'm not sure if I can deal with it. The G Nexus ICS UI is sooooo smooth, I played with my brothers Razr last night and its just a bit jerky compared to the Nexus. I wonder if the ICS upgrade on the Razr will be as smooth as the Nexus or if the Razr's hardware will be inherently jerky? I made a call with his Razr last night and the in call sound quality in comparison is so much better.

    I love the screen on the G Nexus in comparison to the Razr as well.

    I need help...who can offer some words of wisdom to help me keep me G Nexus? LOL! :)

    PS: I am using the volume+ app for the external speaker, does anyone know of an app that can help the in call quality without rooting?

  19. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Android Expert

    Yeah with out root I have no idea :-l
  20. matt_wong

    matt_wong Lurker

    What are the 3 gold things under the power button
  21. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me!

    Pogo pins. They can be used for charging once a dock comes out
  22. bruder

    bruder Newbie

    After 11 days with the Galaxy Nexus here are my thoughts (coming from Original Droid running CM 6.1)

    - The screen quality and size is perfect (definitely better than the SII).
    - Bluetooth voice dialing works well (this functionality broke in gingerbread).
    - 4G bandwidth
    - Nexus has worked fine for audio calls, holding reception in places where the Motorola Droid would sometimes drop the call.
    - The camera is great. I love the "zero shutter lag". The panorama mode, and editing tools are nice.
    -ICS: dictation works very well.
    -ICS: the new task manager is very useful and well implemented.
    -ICS: the new encryption feature is great, but I wish I could enable it from the powerdown screen without shutting the phone down completely.
    - ICS: User interface is cleaner with better rendering and transitions.
    - ICS: Data limiters will be very for people on limited plans.

    - Bluetooth voice dialing confirmation volume is very low.
    - I don't understand why Google removed the Menu and Search buttons, I find them to be very useful and allows for a consistent experience across apps.
    - I preferred the CM power control widget that was in the notification pulldown.
    - Contact pictures during voice calls are displayed at terrible quality. This is resolved by updating the contact picture with one that's high resolution.
    - Signal levels and "bars" are lower than my Droid, but reception appears to be about the same.
    - Since the menu button is removed, I found it harder to access the OS settings (then I found the settings link in the notification pulldown, so this is resolved)
    - Speaker has low volume, especially when playing Google Voice messages.

    Overall I'm satisfied with the upgrade but I hope that some of the issues are addressed in a software update.
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  23. replica9000

    replica9000 Well-Known Member

    Am I the only one who found the menu button?
  24. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Android Expert

    Nope I know where it is inbetween the back and home button hehe :-D
  25. giannib

    giannib Newbie


    Completely agree with you: the screen is simply amazing, on the +LIKE I would add the physical shape, in an object one must hold in hand many hours all these curves and the asymmetric profile are an ergonomic masterpiece.
    Squared, razor edged phones are only very good in visual.

    Also on the -DISLIKE I miss the unique menu, even if sometimes it reappears (time to upgrade all the apps).
    MOreover, I've noticed that many icons are now very small and difficult to distinguish (eg. wifi hotspot protected or not) hope in the future to add some colour.

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