Official LG update to V10c?..


Hi All, I'm an absolute novice in the world of android and rooting etc,so rather than go through the rather complex sounding openetna root, i opted to just update the phone via the official LG updater.

I'm based in the UK on T-Mobile if this makes any difference.

I recently plugged my phone in to upgrade from 1.5 on V10b.

at first i expected to be updated to 1.6, but this didnt happen - i was just updated to V10c.

After reading on here, it seems a few people are on quite a few different software versions from V10g to V10q, and i seem to be the only one on V10c - which seems a bit pathetic to me. i tried updating again and it just said i have the most up to date software.

so thats about it, i seem to be stuck on 1.5 V10c, and cant upgrade anymore with the LG updater. does anyone have similar results? and if so what did you do if you managed to upgrade further?

any help would be very appreciated.