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***Official Galaxy Nexus Pre-Release speculation thread**

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Steven58, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. ItsASamsung

    ItsASamsung Member

    You only do it once. Delete that file and it works everytime afterwords...no need to wait.

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  2. EmotionalNinja

    EmotionalNinja Well-Known Member

    I think testman is showing old hours...
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  3. SamMax

    SamMax Android Expert

    That's crappy way of telling us Thursday isn't going to happen :)
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  4. Penguissimo

    Penguissimo Android Enthusiast

    Thursday is still showing up for me (Lansing, MI)...how bizarre that it's disappeared from other places!

    Also, what's with all the 8:30 AM openings?? No store anywhere around here opens before 10 AM...

    edit: Wait, of the five corporate stores in the area, four of them still have Thursday, but the last one has it missing. How strange!
  5. BLD

    BLD Android Enthusiast

    Wow. You're not that far from me. I used to work at Armstrong.
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  6. jbdan

    jbdan Extreme Android User

    Welcome to AF teggy :)
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  7. eddieruko

    eddieruko Well-Known Member

    i get the desire to root. but we've been waiting for this thing for months. it's supposed to be Google's crown jewel, and what appears to be a really polished experience.

    what's the big rush to root the GNex? perhaps wifi tether is something that you absolutely need. perhaps there are a few custom ROMs out there by the time we get our puppy.

    i've had my patience worn thin with bugs from rooting and breaking data/ radio connections. for once i'm looking forward to enjoying this phone as it was originally intended (yes, even though vzw has had it's say i think it's still much the way google wants it).

    if rooting immediately and trying to figure out how it'll work tickles your fancy, i'm sure you have your reasons.

    for me, i'm gunna wait this one out. if the need arises, i'm sure one of you quick rooters and awesome devs out there will make it real simple for me :D
  8. ItsASamsung

    ItsASamsung Member

    Amen to that! :)
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  9. SamMax

    SamMax Android Expert

    try 46545
  10. Penguissimo

    Penguissimo Android Enthusiast

    Do you mean for the Nexus launch, or that Verizon has actually figured out how to remove it from the space-time continuum? ;)
  11. Bamsmom

    Bamsmom Newbie

    I'm a member of golds gym by Quakerbridge Mall...

    Even better, I know you're a runner and a religious man. Did you do the trinity church turkey trot this year? I was there!
  12. xGalaxyNexusx

    xGalaxyNexusx Android Enthusiast

    Here we go! I made my Christmas avatar. Let me know what you guys think!! Here it is a bit bigger, so you guys are able to see it:

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  13. SamMax

    SamMax Android Expert

    Worst case scenrio Nexus launch of course ! :D
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  14. Steven58

    Moderator Thread Starter

    Yes, indeedy. Take that valuable root info and make a thread or something in the root section. I'm going to need it there when this thing dropped. I've never rooted an non-encrypted phone, which should be easier than my dx, but it's different, so I have to learn all over again. Thanks!
  15. nvitone23

    nvitone23 Well-Known Member

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  16. escobar0o3

    escobar0o3 Member

    they've closed all verizon stores on thursdays to fully prevent a 12/15 release.

    sneaky verizon!!! i'm tired of my OG droid!!!!
  17. Mormonstang

    Mormonstang Member

    So before the website said that the store i'm closest to times were

    Mon - Sat: 10:00 AM 08:00 PM
    Sun: CLOSED

    now it says

    Mon: 09:00 AM 09:00 PM
    Tue: 09:00 AM 09:00 PM
    Wed: 09:00 AM 09:00 PM
    Fri: 09:00 AM 09:00 PM
    Sat: 09:00 AM 09:00 PM
    Sun: CLOSED

    So I'm guessing they changed it for the holidays maybe, but it is weird they left out thursday....
  18. MMcCraryNJ

    MMcCraryNJ Android Enthusiast

    Nice, you live right near me. I come up with the same stores in my search
  19. jbdan

    jbdan Extreme Android User

    It's great I dig it!
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  20. xGalaxyNexusx

    xGalaxyNexusx Android Enthusiast

    Armstrong cable? I have that! I live in Cranberry Township.
  21. Smartphone

    Smartphone Well-Known Member

    verizon should just release the phone and let me flash my own kernel. I don't need my cell provider to select or manage my kernel.
  22. nvitone23

    nvitone23 Well-Known Member

    I go to TCNJ right by the Quaker Bridge Mall!! haha
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  23. sk2609

    sk2609 Newbie

    07310. Store in newport center is closing at 11pm and midnights now... weird. But locations nearby my office in nyc is unchanged.
  24. SamMax

    SamMax Android Expert

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