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***Official Galaxy Nexus Pre-Release speculation thread**

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Steven58, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. IndecisiveElle

    IndecisiveElle Android Expert

    They did. I asked for more info but no one followed up with a response.

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  2. Sushibagel

    Sushibagel Android Enthusiast

    Does any one else on the west coast find it funny/annoying that all the Verizon stores are open at 9am every day except Wednesdays and Thursdays?
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  3. jbdan

    jbdan Extreme Android User

    hmm I'm not showing


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  4. MMcCraryNJ

    MMcCraryNJ Android Enthusiast

    Not only is the Nexus now listed, but also the double data promo is still in effect!


    Still waiting for order page to go live...
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  5. ajdroidx

    ajdroidx Android Expert

    I may be an android user and use PCs but I am seriously thinking about a macbook air. Trying to do "business" on my netbooks is just horrible. Thing is so slow when something pops up and you close it, you need to open task manager to kill the unresponsive program. Annoying :(
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  6. scottg96

    scottg96 Android Expert


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  7. davey11

    davey11 Member

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  8. nexustlc

    nexustlc Newbie

    See :D
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  9. MoPhoMan

    MoPhoMan Android Enthusiast

    Had to clear my cache
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  10. soy.lor.n

    soy.lor.n Well-Known Member

    On the off chance I haven't been ninja'd.... If you go through the ordering process on VZW's website, it still comes up, even though there's no ad for it anymore. Or at least it did an hour ago when I last checked...
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  11. Bushflyr

    Bushflyr Member

    Figures. My return window for the Rezound expired yesterday. :( I like the phone, but it would have been nice to have the option.
  12. woodraskam

    woodraskam Android Expert

    Good to see you again :)
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  13. Flakpheiser

    Flakpheiser Member

    I think we're getting trolled by teh red.
  14. SamMax

    SamMax Android Expert

    when did you get the Rezound?
  15. Khatmandu

    Khatmandu Well-Known Member

    Wow. Just Wow.

    What an amazing journey this has been with all of you folks since I first stumbled onto this thread back in early September when the thread only had about 800 posts. I normally don't post on these type of boards, I tend to just peruse them for info on whatever tech item I'm considering buying. But this place was different.. there were characters here. Han with his emotional highs and lows.. CK with his pessimism.. Ry4n with his quest for the ultimate gaming cell phone with an exynos.. GAPI with his private eye stuff.. Steven just being the all-around amazing guy he is.. Early with his knowledge of so many things and his sense of humor.. BabyBlues for her infectious personality, twisting panties and rotating avatars.. OTD with her absolutely great profile photos, poker lessons and views on life as one of the undead.. and so many others for so many reasons. Dawnierae, Antimony, The Chief, NKK, Scott, IndecisiveElle, Stigy, TheRoosevelt etc.. (I debated listing people as I knew I'd miss so many great folks, just know all of you are my Gnex brothers and sisters).

    I went through all of the ups and downs with everyone over speculation of the hardware on the phone.. the amazing high of the Hong Kong press event, the hellish low of every leaked delay for this beautiful device. We watched many folks have to settle for other phones due to the delays or those who were disappointed in the specs/build quality move to other phones.. many of them who are truly happy with their chosen device... but still I resisted joining the conversation here cause I kept thinking to myself why when this thread is just going to get shut down when the phone is released.. but finally I caved after one of Steven's calls for lurkers to come join the fun. I'm glad I did.. this journey would not have been the same if I had walked a parallel path to getting my phone as opposed to hopping aboard and enjoying this ride with all of you.

    Tomorrow when the thread closes will be a bittersweet moment.. because even though we will have other threads to congregate in, it just won't be the same. Much like graduating from high school or college.. some friends just tend to fade away or move on to other things. But we will all have this thread as a reminder of this incredible community and the internet bonds of friendship that have been formed among so many folks.

    This thread has been truly special for so many reasons, from the sheer epic size of it to the friendliness of the folks here to the astounding variety of people from all walks of life and interests drawn to this place for this one item. I know many people here do not care for all things Apple.. but in one respect this thread mirrors one of the thigns I respect about Apple folks. They bond over the one thing that links their lives to each other.. their love of their ipod/iphone/mac/whatever. I think for the first time with any android phone we are seeing that sense of 'community' form. I'm glad I finally decided to jump into the pool and be a part of it, even if only as a minor one.

    In closing I'd like to leave all of you with a quote (apologies for reusing this to the individual who saw this in a PM already):

    "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." ~ Theodore Geisel

    Once again, thank all of you for all of the little things in this thread that will make my Gnex that much more special. See everyone on the other side and enjoy your Galaxy Nexus!

  16. jamesoja

    jamesoja Well-Known Member

    Woohoo now that it is live on the site I can shave this gnarly beard that i grew post Movember for the NEXUS release!
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  17. jbdan

    jbdan Extreme Android User

    I did I did :p

    And he's back just like that... a large WB! you were missed :D
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  18. MMcCraryNJ

    MMcCraryNJ Android Enthusiast

    I dunno guys, I'm starting to get second thoughts...

    There is that white RAZR...

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  19. CaptainRon

    CaptainRon Android Expert

    I still don't see it when I try to upgrade my phone even after I cleared my cache.
  20. sweatyBeef

    sweatyBeef Well-Known Member

    I have a macbook pro and LOVE it. and im not an iSheep. im not a fanboy for anything. I have an xbox and ps3. i have a mac and PC. i love working on the MAC rather then PC. u wont be let down.
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  21. Yadao

    Yadao Well-Known Member

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  22. TheRoosevelt

    TheRoosevelt Android Expert

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  23. Dubbin1

    Dubbin1 Android Expert

    Its only showing on the front page, its not for sale yet.
  24. escobar0o3

    escobar0o3 Member


    available early on my direct seller website!!!
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  25. Mr. Link

    Mr. Link Android Enthusiast

    It's in my business account to be able to be ordered!!!!

    I tried to put the screenshot in here but it says it has to have a URL.
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