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Official ics out now!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Xphyle, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Xphyle

    Xphyle Member
    Thread Starter

  2. AntimonyER


    Sweet. Will have to wait till I get home, but still. Sweet.
  3. AntimonyER


    Hmm, I figured this was worth at least checking out by activating tether on my phone, no go for me yet.
  4. Dentist76

    Dentist76 Newbie

    here in Turkey mine says no update available.
  5. chismay

    chismay Android Enthusiast

    its started rolling out in the uk right now,

    UNFORTUNATELY i dont seem to be receiving it yet although countless others in london seem to have downloaded and updated already. the suspense is killing me
  6. AntimonyER


    I know with the last updated I was a few days behind.
  7. chismay

    chismay Android Enthusiast

    lmao "dangling a carrot" once again springs to mind lol
  8. nieltab

    nieltab Android Enthusiast

    I also installed ics and ive been testing it out fir some hours now. It runs super smooth, my iconia a500 is now even faster. When unlocking it goes so fast :eek: and I like the new font and look. Every app I tested works. The new keyboards looks and feels better.
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  9. metalmenance

    metalmenance Well-Known Member

    i rooted mine and running a stock rom
    recieved update notification, downloaded it and chose to install
    it unpacks, tells me to stay plugged in etc
    goes into reboot but doesnt do anything just sits
    on a screen with the triangle and blue bee.....
    do i need to unroot or something?
  10. chismay

    chismay Android Enthusiast

    any testing on the gps? / microphone?
  11. Zoandroid

    Zoandroid Android Expert

    I would like to know what options are offered when you plug the A500 running the OTA ICS updated ROM into your PC with the USB cable. Did they allow for Mass Storage access? Or is it still limited to only connect as Media Files or connect as a camera?
  12. chismay

    chismay Android Enthusiast


    im now getting annoyed its 10:00am a full ten hours since other people in london have got and installed ics.....however im left standing in the dust what the hell? the amount of aggro' ive posted about the update over the last few months im suprised an actual android didnt come to my house and shove an ice cream sandy down my throught.

    shamon goddamnit the updates there!! give-a me tha access!!!!
  13. Dentist76

    Dentist76 Newbie

    I still seem to be up to date in TURKEY.
    Come on........
  14. chismay

    chismay Android Enthusiast

    has anyone managed to put this update to "update.zip" format? then the rest of us could manually install right?
  15. runamonk

    runamonk Well-Known Member

    Installed and running perfectly.

  16. AntimonyER


    Anyone in the States get it yet?
  17. chismay

    chismay Android Enthusiast

    :argh: WHY ARE YOOU MOCKING MEEEEE! :argh:

  18. Xphyle

    Xphyle Member
    Thread Starter

    That's what I did. Got the zip from XDA. Man it really KICKS ASS. Super smooth, super fast, and everything just WORKS. Love me some Ice Cream Sandwich goodness!!!
  19. chunder

    chunder Lurker

    Nothing for me either in sunny Norfolk UK :bawling:
  20. Slagella

    Slagella Lurker

    Not a thing in soggy Brighton, either! :sleep:
  21. nieltab

    nieltab Android Enthusiast

    The gps seems to be improved. I found 6 sattelites in 2 secondes. Before it took like 3-4 minutes, really :eek:
  22. Dentist76

    Dentist76 Newbie

    Has anyone with GEN-2 been updated?
    I saw at other forum that only GEN-1 are receiving the update yet.
  23. hakane

    hakane Newbie

    I received the update yesterday in drought Oxford :)
  24. chismay

    chismay Android Enthusiast

    im in london....others have got but it seems acer is punishing me
  25. alicia4065

    alicia4065 Newbie

    I'm in New Jersey in updating now :)

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