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***Official Galaxy Nexus Pre-Release speculation thread**

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Steven58, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Reborn58

    Reborn58 Android Enthusiast

    This phone is coming out on Thursday. Do not begin to let doubt set in, my friends.

    I have much (read: some) confidence in this.

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  2. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Steven and I are talking to Chris at Phandroid about this 20th thing.

    It's just giving equal time for other tips from CSRs and speculation.

    None of us know until Verizon officially says so, and good compadre Chris is just trying to be fair and square to everyone writing in.

    Hope that helps!

    More importantly - Don't Panic!
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  3. Rybnik

    Rybnik Android Enthusiast

    Yay, a fellow string player! So, are you at the Berkley School of Music?
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  4. vespadaddy

    vespadaddy Well-Known Member

    No texting via WiFi? I only ask because my nephew's apple ipod will text (wifi only).
  5. TWISM

    TWISM Newbie

    Thanks to iMessage...right?
  6. ItsASamsung

    ItsASamsung Member

    It's probably not texting but a data-based service like a messenger. But yes, unless you have an active texting plan, you will not be able to text.
  7. tdub88

    tdub88 Android Enthusiast

    Dude, one of the coolest things ever was in Kihei, at The Dog and Duck Irish pub, They had a guy on the violin, a guy on bongo drums and a lead singer on a guitar. They played the coolest arrangements of songs. Everything from U2 to Johnny Cash.

    We were blown away! The creativity these guys showed was awesome. The beer and margaritas may have had something to do with it too...........
  8. Nessier

    Nessier Newbie

    I think if the 15th date becomes the 20th, it is pretty obvious that there is still an issue with the phone and any date we hear is just an internal target with the hopes of clearing things up by that date. Pretty sad if that is the case. I thought maybe the 9th came and went and Verizon fixed whatever has been holding it up, so it'd be really disheartening to hear that the issue still exists.
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  9. Climax McGee

    Climax McGee Lurker

    In a different life I was a music major: I play trombone. I actually had a pretty consistent gig with a regional salsa band, which was interesting. Everyone else was from Puerto Rico and a professional salsa player. I was the lame, out-of-place white guy, lol.
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  10. Steven58

    Moderator Thread Starter

  11. jkc120

    jkc120 Android Expert

    Yep, this is exactly why I didn't get my hopes up for the 15th. I know I'm a pessimist, but I'm in the "not going to believe anything until it's from VZW's mouth". Only 8 days! :rolleyes: Come ON Verizon...get a clue.
  12. Steven58

    Moderator Thread Starter

    Nnnnnope... well, it is for 4g fones coming from 3g... so in a way, yeah.
  13. scottg96

    scottg96 Android Expert

    OT Classical Music:
    Dude, I play clarinet too! I've played with my high school's orchestra a couple of times and won some concerto competitions (working on Weber Concerto II now). 15 years old and been playing for about 7 years now.

    Also, my parents are both classically trained pianists; my mom is a concert pianist and has toured Europe and stuff. And whenever I need an accompanist for my pieces, they both learn the part so that if one can't accompany me for whatever reason, the other one subs in ;D

    Anyways, I've had a couple lessons with John Yeh, and Kenneth Grant (clarinet head @ Eastman).

    BTW, I now do house/electronic music, so if anyone's interested please check out my SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/megaphonix :)
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  14. have24

    have24 Newbie

    Only positive I can see out of this if it becomes the 20th is that the postponement window keeps getting smaller and smaller. Nov. 28th to Dec. 8th/9th to Dec. 15th to Dec. 20th to Dec. 22nd? to Dec. 23rd? to in our hands?
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  15. soy.lor.n

    soy.lor.n Well-Known Member

    well...4G is a subset of their phones....maybe that's what they meant?

    Or else they have a rule that everyone that asks must be given a different answer...just to mess with us...

    ETA: Wait...why does it not show up when some people edit their posts? Did I not actually get ninja'd on the ninja post?? Hehe THIS IS IMPORTANT

    (sorry it's getting late...)
  16. ajdroidx

    ajdroidx Android Expert

    Us panic?

    Na..... :eek:

    Homer Screaming - YouTube

    I don't know what you are talking about :D
  17. soy.lor.n

    soy.lor.n Well-Known Member

    So launched on Christmas Eve?
  18. TWISM

    TWISM Newbie

    Verizon could easily push this into next year. I think they have shown they can/will do whatever they want with this release.
  19. Nessier

    Nessier Newbie

    But Chris has heard the 20th from some sources? I haven't heard the 20th at all, so that is news to me (though he's probably in more of a position to hear things than me).
  20. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Clearly - I must be new here! :D :D :D
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  21. SamMax

    SamMax Android Expert

    Comment from Chris:

    LOL! It was a minor statement to show more or less that nothing is official. Everyone is saying something different. It's pretty nuts actually. I honestly don't even think Verizon knows =p
  22. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me!

    Good night Nexlings! I'm exhausted
  23. tdub88

    tdub88 Android Enthusiast

    Not nearly enough evidence to make this assumption. Particularly this late at night.
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  24. Penguissimo

    Penguissimo Android Enthusiast

    Pretty much the only reason to get a doctorate in clarinet is to teach at a university, which is what I ultimately want to do. It does have the happy effect of polishing your playing to a higher level than when you started, but depending on where you go to school (I'm at Michigan State), it can actually leave you less prepared to play in a symphony than it otherwise would, since most doctoral programs don't have the single-minded* focus on orchestral performance that you'd get at a conservatory like Julliard (where our very own Steven went, if I recall correctly?). I know that I personally don't stand any chance of ever playing in a top-tier symphony, and even smaller regional ones would be a longshot.

    The world of instrument construction and design is small enough that there isn't really a standard path to a career in it, but training in instrument repair seems to be a relatively common element among the big-name folks. I guess that makes sense—once you're used to modifying instruments, it's probably only natural to start building them from scratch.

    Also, it's neat to see how many other music folks are also into technology :)

    * Not intended derisively, just highlighting the difference in approaches. Most symphony players got there by focusing heavily on orchestral audition music for years and then taking hundreds of auditions. It's tough to compete with that ;)

    Wow, another clarinetist, neat! That's some serious stuff, too—I've heard great stuff about those guys. Are you looking to pursue music as a career?
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  25. Reborn58

    Reborn58 Android Enthusiast

    makes no sense to, however. lots of xmas gift sales to be had...

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