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***Official Galaxy Nexus Pre-Release speculation thread**

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Steven58, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Grendil

    Grendil Well-Known Member

    Troubling trend now, it's really amazing so many stores and customers keep being played for fools. Very close to not renewing my contract with Verizon now.

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  2. This_Is_Kyle

    This_Is_Kyle Well-Known Member

    If this isn't released tomorrow...wow, just wow. Haha, this is completely ridiculous.
  3. Reborn58

    Reborn58 Android Enthusiast

    The phone is not being released tomorrow. There has been no update to the equipment guide, their employees have not been notified, and there has not been a press release.

    I mean, how last minute do you think they are going to spring a major phone release on their employees and the paying public? Obviously tomorrow is not the day...
  4. atrayn22

    atrayn22 Well-Known Member

    The humanity!!!!
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  5. zx10droid

    zx10droid Android Expert

    and now the floodgates are opening with the vzw bulls**t as always! if this thread wasnt so well moderated, i would have some choice words to type right now :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  6. This is so annoying, I just want to leave.

    Every other post I go from wanting to cry, to being happy.
  7. This is so annoying, I just want to leave.

    Every other post I go from wanting to cry, to being happy.
  8. Toonz

    Toonz Well-Known Member

    Well I live in NY and in the last 10 minutes, I called a Radio Shack, VZW corp store and a retail store and they all have them in stock and ready to sell tomorrow..

    I almost got one tonight the dude wanted cash for the phone + $50.. I told him yes and I was heading to the bank and he called me back saying his boss said No..

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  9. ALurker

    ALurker Well-Known Member


    Yes! My first ninja!
  10. nashfh

    nashfh Well-Known Member

    Starting to?
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  11. jkc120

    jkc120 Android Expert

    Basically, I think they're running this check each day:

    if(sales_of(razr) < razr_target) {

    That's my only conclusion at this point. That, or they like pissing off their customers.
  12. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    If they screw this AGAIN, I'm done.

    Frakking done. I don't care if it comes out next week for $50. I'm done with Verizon.

    Frakking damn morons.
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  13. Stigy

    Stigy Some say...

    Just got back from my corporate store -- my name is on a device for tomorrow at 8AM.
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  14. RazorSharp

    RazorSharp Android Expert

    Yeah, he posted that he had vinylfreak89's store in Maryland sending one to him via overnight shipping, he received a tracking number and everything. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if it's a corporate store or an authorized retailer.

    EDIT: Ninja'd, and I guess it is an authorized retailer.
  15. sweatyBeef

    sweatyBeef Well-Known Member

    If this phone isnt released tomorrow i am seriously ready to protest in front of VZW headquarters!! any other NJ, PA, NY people with me???
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  16. Mooem

    Mooem Android Enthusiast

    They obviously need more time to sell more white Razrs .
  17. nashfh

    nashfh Well-Known Member

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  18. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me!

    He ordered from the guy in Maryland last week and was told as soon as it was ok'd the phone would ship
  19. nbajam

    nbajam Well-Known Member

    I can see a launch being called off 3 days ahead of time like last time for last minute software upgrades...but now we're 15 hours from when stores open tomorrow and they dont have a damn clue if its going to be released. Thats the absurd part.
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  20. Tripod4

    Tripod4 Lurker

    FWIW... just called two Radio Shacks in Manhattan... first played dumb, referred to the end of the year. Second confirmed they're in stock but not released to sell yet- however, did say to check tomorrow or Friday.

    /slight hope, longtime lurker
  21. truelove79

    truelove79 Android Enthusiast

    I just don't get it. There are many people on here that are getting "confirmed" calls from their CSRs for tomorrow. But there are just as many people getting "confirmed" calls from their CSRs telling them it's been delayed or that tomorrow is definitely not happening. This is all nuts.
  22. jkc120

    jkc120 Android Expert

    You better call them back. You're going to be REALLY disappointed at 8am tomorrow. :rolleyes:
  23. snowmancomic

    snowmancomic Well-Known Member

    Ok..here's my story.

    Verizon Corporate store: Dont know when releasing, dont know if in stock (could hear the hesitation in voice).

    Wireless Zone: Verizon released orders yesterday from warehouse in CT...2 units due in tomorrow (talked to manager and he has the serial numbers for the units already..he also took my order), 4 due in Friday. Authorized to sell tomorrow. Gave him my $100 deposit to hold a phone (one other person also firm order and 4 other people "maybes") and tomorrow around lunch I will be owner of a new Nexus (I'm going to stalk the Fedex guy at the store ;))
  24. movalpolos

    movalpolos Lurker

    Hi guys, new lurker reporting in. I want to thank everyone in this thread for being my support group in these troubled times ;) I hope we get what we've been waiting for soon.

    Here's what I have to report from various calls around my area (East Bay CA) :

    Corporate: Reps knew nothing every time I called, twice yesterday and twice today, different people answering the phone every time. No release date and didn't tell me if they had stock or not.

    Friend who works for VZW: Absolutely no idea.

    Reseller: They told me Thursday without hesitation both yesterday and today, but said they did not have stock yet. Keeping an eye on this one, I guess.

    Radio Shack: The guy who answered the phone put me on hold for a few minutes when I asked about tomorrow and then said he would call me back. Less than 10 minutes later, he called back and told me that tomorrow is definitely the day. He asked me why I wanted the phone. "Ice cream sandwich!" He laughed and verified that we were talking about the same phone. I asked him about 100 times if he was sure, and he said "that's why I had to return your call, had to go check with management because we have them in the back." Well, I know where I'm headed tomorrow morning.

    Although it's been fun riding this pre-release roller coaster, I hope the ride stops tomorrow! :D
  25. crackers8199

    crackers8199 Android Enthusiast

    No dice at radio shack. They have them in stock but can't sell them yet...

    She did say tomorrow is still the date at least, last she heard.

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