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Official List of Post 2.0.1 Issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by digdug, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. JonKyu

    JonKyu Member

    I'm getting the keyboard and capacitive backlighting problem a lot of people are having and when I first start youtube it gives me a "no connection" error but still loads up fine/still lets me watch videos.

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  2. ronnieramone

    ronnieramone Lurker

    I know for a fact that my Droid used to rotate the home screen before without sliding out the keyboard. The orientation setting was checked to do that. Now, after the update, the home screen does NOT rotate unless the keyboard is slid out, despite having the same orientation setting checked. Forums suggest that this is the way it was always intended to work, but for many of us it was rotating automatically. I have no motive for making this up, and it's really not a big deal to me either way. It's just that some people whose Droids were working as intended have been accusing people of making this up as part of some mass-hysteria and it is simply not the case, and I am a witness to that fact. Prior to the most recent update, many new Droid owners, myself included, had automatically rotating home screens. Now we don't, regardless of orientation settings, unless the keyboard is slid out. Perhaps ours was a bug that was fixed in the update, but some people might prefer things the other way, or to at least have the option to once again. Since I did not think to take any video evidence of my Droid auto-rotating on the home screen, I cannot prove my claim. However, I am prepared to go on record as a witness that it was so to defend others making the same claim. It may have been a bug for all I know, but that's the way mine used to work.
  3. Gremlin256

    Gremlin256 Android Enthusiast

    RonnieRamone: Are you referring to the screen going from landscape to portrait? If so I had to uncheck the option and save it and than recheck it to get it to work..
  4. eclipsed4utoo

    eclipsed4utoo Android Enthusiast

    No, it didn't. The DEFAULT HOME SCREENS have always required the opening of the keyboard before going landscape.

    Maybe you had HOME++ or another HOME replacement application which did rotate, but the default HOME does not and has never rotated to landscape unless the keyboard is opened.
  5. Gremlin256

    Gremlin256 Android Enthusiast

    Sorry eclipse it works for me fine..
  6. xentrik

    xentrik Lurker

    browsing through this thread here is some included problems ive found that havent been spoken of....

    when texting, going from one new text to another, it will say a text is from the person whose text i had just read

    i read a text from Bill, reply.. go to next new text, from Dale, but it says its from Bill, but on the top where it shows the contact name it says Dale, but where it says his text in threaded layout it says Bill..

    so "texter A" new msg is read and replied to.. go to new "text B" and it says its from "texter A".. quite strange..

    i have noticed the problem and im just hoping one time when im tired or something im going to send someone something inappropriate...

    another thing ive noticed that hasnt been mentioned is not really a bug just an annoyance.. when in landscape mode i unlock the screen everything comes up fine but the pattern display is very tiny at first and then streches out to regular size.. kinda odd
  7. scpatl4now

    scpatl4now Newbie

    That happened to mine (pre-update though) the phone was defective and had no problems with new one. I hope you were backing up to google servers
  8. hagar852

    hagar852 Newbie

    Besides the browser lag and the keyboard lag I am getting typing this message, anyone notice a difference in their wifi performance? When I enable wifi after the ota update (not manual) and then browse the web it seems no faster than using 3g. Before the update it worked fine. It only seems to be browser related as my speed tests seem to show appropiate speeds.. grrrrr
  9. ronnieramone

    ronnieramone Lurker

    So you are basically calling me a liar? I did NOT have Home++ nor any other home replacement software installed. Maybe your Droid never exhibited this behavior, and the "official" word is that it never did this, but my home screen and those of many other people's Droids did. It is just this sort of stubborn, blanket DENIAL that prevents technical support from finding glitches and fixing them. Guess what? GLITCHES HAPPEN. Software doesn't always do what its supposed to. Hardware is sometimes defective. The fact that people are reporting this should indicate something. Perhaps there was an app that changed the settings somehow. Some bizarre combination of components that when mixed together affected the homescreen like the Joker's Smilex Gas. I've run across plenty of apps that do weird things like start themselves up and run in the background, and there are probably widgets that might have affected the homescreen, I just don't know.

    You can deny all you want, pretend its a myth, cry Yeti if you want to, but the fact remains that for some people, including me, the home screen was rotating without the keyboard sliding out. Now it is not. I am not saying that it was intended to do this, nor am I arguing whether it is desirable one way or the other. Personally, I found it annoying at times, but some people have claimed they preferred it. Now it may have been a hardware problem with the keyboard for all I know, or the software that detects whether the keyboard is slid out may have been modified. It could have been a 3rd party app that did it (not Home++ as I did not ever install that or any other homescreen replacement app).

    It is extremely counter-productive for people to simply assume someone is lying or making things up. If you're going to just deny that anyone has issues with the Droid, why even bother having a thread to discuss them. Obviously none of them exist. The Droid is perfect, so long as you deny the existence of any possible flaws. You can't just Jedi-mind-trick people into thinking their issues never happened. Some people claim to have had spontaneous reboots of their Droid. I have not. Am I going to go and call them all liars though? Of course not, because that is the nature of computers, and make no mistake, the Droid IS a computer. Android IS an operating system for a computer.

    Now I also have two identical Dell Windows XP desktops, bought at the same time with the same exact configuration. One of them boots into safe mode just fine. The other gets a BSOD about half the time when booting into safe mode. It's been like that since the day they were delivered, and I have never figured it out. I don't care, quite frankly. The point is: not everyone's software & hardware works exactly the same.

    Why can't you consider the possibility, however remote, that certain Droid owner's rotation detection was not working properly? Are you saying that it is completely impossible?
  10. VirtualGeek

    VirtualGeek Lurker

    How do you know? Did you personally handle his droid and witness it NOT doing it?

    Mine used to rotate also, for the record.
  11. geezman

    geezman Newbie

    I must add that I've had two Droids and BOTH never had their home screens rotate unless I opened the keyboard; before and after the update. Also, I thought it was like this for all Droids because I read it in multiple reviews, but it appears that this is not the case and it is VERY random.
  12. JonKyu

    JonKyu Member

    Oye, every time I see a post about this homescreen landscape mode. I always see bickering about it, chill out peeps. Can we just work this out without the flame war.

    I personally have never had this happen to me but I have read several posts about people with the same experience.

    If you don't want the lanscape mode to happen then you could try to do a factory restore to clear it out. If you want that feature but are no longer getting it, I suggest downloading a home replacement app with that feature enabled.

    I've seen the setting for the orientation option but honestly I have no idea what it does, as my home screen does not rotate in the default home app. It only works if I am in GDE and have enabled it in the GDE settings. Anyone know what this setting is for? I'm guessing it might be for the apps installed on your system?

    UPDATE: ok I tried it out and this option is for landscape mode for apps. I tried it with the option unchecked and my market app did not go into landscape mode after turning it.
  13. antarnaad

    antarnaad Lurker

    Update on email issue:

    I installed K-9 after reading the quoted post, and it (K-9) worked. Native email application still did not until after a few days, when it suddenly started working all on its own! Now both applications work ... no problems!

    No idea what caused it to not work, or what fixed it later! Could have been a temporary issue.

    Back to happy! :)

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