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**** OFFICIAL **** ICS COMING SOON thread... Post all questions and info here!!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by xXSK8AGRXx, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Donjo

    Donjo Member

    I'm highly aggregated with ICS.
    Far fewer features:
    Adding Widgets is no longer possible with long press on screen
    Can't hide apps
    Handcent doesn't sync contact pics since update
    Data app doesn't update by itself
    New keyboard is gaebaage and dkssnt auto correct correctly
    *ironically enough*
    Overall phone seems slower amd gets hot...can barely touch the screen now.

    I wish there was a uninstall update for the os...

  2. thedrizl

    thedrizl Android Enthusiast

    Try a factory reset. It may do wonders.
  3. jroc

    jroc Android Expert

    Well the data app is a Verizon thing...not ICS. They decided to not have it auto refresh anymore.

    You cant hide apps...but you can disable them. I see that as a trade off. Moto did leave the app drawer categories in place....so you can still do that.

    Yea...the adding widgets thing...some ppl either get used to the change or just dont like it. Some newer phones might still let you do it the old way. Moto ...to their credit....did stay close to stock ICS than any other UI so far.

    The best way I can describe it...is when desktop OS's get upgraded. I still run XP as my main OS with Vista installed in a dual boot setup and another PC with Win 7.

    Win 7 is supposed so much better....yet I just dont have the desire to use it alot or make it my main OS. Vista actually works fine for me after service paks and fixes. I also got Vista 64bit...that might have made a difference.

    Bottom line....some ppl look forward to something new, different. Some ppl are happy as is. Sometimes with something new....things are changed, things break. If I had a choice to have Jelly Bean or ICS....I would say Jelly Bean might be more of a bigger deal. Each version of Android has gotten smoother. Moto just did such a good job with GB on the RAZR...I think some ppl will be fine without ICS.
  4. Big Oil

    Big Oil Newbie

    verizon and i spent about 2 hrs on the phone trying to work through 3g 4g swap thing the they just sent me a new phone. so the problem never went away. im pretty frusrated:mad: with this ics....2 thumbs down

    thanks for the ideas

    and i tried that thunderbolt app not sure if it worked but made my phone act funny so i unistalled

    :hmmmm2:i think ill just wait for some solid rom's to come out and ill root and flash one till i find one that works well for me
  5. Bererker

    Bererker Lurker

    Downloaded the update and I'm no longer able to get my audio to work, whether for music, videos, or incoming calls and notifications. Even did a factory reset with no success. Very frustrated.
  6. Iconoclast

    Iconoclast Newbie

  7. matt777

    matt777 Lurker

    Actually it kind of makes sense to add apps through the app drawer and not a long press on the screen. Think of the steps involved.

    Old Method: Go to screen you want to add app to - Long press on screen - Wait for popup of different actions to choose from - choose add app or widget - scroll through special screen to find app or widget that you want to add.

    New Method: Go to screen you want to add app to - Open app drawer - Find widget or app you want to add to screen - long press on app or widget and add to screen

    Benefits of new method: You can see the widgets previewed before selecting one, and the screen to choose apps from is the same app drawer you are used to.

    Yeah, I know it is annoying to learn a new method of doing something, but when the method actually makes sense it is not bad.
  8. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead

    Alright, since ICS is already here I figure I'll go ahead and unsticky this thread.
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  9. MotoMoto

    MotoMoto Member

    Its not here yet for most GSM users..
  10. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead

    You know what, I apologize. I wasn't even thinking about the fact that this actually is a global phone. I guess I'm too used to Verizon phones only being on Verizon. I'll re-stick this for you guys. Sorry about that and thanks for reminding me.
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  11. CaptBrigg

    CaptBrigg Lurker

    Just purchased my Droid Razr Maxx at COSTCO, USA and the tech updated the OS to 4.0.4. Seems to be working great. Just a lot to learn in a short time.

    Capt. Brigg
  12. rjs

    rjs Newbie

    still no ics for us Canadians !!! this sucks !
  13. Crimson13

    Crimson13 Member

    Yep, still waiting. My Nexus S is on Jelly Bean and my RAZR is on Gingerbread.
  14. MotoMoto

    MotoMoto Member

    Still waiting for ICS.. I have a LATAM phone.. I hear that LATAM phones will get their update at the end of August... This delay is ridiculous.. Some phone are already out with Jelly bean, and we are still on Gingerbread..
  15. avenue j

    avenue j Lurker

    Hi there! I got ICS about 2-3 weeks ago. I hate it. Everything was fine until I updated it. At first I didn't think it was too bad, but now, everything just goes wrong. When I text, compose and email, or anything that involves typing- it freezes up for a few seconds and no words appear. And then suddenly - there's the text.

    Today, for no reason, it hung up on me while I was on the phone.

    Also, I use my bookmarks widget on the screen. Every so often, the widget vanishes but you see the internet icon where your bookmarks would be. Even the formatable outline is still there as if the bookmarks are still on the screen, but the little bookmark boxes I have - not visible. So what do I have to do? Go back to the widget area and put it back on the screen again.

    I constantly clear the cache in my apps, figuring that may have something to do with it. Nope. My battery life (I have the Razr Maxx, BTW) is supposed to outlast every phone, meanwhile I notice that the battery life is actually not as good as it was when I first got my phone!

    Oh yeah, and lastly... I click on an app and it lags when opening.

    Any ideas/suggestions? And please, if you can, refrain from the overuse of geek talk lol. I can only understand so much before my brain goes "ERRRR???" lol
  16. doniago

    doniago Android Enthusiast

    Have you tried doing a Factory Data Reset?
  17. avenue j

    avenue j Lurker

    I was really hoping to avoid doing that...
  18. doniago

    doniago Android Enthusiast

    If you've got (or can get) Titanium Backup it's...well, it's not very quick, but it's fairly painless.
  19. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time...

    Unfortunately factory data resets are sometimes necessary following major updates. While not desirable it often resolves issues similar to the ones you are encountering...
  20. Daino92

    Daino92 Member

    It is ALWAYS recommended that you do a cache and factory data reset after a major OS update. Will take care of most problems people have.
  21. leroyepperson

    leroyepperson Lurker

    alright so when the ICS update came out for my droid RAZR MAXX it messed something up with the charging. i did some looking online and found an additional leaked update followed the instructions which gave me system version 6.16.214XT912.verizon.en.us well i just read that an additional update is coming out do i need to change and go back to the 6.16.212 version or can i get the update with this one? if i need to change it back how do i do that?
  22. Crimson13

    Crimson13 Member

    As per Motorola Canada's Facebook page, we Canadians can expect ICS in early September
  23. neilied

    neilied Newbie

    ICS update release GSM EUR GB, today upgraded to ICS with an OTA update. UK mobile O2.

    noted many peeps mention programs no longer working or acting funny. My first glance for uk launch shows a new app auto install named 7digital. and the removal of the annoying need for speed app auto installed on the last update. DID however notice 1 issue. messgae saying adobe flash no longer supported (as is well documented) but this meant that during the OTA update it is removed. So had to re install from play site?? could this be the issue with some listed problems?

  24. Grey1001

    Grey1001 Android Enthusiast

    I re-installed that and adobe air, didn't help me, some people's do work again after those are installed. :hmmmm2:
  25. cazziecaz

    cazziecaz Guest

    Hi there. I've got a rooted Razr. (Clockwork Mod Recovery v5.0.2.5) I bought the phone off ebay and so have no clue how it was rooted. I can't update to ICS with the OTA Update as it keeps failing. What is my best option if I'm not bothered about preserving the root but want ICS? And is it newbie proof? Current software is 651.167.26.XT910.Retail.en.Eu MANY THANKS to anyone who can give me some help.

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