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General ***Official Galaxy Nexus Pre-Release speculation thread**

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Steven58, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Grandmadroid

    Grandmadroid Android Enthusiast

    P3 is getting on my last remaining nerve.....:cool:


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  2. Ytram

    Ytram Android Enthusiast

    They announced the Rezound before the RAZR was released, so I don't see why it would keep the SGN from being announced.
  3. xs301

    xs301 Well-Known Member

    I agree. It's not worth arguing. But if you have time, would you send (pm) me the cached version of the one you saw from back then. I can't find it.
  4. Ytram

    Ytram Android Enthusiast

    You're right, it did say Verizon when they first announced the SGN. It just said it in a different spot. It showed up in the search results when searching for "galaxy nexus". It didn't show up on the specific SGN page as far as I remember though.
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  5. red66charger

    red66charger Android Expert

    Good point, but I guess in my mind (scary place indeed) GNex is a much bigger threat to Razr sales than the HTC device.

    I really know nothing...except my disdain for Thunderbolt, hence my disqualification of ReZound and its way underpowered battery.
  6. xs301

    xs301 Well-Known Member

    It just makes me chuckle. Good comedy. He does a lot for the community though.
  7. Dubbin1

    Dubbin1 Android Expert

    If you care to search I believe it is mentioned here in this thread. This is where I learned about it.
  8. TheRoosevelt

    TheRoosevelt Android Expert

    I'm guessing mostly because the Rezound isn't a threat :p
    No, but seriously, I think the Rezound and the RAZR appeal to two different audiences. The Rezound, despite its sub-par battery, is targeted at the music and media junkies (Beats and the HD display), while the RAZR is targeted towards the heavy duty work-and-play folks.

    The nexus, on the other hand, sort of overlaps into both categories and then some, since it also attracts developers, tech geeks like us, and hopefully the mainstream :)
  9. P3 is about worthless. it is probably when his new phone is supposed to arrive. I dont put any faith in him anymore he doesn't provide anything that hasnt already been said.
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  10. xs301

    xs301 Well-Known Member

    Nope. Just happy it's coming! I will be even happier when it's in all of our hands! I'm also hoping for a under $600 off contract price.
  11. red66charger

    red66charger Android Expert

    I'm the (experimental) mainstream example you speak of. That's why waaaay back I started a thread on whether the "Prime" would be wasted on me, as I have never modded a phone. From what I've seen of ICS it looks like fun in stock form. Perhaps, with help from this community, I'll eventually explore modding.

    So this geek wannabe is making the move to Nexus. But I have to admit I am a little worried about battery life. Not to turn this into a discussion about the battery...pretend I didn't say that.
  12. Dubbin1

    Dubbin1 Android Expert

    The sad thing is our wait time increased by an hour last night :(
  13. xs301

    xs301 Well-Known Member

    I have never "modded" a phone either. I rooted my previous nexus, but didn't really mess with it after that. I just enjoy the superior support from google, timely updates, and of course vanilla android. I think you will be very happy with your choice!
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  14. gapi

    gapi Android Expert

    Its nothing to shake a stick at. I recently replaced a 9200 mAh battery in a device with a 9400 mAh unit I assembled from two 4700mAh cells.
    The The 9400 mAh got and average of 15 hours more usage than the 9200mAh.

    100 more in a cell of that size is a welcomed increase that should mark a noticeable increase to those whom can compare.

    As fare as size, They are limited but can tweak with the shape to get what they want. Its basically wrapped foil. A short thicker one can be the same as a long thinner cell.

    See this link to a video on making them.
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  15. xs301

    xs301 Well-Known Member

    But I gained an hour to be on this thread! One more hour of the 31 I have already spent according to the previous calculation!

    My poor family!
  16. helderlima

    helderlima Lurker

    By rooting a Galaxy S2, can I receive regular updates directly from Google, like the Nexus, instead of having to waiting for the Samsung updates?
  17. TheRoosevelt

    TheRoosevelt Android Expert

    Yeah it'll be fine, no worries, and alsooooo (changing the subject) this Q&A from Slashgear about ICS was pretty interesting. It's a week old (which is like prehistoric at our pace), but nonetheless here's a couple things that stood out to me, personally:

    • Voice recognition works for over 20 languages, including Chinese
    • Voice recognition is done through the server, not on the device, so Siri-esque downtime is possible (but Google's usually pretty good about that)
    • ICS is coming to tablets at the same time as phones (I'd assumed as much)
    • My favorite: Google compares Siri vs. Google Voice Actions to Star Wars vs. Star Trek. C3PO has personality and acts as comic relief, much like Siri, while the computers in Star Trek just do what they're told, like GVA :D
    • Beta for Personalized Voice Recognition incoming in the US at some point
    • Honeycomb apps will not run on ICS phones unless the developer updates it to be ICS compatible; no issue with ICS tablets
    • Improved keyboard, as well as a better way to switch between keyboards like Swype and Swift Key X
  18. RichSz

    RichSz Not Entitled

    Maybe I'm a pessimist but I can't think of why you would feel compelled to text her for information if it was good news. The only good news left is release date and / or pre-order date, neither of which need clarification.
  19. No, still have to wait for samsung. You can install custom roms with the latest os but that will come from developers not google.
  20. Braxos

    Braxos Well-Known Member

    White as white. When you look it straight on a wide angle it does give on my look a grayish-blueish note on the white. But that happens only under 30 degrees angle till then whitish. I guess nexus is same or better then NOTE.
    But think the note specs on a Nexus or S2 size phone it would rock. Abit to big a few mm would be imba from the sides not top/bottom and the back cover should have a better surface, look at aces back cover it rocks you feel the phone like it is glued to your hand. This one feels like you will loose it when you try with left hand to use the right side of the touchscreen.

    Just for me the desition to buy Note made in 10secs I picked it on my hand it was ok not to big to hold it. That was it, simple. Since nexus has no as card. Passing yes forcing no thank you there are plenty compacts/phones to spend my money! ;-)

    Practice makes the champs! ;-)
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  21. I am hoping the same since I am paying full retail.
  22. xs301

    xs301 Well-Known Member

    I had to watch the video. Very interesting!
  23. xs301

    xs301 Well-Known Member

    Custom roms will also be quicker and from my understanding, run just as good or better than what you will get from Samsung. Also, samsung seems pretty quick on their updates. The updates however are stalled stateside by the carriers. This is why I love Nexus! Hmm, I see a marriage in my future!
  24. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead

    My first thought was that she would be in some sort of training all day.

    My second thought was that Verizon would be announcing something, but it would only be a teaser.
  25. xs301

    xs301 Well-Known Member

    SGN training?! And after that all day, she probably doesn't want to hear more about it anymore?
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