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***Official Galaxy Nexus Pre-Release speculation thread**

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Steven58, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Schex13

    Schex13 Well-Known Member

    I can't get out to a store in Fairfax NoVa until 3 today. Any word on stock?

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  2. bammbamm

    bammbamm Newbie

    I feel like a post from THE SOURCE and or Hanette would complete the thread nicely, I know pushing, ........anyway...... WOW, JUST WOW!! what a ride!!!

    I wont be getting mine today, only because I just now wrapped up projects I need to invoice for, as I was heavily slowed down with work by this thread. No upgrade for me, so full price it is.
    I knew it would be a while before I can swing the cost but still hung on to every post, simply for the awesomeness of this thread of epic proportions. I am sooo excited with all of you getting your babies today and hopefully Im not tooo far behind.

    So Congratts everyone, especially you Steven, and I couldnt have imagined missing out on this wonderful journey. Yep, what a ride
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  3. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Revision what now? 39?

    Anyway - congrats Steven! :)
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  4. leebsammy

    leebsammy Well-Known Member

    got mine, walked in at 9:01 trying not to look like a dork. had been waiting in starbucks next door since 8. on my way out of vzw a rep bumped into me and my phone flew but i was stealthy as shit and caught it like a foot above the ground.

    edit* now i just need swype!
    edit2* btw i tried ordering a coffee at starbucks, holy christ its like they've never had someone order a black coffee before.. "did you mean a venti blah blah blah." i don't know i want a coffee.
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  5. crosschecking

    crosschecking Member

    If anyone has the Samsung (not the Verizon) car dock, I would be interested in your comments. Looks like I may go with this dock off Amazon as it's reasonable ($20) and looks easy to remove and add.

    Also, just FYI, I am getting a solid two bars of LTE coverage in my office. Email seems to be syncing with the Exchange server just fine.
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  6. jbdan

    jbdan Extreme Android User

    How about the GN on display at the corp stores? You have these big iPhone and Droid Razr displays and posters all nice with Christmas decor, and one little sad GN over in the corner (seriously) that wasn't even powered on. Crazy!! I told the rep that this phone might outsell the others :p
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  7. nvitone23

    nvitone23 Well-Known Member

    I'd just like to say thanks to everyone here for making the wait so much better. I'm glad that everyone is getting their GNs and I hope that many of you great people continue to post under various threads within this forum, because I know that I definitely will. Happy holidays and enjoy what you have all deserved to have...THE GREATEST PHONE EVAR!!!1!!
  8. Needz_Android

    Needz_Android Android Enthusiast

    was there a line?
  9. Maynardtwinn

    Maynardtwinn Lurker

    How did you get it for that price?
  10. nj02vette

    nj02vette Android Expert

    My store didn't have any extended batteries. Not a big deal, I'll see how the standard one does. I did buy the VZW screen protectors.

    To my surprise, I got a $50 loyalty, the $100 credit (charged to acct) and had 40% off phone upgrade through my employer.

    I was out of the store for under $100. Woot!
    Not that it was a big deal, but having a few hundred extra in the bank acct is a good thing.
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  11. drhill

    drhill Android Expert

    Speech Recognition (ASR). Text to speech is when the phone talks to you.
  12. yawdapaah

    yawdapaah Android Expert

    I love the taste of ice cream sandwich in the morning. Didn't expect so many people at my store (east Hanover NJ). Finally the wait is over; what a relief.
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  13. ohiojosh78

    ohiojosh78 Newbie

    Got 2 gnex today at 9. I returned 2 rezounds and somehow ended up getting money back
    Didnt question it. So far gnex has better screens and a more responsive UI.
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  14. Rrrracer

    Rrrracer Android Enthusiast

    Guys and gals, I'm gonna post this quick because I have about two months of backlogged work to catch up on... :D

    I lurked on the DInc thread but didn't really participate. However, because of the outstanding efforts of our mods, Early, OTD and Steven, and the great sense of camaraderie here, I really feel like I was part of something larger than the sum of the individual parts.

    THANK YOU ALL for your time, effort, and friendship! I'd say I'll miss you guys, but that doesn't have to happen since I will be hanging with everyone over in the Lounge!

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to play with my new Nexu... err, I mean get back to work! ;)

    Enjoy your new toy, everyone!! :D
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  15. Tinks

    Tinks Member

    Got mine!! There were 7 other people there waiting on them to open for the Nexus, and more came in shortly after. One of the sales guys said "there wasn't even this many people here for the iphone launch" \(^_^)/ congrats all!
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  16. Needz_Android

    Needz_Android Android Enthusiast

    the one i went to in DC is sold out by now. they had about 40-50 in stock
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  17. AntimonyER


    Been testing out the speech to text while texting my wife. So far it has been nearly perfect. Well done Google!
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  18. RadYOacTiVe

    RadYOacTiVe Android Expert

    The guy that rang me up said the same thing. They had more phones than micro sim cards. Glad i got in this morning rather than waiting!

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  19. VTHockey11

    VTHockey11 Member

    Small world! It was absolutely insane in there and I loved the Razr jokes being thrown around :)

    SO SO glad I have my Nexus now! Had a bit of a panic attack when I arrived in that line. 4G here in DC so far is excellent!
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  20. CinLou

    CinLou Well-Known Member

    Did you take that picture with the Gnex? You both look great and HAPPY!
  21. RookTheKlown

    RookTheKlown Well-Known Member

    Got mine! I had to take care of a few things when I got back to work, so I'm a little behind posting. This thing was so worth the wait! I've been showing it to a few friends who are due for upgrades within the next few months, and they both agree that this will be their next phone.

    Been a great ride, and I'll be looking forward to keeping up the chat in another thread.

    Thanks, Steven (and the other mods as well, of course)! You've done a great job keeping us under control!
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  22. stew930

    stew930 Well-Known Member

    I got it! It is magnificent. Number 8 in a line of 12 people.
  23. jokeefe10

    jokeefe10 Well-Known Member

    i was at that store too! got there around 8:20
  24. AntimonyER


    Wow, I hope my store had plenty, cause I needed two (one to activate it on the new line, another to swap to my line.)
  25. sneakking

    sneakking Android Enthusiast

    the rep at the small store where i picked mine up said that he only sold 2 razrs all day on launch day, even though he was asked to come in early so he could talk to people that were waiting in line......he had sold 2 gnexes in the half hour i was there :D:D:D:D

    kinda shows you how out of touch verizon is and how hard they tried to push the razr
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