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[Official] Nexus 6 Accessory Thread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SAL8116, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. SAL8116

    SAL8116 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Post found accessories here. Thanks!

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  2. RadYOacTiVe

    RadYOacTiVe Android Expert

  3. Geese1

    Geese1 Well-Known Member

    This link seems to work a little better:


    Interesting to note that most of the cases have a release date of mid to late November. Wonder if that gives any indication of the actual release date of the phone (not the pre-order date, which is supposed to be October 29th last I heard).
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  4. RadYOacTiVe

    RadYOacTiVe Android Expert

    Thanks, was trying to do that while sitting at a stop light!

  5. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    If I get this phone,no case for me,this phone is big enough as-is.
    Already kicked the screen protector habit about a year or two ago.

    Plus,from all appearances,it's a looker,it'd be a shame to slap a case on it.
  6. Geese1

    Geese1 Well-Known Member

    As with any phone I get, I'm not really sure I want a case.

    I tend to prefer the looks of phones without cases, and all my previous phones have been kept "naked". But then I think, 'all my previous phones have had replaceable backs, so if they get scuffed up it's simply a matter of replacing the back cover'.

    All my current choices: Nexus 6, Sony Xperia Z3, and Moto X 2014 (if they ever get the LTE band situation on the Pure Edition straightened out) don't have replaceable backs, so this kind of gives me pause. I really don't want a case, but it might be necessary to help keep my new phone looking its best.

    Not really concerned about dropping them - haven't had any issues with that in the past (although with the increasing size of these new phones, holding on to them might become an issue as well) - this is strictly from an aesthetic standpoint.
  7. halon

    halon hakuna matata

    Would anyone buy a case that had storage for a stylus?
  8. zipred

    zipred Android Expert

    I am very impressed with Spigen cases. While I prefer no case, I have converted to all Spigen cases for each of my phones. The quality is terrific, Amazon discounts them, fit and finish is perfect without being bulky. That's very hard to beat. The high quality display glass & Oleophobic coating has been so durable, I've stopped using a screen protector.
  9. ggfb20

    ggfb20 Newbie

    Heck yeah, hope the stylus would be thin and smallest tip possible but long enough for a good grip. I currently have two nice sized conductive stylus but would love for a nexus 6 case to provide storage. I'm currently using a note 3 btw.
  10. halon

    halon hakuna matata

    We need to contact case makers to get them on this.
  11. Orion

    Orion Android Expert

    Trust me...I prefer not to use a case. This phone is too gorgeous but Im a paranoid dude and I baby my phones Lol. At least when Im home, I leave the phone naked.
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  12. halon

    halon hakuna matata

    The G2 was the first phone I ever put a case on, slim case. I should be getting the N6 and I just might put a heavy duty case on it just because of my line work and take it off when not at work. I should have with the G2, but I didn't.
  13. marctronixx


    ive 4 of them. three have 50,000 mah rating (on paper).

  14. zipred

    zipred Android Expert

    If I'm traveling, I carry a powerful external 6300 mAh rechargeable.

    It's a 2nd Gen Anker Astro1 battery that weighs only 4oz. Very small at 3.8"x1.8"x1.0" super handy because it will charge any of my phones twice.

    It detects via intelligence how much charge to deliver and shuts off automatically. For only $21 on Amazon it's more than paid for itself over the last eleven months.

    What I've noticed is my large phones like the Note 3, Find 7 etc are easier to grip securely because of their size.

    I haven't dropped one either. However now that I said that, I'm jinxed and likely to drop one of my phones any minute now LOL

    I have Spigen Neo-Hybrid cases on my phones.

    They're of very high quality, a perfect fit, and look like they were created by the same designer that did the phone, no matter the brand.

    Spigen has grown and excelled by leaps and bounds in the last few years, rapidly becoming a premier case maker, yet without charging a premier price.

    Nearly too good to be true, everyone I know that's bought one is extremely happy with their case.

    Get yours at Amazon they have the very best pricing and earliest inventory.

    Spigen Nexus 6 Case Neo Hybrid | Spigen
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  15. ggfb20

    ggfb20 Newbie

    I usually go with the neo hybrids myself, this time I opted for the Slim Armor, it's stunning imho, it looks like the neo hybrid with a kickstand, I love that it's still very slim and form fitting with the n6 and the buttons are covered but I need the kickstand as a media hog. Now if only we could all find a stylus solution that can somehow be carried with the phone but out of the way when not needed.
  16. halon

    halon hakuna matata

    Email every case maker and suggest they make cases that hold a stylus.
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  17. Gekko

    Gekko Android Expert

    Diztronic Matte Black TPU Case for Motorola Nexus 6 - Available for Pre-Order NOW!

    Diztronic TPU - try "repeatbuyer" coupon code for 10% off if you decide to buy. enjoy.

    Diztronic Matte Black TPU Case for Motorola Nexus 6 - Nov 11
    Model: NX6-FM-BLK
    Shipping Weight: 0.08375lbs
    Manufactured by: Diztronic
    Add to Cart:

    Motorola Nexus 6

    Diztronic Full Matte Black Flexible TPU Case

    This product is currently in pre-order phase and expected to start shipping to customers on or around Nov 11th, 2014.

    Slip your Nexus 6 into this custom fit TPU Case by Diztronic and experience the peace of mind of knowing your investment is well protected. Flexible, yet stronger and more durable than silicone, TPU offers excellent shock absorption and abrasion resistance while maintaining a thin form factor. The raised wrap-around edges make for a "lay-on-the-table" design that helps protect the glass screen from damage. Easy to install and remove, and definitely affordable--why not build a changeable wardrobe for your phone?

    Made of Durable, Flexible TPU Material
    Full Matte Finish Resists Fingerprints
    New Discreet Side Logo Placement
    Impact & Abrasion Resistance in a Slim Form Factor
    Lay-On-The-Table Design Helps Protect Glass Screen from Damage when Placed Face Down
    Thin & Lightweight- Only 1.6mm!
    Precise Cutouts Gives Full Access to all Ports
    Designed in Madison, WI USA

    This product will be in stock on Tuesday 11 November, 2014.


    Diztronic Matte Black TPU Case for Motorola Nexus 6 - Nov 12 [NX6-FM-BLK] - $9.99 : Diztronic.com: Protective Cases for Mobile Phones
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  18. kinfolk248

    kinfolk248 Android Enthusiast

    no play store bumpers/cases yet...?

    p.s. - that clear spigen is kinda nice lol like how it shows that sexy NEXUS logo...!
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  19. Bren S.

    Bren S. Android Expert

    So has anyone found cases that will ship NOW?
  20. Orion

    Orion Android Expert

    That's what I would like to know.
  21. Biaviian

    Biaviian Android Enthusiast

    I had it for the Nexus 5 and HATED it. It showed every speck of dirt that made its way under the case. Having a white back to the phone highlighted the issue.
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  22. zipred

    zipred Android Expert

    Earliest available Nov 13th Spigen via Amazon
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  23. kinfolk248

    kinfolk248 Android Enthusiast

    the clear case did such things...? what brand was said case?
  24. Biaviian

    Biaviian Android Enthusiast

  25. kinfolk248

    kinfolk248 Android Enthusiast

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