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***Official G-Nex first impressions thread*** Love it? Hate it?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Steven58, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Android Expert

    My old sd card is to big lol


  2. fran1r

    fran1r Member

    I love it, but for the GPS. Takes forever to get a GPS lock. The DInc was much, much better.
  3. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Android Expert

    That's weird. Mine locks on pretty fast, accurately on GPS. Actually I haven't seen any other phone faster than Gnex on GPS.
  4. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Android Expert

    Mine works great and it also sometimes takes forever
  5. dubbsix

    dubbsix Well-Known Member

    So far, Im really enjoying the phone. I do have a few points:

    1. Volume rocker too easily activated on my phone. everytime i turn the phoen on i turn down the volume
    2. ICS is way different than GB and google should have a little welcome wizard that shows you where stuff moved lmao.
    3. Battery life seems good considering I have been hammering on this thing all day... I disabled 4G though.
  6. Kyrotech

    Kyrotech Member

    Well it's been 3 days fiddling with my new GN, everything is still stock and running ICS 4.0.1


    Amazing screen size
    Wicked fast
    Very smooth
    and oh yeah, did I mention amazing screen size???

    I have to admit that I never really gave Android a chance in the past, using 1.5 and 1.6 I really hated the feel of the interface and led me to believe that the Android O/S just wasn't ready for primetime. When Froyo was launched, I was excited to hear about all the new features and ran out to purchase a new HTC Incredible S. I loved the feel of the O/S, still some little quirks, but I tried to like Froyo. Because of the HTC Incredible, that phone had the worse reception compared to my Blackberry 9700, iPhone 4 & 3GS, I was really turned off once again. (I know, the phone has nothing to do with the O/S)
    So I returned to my iPhone 4 and enjoyed it for a few months until I decided to pick up the Galaxy Nexus. I was excited like a little kid opening a xmas gift.
    I really liked the feel and the weight. I couldn't stop thinking about how huge this screen is. My iPhone looked like a little toy beside the GN.
    So just like any phone enthusiast, I pulled out my ip4 and ip4s and compared all 3 side by side.
    To my surprise the ip4s screen seems to be clearer and crispier than the GN.
    Speed is practically the same and what can I say, youtube is way better on the GN.
    So I will be using the GN for the next few months and see how things go with ICS.

    Oh yeah, there are a few cons that I have encountered already

    - apps freezing and no longer responding
    - phone app freezes and phone call is lost
    - not able to remove the google search bar
    - really hate the analog clock
    - not all bluetooth devices work properly - I'm using a Motorola T505 and is not 100% compatible. When trying to forward or back up a song, I need to do this via the phone, with the iphone, this was done via the t505.
    The other thing that I noticed, when listening to music, there is no indication where I want to send the music through. I cannot select bluetooth, speaker or headset. (might be just me)

    Well those are some of my thoughts so far
    thanks for looking
  7. Dhydoytz

    Dhydoytz Lurker

    Hi everyone,

    In summary, which one do you prefer? SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 or SAMSUNG GALAXY NEXUS?

    Im planning to get mine because Fido dont have sgs2, my wife is using sgs2 and i really like it. Any suggestion plss.
  8. Ravenwjf

    Ravenwjf Member

    I just got my SGN on Thursday and I already love it. I upgraded from a Droid X, and there is a huge difference. Its fast (haven't gotten to try 4g yet since I am currently in a 3g only zone) and smooth. I love the fact there is no bloatware and its close to pure google....no manufacturer OS like motoblur. I really haven't had any issues with it....the issue I have is no way to get my save data off my X (unless rooting, which I am not going to do on the Gnex yet) and that really isn't the phones fault. I haven't had volume issues.....I just have to get used to the placement of the volume rockers... I keep hitting them by accident. I am not disappointed at all and I am very happy with my choice of the Gnex. Have fun and hope you all enjoy as well!!!
  9. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Android Expert

    I could really say I love my nexus but never owned an sg2
  10. VMac

    VMac Newbie

    Came from original Google Nexus (HTC), which I *loved*. I was in on the first wave of orders, so had it over 2 years. It was the only phone I wasn't itching to upgrade after a year. I thought it was perfect, and thought for sure that I would think my new phone would be too large (pocket feel is important to me, and if I want larger screen, I'll bring my tablet).

    So, after a very brief consideration of the RAZR, I went with the new Nexus. Only had it one day, but my "first impression" is extremely positive. I have no desire to root, and this screen is definitely worth the bit more pocket real estate.

    I'm annoyed at two things: 1) Swype not working with this yet; and 2) facebook and google pissing match over contacts. Otherwise, I could not be happier.
  11. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me!

    There are reports of people having a version of swype that is working. And I know you aren't planning on rooting but I believe a couple devs have added the Facebook sync into their roms.
  12. rocketjacket

    rocketjacket Newbie

    Would you mind putting the link to the "about damn time"?
  13. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Android Expert

  14. rocketjacket

    rocketjacket Newbie

    Coming from a HTC Desire HD
    I've had the G-Nex for 5 days now.
    I love it!

    Why I cant put it down:
    Its fast, very fast. Leaves my wife's iPhone 4 in its wake.
    Keyboard is like an iPhone but superior to it.
    The GPS fixes on a position nearly instatainisly.
    Screen is just awesome.
    Swipe between tasks is fantastic.
    Panoramic shots & zero lag is amazing.

    It could be louder.
    Doesn't link with FB contacts like the HTC did.
    Not quite as strong signal strength as the HTC, no dropped calls though.
    Doesn't sync with my iTunes like the HTC.

    Did I mention how fast it is :)
  15. rocketjacket

    rocketjacket Newbie

    Did you read the post I referred too?
  16. nefor

    nefor Newbie

    What they meant by:
    Was almost certainly "it's about damn time they implemented the tweaks they have." Not "Read about the ICS tweaks in about damn time" as if "About Damn Time" was an article.

    Anyway my first impressions can be read in the review titled "Impressed? Oh yes!" here: Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Virgin Mobile

    Still enjoying it, a few little things like having the Launcher restart fairly regularly due (I assume) to low RAM issues. Would be handy if a few developers like Viber actually pulled their finger out and updated their apps.
    On the whole a fantastic product from my experience so far. Hope to get 4.02 soon and see how that performs.
  17. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Android Expert

    How do you not have 4.0.2... Do you mean 4.0.3?
  18. nefor

    nefor Newbie

    In Australia it seems the carriers are still in control of the update roll out which is rather annoying. I don't know if there's something about the networks here but according to my carrier (Virgin) it'll be in February. :(
  19. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Android Expert

    Man I am so sorry... And at that point I would just root it and get 4.0.3and skip 4.0.2
  20. s.m.knipe

    s.m.knipe Android Expert

    Unless it is a regional build ("yakju__" instead of just "yakju" in the build.prop file), the issue is probably Google working out the bureaucratic red tape to use the airwaves to push the updates OTA in Australia. It really shouldn't matter, because I think the update is pulled from the same server location worldwide, but I remember back in the N1 days there was something similar (a delay) that happened with our Canadian N1 brethren, and the general consensus was that there are slight bureaucratic hoops Google has to go through to get permission to remotely prompt a device to connect to a stateside server- or something to that effect. I would wager that is what you are seeing, the Feb. date is probably the general time frame estimate Virgin has told its CSR's to give.
    If it is still on one of Samsung's regional builds I think it is their responsibility to bring the device into alignment with the Google release (aka either make them pure "yakju" builds or alter and prompt for download the regionally modified Google release). Albeit though, I have not read up on the ins and outs of these "yakju+" builds, so that last bit may not be accurate.
    All-in-all, unless subsidized (like the Verizon one here stateside), the carrier only enters the Nexus picture to verify that the radios work with their spectrum, and if subsidized historically their roles have been limited to the same, but the inclusion of carrier-specific apps has changed that game a little bit. It doesn't seem to have affected Verizon subsidized phones stateside yet, so were I betting man I'd wager that your carriers won't hold anything back from you either...
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  21. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Android Expert

    Humm interesting
  22. nefor

    nefor Newbie

    Thank you for the explanation! I know I'm on a regional build as I downloaded the checking app and it was "Yakju......" rather than "Yakju". The red tape stuff sounds about right for the Aussie carriers. Hope it's sorted out sooner rather than later!

    Not really interested in rooting yet with the Nexus, I did my Desire because I wanted certain things but the Nexus doesn't feel limited in the same way yet! Thankfully no bloatware!
  23. roro8

    roro8 Newbie

    I absolutely love it, can't put it down. I've played with my sister's iPhone before which is cool in its own right, but nothing compares to my Nexus. I feel more in control with Android anyway, I don't feel so locked in. I need to fly free! It just seems to get me.

    The screen is fabulous, I'm loving how it feels when I text, swipe is awesome, it has enough weight to it so I don't feel like it's gonna break apart on me. If there was any con, the volume is a bit low (nothing Volume+ can't fix), and I keep pressing it when I hit the power button. But I can adjust. Espn scorecenter is a charm, Any.Do is great, looking forward to getting more apps that make my life easier. All in all one of the best investments I've made.
  24. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Android Expert

    Amen fly my friend

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