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***Official Galaxy Nexus Pre-Release speculation thread**

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Steven58, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. ...so where do you get the phone from amazon?
    haha, sorry to break the chain of closing comments :p


  2. Kenahng

    Kenahng Well-Known Member

    Not sure if it's worth skipping out on English class to run and get the phone real quick.. What do you guys think. Nobody will know(;
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  3. Jon Nale

    Jon Nale Android Enthusiast

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  4. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    That's exactly what I'm sitting here trying to figure out!

    Anyway.. I was more of a lurker for a while....and then when I did speak up I just whined. "what are they thinking!!??" :)

    But I must thank the mods and all other posters. Some good advice given, and some good legwork getting info. Been some very funny stuff!

    I'm very glad it went official tonight, cuz around 4:45pm this afternoon we were on the verge of an all out meltdown!

    Anyway.. Enjoy. Thanks again, all. (thx for battery sale reminder too)
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  5. jbdan

    jbdan Extreme Android User

    Somebody will know ;)

    I'd do it!
  6. clipperqb

    clipperqb Well-Known Member

    Thanks to everyone for all the fun and informative posts. This thread/forum is what all bulletin boards should strive for. I know there are other ones (not necessarily phone related) that I hesitate posting on for fear of what snarky (is that a word?) reply might be received. I just got off phone hoping to move my upgrade from 12/29 to tomorrow so I could get my $50 loyalty but was told no way (eh, whats a couple hundred bucks a month for 10 years worth to a loyal customer? not $50 I guess) anyway wanted to say thanks and bye before thread is closed and I am looking forward to everyones impressions of the phone over the next few weeks before I can get one.

  7. nashfh

    nashfh Well-Known Member

    I already sent the email that I will be an hour late to the office tomorrow!! I don't think I have any meetings in the morning...(read: I hope)
  8. Lucky Armpit

    Lucky Armpit Android Enthusiast

    If this is truly it, I bid you guys and gals a fond farewell. I'm sure I'll see youse on the forums in the future, but this thread has been quite amazing. Here's to hoping a Galaxy Nexus is in my future! I raise my glass of premium beer to you all!
  9. Ed5275

    Ed5275 Well-Known Member

    Skipping class is your right as an American. I always figured I was paying, it's my decision to go.
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  10. th0r615

    th0r615 Well-Known Member

    Sleep aids are kicking in.
    7:30am wake up.
    8:00am walk out the door.
    30min car ride to Verizon store (add 10min if there's traffic)
    9:00am Get my nexus
    10min car ride to University
    10:15am Final exam for INFO & TECH FOR BUSINESS (easiest class ever)

    There my schedule for tomorrow. I'll have to fit some time in when I'm playing with my nexus to search for a new thread to stalk for the next few months or so.
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  11. scottg96

    scottg96 Android Expert

    It'll be right before we leave for winter break for me, so it could be possible ;) But no... I have to wait until 5 PM to pick up my new baby :D
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  12. Flakpheiser

    Flakpheiser Member

    Does it vary by device? I was trying to see if I was eligible for any discounts by going through a mock purchase of a razr online and "add to my bill" or something to that effect was an option as payment.
  13. SPLover

    SPLover Newbie

    I know I am late but maybe if you call and get in touch with the loyality dept. they can help... My upgrade wasnt due until Aug. 07th but they moved mine up to Nov. 17th. Pm me if yo want to know what I told them to get it moved up.
  14. nyg010

    nyg010 Android Enthusiast

    BYEEE ALL!!! back to my daily routine...
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  15. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me!

    LMAO! I think it's ok. Future hubby doesn't seem to get too upset about these things. Although I'm thinking Steven is against the cyber-marriage since he hasn't answered us. :D:p

    I will - but I don't have any m1scr3ant's in my circles. :)
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  16. ThEoRy36O

    ThEoRy36O Well-Known Member

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  17. daygo718

    daygo718 Member

    Congrats to you too! I'm excited to finally retire my Dinc and move on to the Gnex. Those pics and video bring back great memories of spring 2010. Although I've lurked much more than I've posted here, I must say it was a pleasure reading the forum everyday for the past several months. There are some great members in this thread and all the mods specifically, Steven have done a fantastic job keeping things in order. I raise my glass to you all. Congrats for hanging in there until the very end. Enjoy your new Gnex. Until the next must have device and epic thread that accompanies it. Cheers!
  18. orlando bull

    orlando bull Well-Known Member

    Well gang... I am sleep deprived from waiting for this phone and "hanging out with you fine folks", so, I am off to bed. To make matters worse, I am beyond slammed at work, so, I don't know if I'll make it on in the morning or not.

    My plan is to use my lunch break to sneak out to a verizon store and see if they have the phone, will do my corp discount (or waive activation fee), and get my hands on my sexy nexi by 1:00 p.m. If that's a no-go, I'll be ordering online as soon as I return to the office from said store visit.

    So, with all of that said, there is a 73% chance that I will not make it back before the lock-down. I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has answered questions, made me laugh, shared in the anger and let downs, and rejoiced when the date was announced... And then November 17th came and went, and we did it all again... and again... and again.

    I have enjoyed the OT football, dexter, car, and puppy discussions. As I am new to android, I am certain that you will all be helping me along the way. I'll be watching closely tomorrow as people report about unlocking the bootloader in their new toy, pondering whether I should dip my toe in that water or not.

    I was there when the iPhone launched. It was a great day for smart-phones in general. Even then though, while I was paying astronomical apple taxes, I didn't know what the phone would mean to me. I didn't know how big of a part of life a smart phone would be. I'm addicted to my phone... and I don't make many calls.

    With that said, I am very happy to have found other addicts. People who crave technology, want to be at the forefront for new things, and don't mind slipping their phone into a zip-lock bag and sharing a bubble bath with the one you love (wait...err... I've said too much)... right... so... umm... well, this is embarrassing.

    Sleep well tonight Nexans. Because tomorrow... We take over the WORLD.

    (then on Friday, I have to start shopping for OTHER people, apparently there is another holiday coming up not too far behind Nexmas... ugh... it's always something.)

    Goodnight and farewell pre-releasers (maybe...I might be back... but less wordy)
  19. NextNexus

    NextNexus Member

    That's weird. I was able to add the Razr to the cart and then choosing the option "Keep My Current Data Feature" without an extra charge. Unless the Nexus is an exception...
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  20. m1scr3ant

    m1scr3ant Well-Known Member

    PM sent!
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  21. Xigalu

    Xigalu Newbie

  22. zogster

    zogster Newbie

    My brother just got a Rezound today, thinks it's soooo cool. "They told me at the store they would rather have the Rezound."

    Until tomorrow when I pick up my Nexus. :D
  23. vespadaddy

    vespadaddy Well-Known Member

    The lady I spoke with on the phone from letsTalk said I could, but it would cost me an extra $50. Still worth it for my scenario.
  24. I had a very similar experience. Amazing they don't even know yet.
  25. BobF

    BobF Newbie

    probably ninjaed, but from the comments to the Droid Life post about LetsTalk (can't post links yet):

    If you want to keep your current plan, add the galaxy nexus to your cart (at 12:00 am pst) then move your mouse to the top where it has your Cart, then the galaxy nexus should pop up, click on the "add/edit services" and switch from 2 gb plan to "Upgrades Only - Keep My Current Data Feature" and you will keep your unlimited data.

    Hope this actually works -- I'm going to try it tonight. If there are a bunch of caveats, it's off to the Verizon Corp. store before opening!

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