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***Official Galaxy Nexus Pre-Release speculation thread**

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Steven58, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Shocky

    Shocky Android Expert

    That's nice, I'm still disappointed it's only 5MP though. :D

    But from my experience the more megapixels you have, the more you can crop without losing detail or visible pixellation.

    All things being equal more is better. :)

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  2. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    All you guys that are complaining about Rob's review should watch the videos. You can really get his tone of voice down and see that he's actually pretty balanced.

    I doubt you've watched them because I'm not even done yet, lol.
  3. AntimonyER


    There are TECHNICALLY two, as AT&T just recently launched theirs. But nowhere near the coverage of Verizon.
  4. dakster

    dakster Well-Known Member

    I'm sure it's somewhere in the past few pages of posts, but I haven't seen it after googling around a bit. There is a media dock that uses the pogo pins, but I haven't found more details as of yet this morning.

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  5. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I wasn't really complaining, I just found some of the comments to be weird... and in any event, the text is part of the review, so it should be fair game to talk about.
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  6. I am guessing that is where we will find the HDMI output.
  7. mfecik

    mfecik Well-Known Member

    Yeah I was kinda wondering what accessories there will be for the phone besides the dock (which I assume is part of the phone package for charging like the rhyme?)
  8. metasin

    metasin Well-Known Member

    I am certain that they are all the same (except for LTE and apparently thickness). I was just trying to stoke the flames a bit. But the phone that said Verizon was in a promo video only. They were using the GSM version on stage. Also curious that the VZW version has not crossed the FDA site yet. Makes me think that the US launch (Verizon exclusive reportedly) will have it's own announcement. Interesting how they made a point to mention the Japan carrier but no mention of the US carrier. I am sure we will see something before the end of the week if the release date is either 11/3 or 11/10.
  9. RadYOacTiVe

    RadYOacTiVe Android Expert

    And they said that they were releasing where there is market demand which means it's Verizon for the US.

    With that being said, I still want to see something official!

  10. drhill

    drhill Android Expert

    DLNA and NFC have nothing to do with one another.

    There are DLNA apps on the market that will work with the phone. While it would be nice if Google built a DLNA client into their phone, it isn't a need.

    I suggest UPnP or BubblePNP (with honeycomb support). There is also twonky which lets you "beam" youtube video links (DLNA calls this "Play To") to DLNA renderers. UPnP and BubblePnP allow PlayTo support for local media as well as media on a DLNA server (like TwonkyServer or the half assed WMP in Windows 7).
  11. Grandmadroid

    Grandmadroid Android Enthusiast

    Good morning. Great review, Rob......although to hear you say EITHER the Gnex OR the Razr will be your next phone .......especially since you have played with Gnex and were there for all the excitement .....I don't know now.....hmmmmmmm
  12. jaydotelloh

    jaydotelloh Android Enthusiast

    ATT Doesnt count. Do they even have 15 markets yet?
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  13. RichSz

    RichSz Not Entitled

    I like most of what I see. I can't believe the headphone jack is on the opposite side as the volume buttons. Why does only Apple seem to get that they should be on the same side. I know, I sound like I'm picking nits, but same side is entirely functional. If you think about it you will understand.

    I'm curious as to how firm the thing vibrates. I heard the Bionic vibrates weakly and the DX sounds weirdly hollow when it goes off.

    In all the videos I watched, I never saw the "options" icon show up like it does in Honeycomb. They couldn't have done away with that.
  14. Braxos

    Braxos Well-Known Member

    Same here ryan but I dont see it commimg in the next month. Just thing sg2 hd with ics and then think nexus QQ
  15. durangojim

    durangojim Android Enthusiast

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  16. qwertyaas

    qwertyaas Android Enthusiast

    I see, that makes sense then.

    Which is odd because there is speculation that the HSPA+ passed the FCC last week for ATT and Tmobile. Or maybe not...

    He cut off right before mentioning any US carrier. That's probably because Verizon wants to make their own announcement. As for other carriers - It sounded like this thing is going to be released all over but who knows... when.
  17. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I agree with that. Though in fairness, Apple's iPod Touch has the headphone jack on the bottom so clearly they're not without fault either.

    I mostly use my BT headphones these days but it's an obnoxious design oversight.
  18. Don S

    Don S Android Enthusiast

    Well, I wouldn't say it's negative. Although I would say I didn't see any evidence in the videos he showed of his complaints in the article. The videos were a bit haphazard. He complained about the magazine look, but showed nothing of that look on video to show an example of what he didn't like (and if he couldn't find anything, how did he know he doesn't like it anyway?)

    I LOVE the new look by the way. I have the complete and utter opposite opinion of Rob regarding the new visual aspects of ICS. I have long thought Android needed a face lift like ICS and i love what I see so far.
  19. RichSz

    RichSz Not Entitled

    We will each have our own take on it. I don't see it as you do and that's fine. A homogenous world would be boring!
  20. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    I can see where he's coming from. Razr is thinner, has an 8MP camera, has a more dramatic design. If they were both running pure ICS, I could see it being a hard choice.

    But that Nexus screen is gorgeous.
  21. xtop

    xtop Android Enthusiast

    hey, you know what they say about opinions, so there's no reason to take mine over anyone else's :p
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  22. Don S

    Don S Android Enthusiast

    Yes, this was posted last night here. And I agree, it's a great read, and very interesting. I trust Josh's take on most things so this is VERY encouraging.
  23. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    I really love that style, too. I'm excited about the ability to swipe away notifications or apps that you don't want running.
  24. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Rob has lurked in this thread - known fact, he chatted with Steven and I chatted about it. :)

    And he did pop in on the live chat last night and expressed appreciation...

    So - as his schedule permits (we gave him a lot to track down, if possible over there) - we'll just see if we can't have him swing by and give us some first impressions. ;)

    No worries - DLNA built-in simply means another nice app gets included.

    I recommend iMediaShare, free and paid versions in the Market for this. Even the free version has more features than the usually-included app for that on many phones - so you'll be 100% covered.

    Gooooooooooood morning, Nexites!
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  25. r4yN

    r4yN Android Enthusiast

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