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[OFFICIAL] HTC Incredible Accessories Archive Thread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cbtk18, Apr 16, 2010.

  1. CheezWiz

    CheezWiz Well-Known Member

    The Seidio charger is great and it can be used as an external charger powered by an outlet or laptop. Also acts as a USB charger for the phone..

    Seidio - Your Single Source for Premium Smartphone Accessories

    It is also "future proof" in that they make adapter kits for it for other and new phones..

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  2. ShiftLft

    ShiftLft Member

    "Coupon code "TOUR0723" is not valid. The coupon expired on 7/23/2009."
  3. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    I hope you are a chick, considering your icon, but if not- don't ask, don't tell ;)

    I agree the price is high, in relation to the extra mah you may possibly get. That said, I would expect a 34% bigger battery for 34% more mah. Same tech in the batteries.

    If the battery truly is 1750, it should provide around 34-35% extra run time.
  4. pinhunter27

    pinhunter27 Lurker

    I tried a couple for the iPhone and they didn't work for me. I just made my own out of one of the silicon cases Verizon sales and the strap from an action jacket for zunehd- works fantastic very simple but expensive- :(

    If you would like to see a pic I can send it through email.
  5. Le0_Br4zUc4

    Le0_Br4zUc4 Android Enthusiast

    you can use this coupon code right here DFN10 at seidio's website it is 10% off on orders over $50.00
  6. Droidizzle

    Droidizzle Well-Known Member

    I called Verizon last night to see if I could get away with ordering the battery as I seem to always have better luck with them over the phone. I was told that I would be put on a call back list for the 18th. He never said that's when they would be in stock, but if they wouldn't be, why would you bother me with a phone call.
  7. dragonhead08

    dragonhead08 Newbie

    This damn thing is like a unicorn
  8. jamor

    jamor Android Expert

    None of these results mean anything if you just post stats and don't actually tell us what you do.
  9. Incredibleguy

    Incredibleguy Newbie

    I agree with the stats part but if someone says 'during MY usual day, I'm getting more life out of the Seidio' that is valid also. That's persons day will never be the same as anyone elses. For me, the battery, for my usual use and usual day, is lasting noticeably longer.
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  10. wase4711

    wase4711 Android Expert

    I saw a post yesterday somewhere about a product that you put on the battery cover, that protects the back of the phone; it was yellow,and made the phone look like a "Ferrarri"..They have all sorts of colors/styles, "Carbon Fiber" was a nice one too, but I cant for the life of me remember the brand or website..does anyone know what I am talking about?

    thanks so much!


    I found them..check this out!
    YouTube - GRFXP.com Moto Droid Coverlay Installation!
  11. Hilly

    Hilly Newbie

    While stats are much more meaningful "usual day" comments do have meaning. For me the stock battery I was either having to spot charge it during that day or I'm red (<15%) by the time I get home from work (12-13 hrs). With the 1750 I can go all day, use my phone more freely and it will just hit yellow (whatever % that is) right before bed-time.

    So is $50 a bit pricey? yes without a doubt. For those that got it at $33 that's a reasonable price. For me personally was the $50 worth it? Absolutely, I can live with charging it daily but having to charge it twice a day was unacceptable. Granted the micro USB cable to charge it at work was only $5.99 so charging it twice a day was cheaper.
  12. Dex

    Dex Android Enthusiast

    When you are only getting 5 hours, or just a bit more, that extra 90 minutes isn't too bad. The fact that the phone can't be used in all it's smartphone glory for much more than 5 hours on a charge is a bit sad, though.

    While I do think that 3500mAh would be awesome, I just can't see adding that much heft and size to my phone. The 2150 looks like it is going to be my best bet. I don't mind just a little bit of extra girth, but that 3500 just looks hideous.
  13. jamor

    jamor Android Expert

    Good to hear! $50 is a lot. But the way I think about it - you aren't just extending your battery life, but also have a backup. The only problem with this is that I've read you should not ever keep a battery fully charged - 50% is optimal storage. So I feel like I have a 50% backup battery because I can't leave it stored charged (catch 22) =/

    Anyways, I'm on my first charge and I'll let everyone know how it's going after a 2-3 burn cycles.

    What is a burn cycle? It's my personal battery killer: push every app available to push, turn on gps weather update, pandora playing in background, autosync/3g on, all while playing robodefense.
  14. pequeajim

    pequeajim Android Enthusiast

    Once again, good customer support, way to go Seidio!
  15. jamor

    jamor Android Expert

    I'll officially debunk the theory as I received it yesterday.

  16. quest4JC

    quest4JC Member

    What does it matter what I do. I thought it was based on the fact that we want to know if the seido lasts longer. With my normal use my oem lasted 6 hours, with seido it lasted 14 hours.
  17. nightfishing

    nightfishing Android Enthusiast

    I am close to 40% jump (imagine that) vs. stock on day 2 with my Seido (no b.s. tricks involved).

    Light use (5-10 calls, 25-30 emails, hour of surfing etc) and I am close to 12 hrs on a charge (11:42 est. for today)

    If the battery stretches it's legs a bit and I can get a legit 12 hrs during normal (25-30 calls, 100 emails) use I will be happy (atleast until the software updates start coming.)

    On the 4.7 OS, my bb would barely make it to dinner on the Seido, by the time 5.0 hit I never even looked for my spare. Here's hoping for similar results.
  18. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    If there's one thing I have learned here it's that "fitment" is indeed a word in the English language, unbeknown to myself. :D
  19. mobilehavoc

    mobilehavoc Well-Known Member

    If you haven't done so already download Battery Indicator (free or paid - I got the paid for the high res icon and customization). It's a great little battery meter that sits in the notification bar and has no impact on battery life itself. I love it. :D
  20. mrjinglesusa

    mrjinglesusa Android Enthusiast

    Hmmm. I've been using the Seido for over a week and have been through 5-6 full charge cycles (including charging while phone is on, turning off, and finishing charge).

    Took phone off charger today at 7:30 am. It's been 4 hours and I'm down to 67% with minimal use.

    Cell Standby: 25%

    Android System: 23%

    Phone Idle: 20%

    Wi-Fi: 11%

    Voice Calls: 10%

    Display: 7%

    Dialer: 4%

    Not sure if this is good or not. I can easily get through the day, but am down to 25-30% by the time I go to bed so I usually charge overnight.
  21. Eloquence

    Eloquence Well-Known Member

    I have an external charger and it is great -- mind you it's not seidio's but they are all the same IMHO. The batteries get COMPLETELY charged as a result (I have both stock 1300 mAh and extended seidio 1750 mAh).

    It's a shame that the Incredible has a problem with charging to full 100% while the battery is in the phone itself :(

    Then, it's hard to get the cover off to put the battery in! If the battery door were easy to get on and off, I'd consider this a non-issue, but as it stands you have to either:

    A) Do charging trick by turning off phone, charging, then unplug replug about 4-5 times so green light stays on


    B) Charge with Desktop/Wall charger unit and then re-install battery every day.

    That kind of sucks if you ask me ... :mad:

    Guess we'll have to live with it for now,
  22. mobilehavoc

    mobilehavoc Well-Known Member

    Why do you have to turn the phone off? Just unplug, wait 30 seconds, plug back in. Works fine for me.
  23. Here's a link to the post with the picture of my Inc with the seidio installed and the gap in the back cover.
  24. When I sent an email about the problem they asked for a picture. I sent them several of the gap in the back cover on the Eris. The email I received back gave me an rma number, that's it. When I called the next day the options were this.
    1. Send it back, no explanation from seidio why I was having this problem, no replacement offered.
    2. Buy a cover for the phone at a discount and live with the gap.
    3. Buy the monster (3500) with a discount.

    Both discounts offered were 10%

    That was it. I said screw it. If you guys think that's great customer service, whatever. I for one do not.

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