Official petition for 2.2 update

Sony Ericsson will not see that, and even if they did, I doubt they would act on it. The way I see it, you have three options: 1.) Get everybody you can to email and call Sony Ericsson about the issue, and hope that something comes out of it. 2.) Boycott Sony Ericsson products until they realize what they're doing wrong. 3.) Sit tight and pray for a root.


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lmao at #78....

Sony Employee #1:Hey! I have an Idea! Lets make a super badass phone in which very few other phones can match it! Sony Employee #2:Awesome Idea! What OS should we Use? Sony Employee #1:Hmm how about Android? Sony Employee #2:Yea! Awesome Idea! What about the Version? Sony Employee #1:Hmm....lets see 2.1 is the newest version out right now.....lets go with 1.6!! Sony Employee #2:Agreed! HTC Employee: lol *Months Later* Sony Employee #1:Hey we should update the X10 right? Sony Employee #2:Yea we should! Hmm whats the latest coming up for Android? Sony Employee #1:It looks like Android 2.2 is coming soon! But I think we should use 2.1 instead! Sony Employee #2:Agreed, also lets release in like 4 months as well okay Sony Employee #1:Excellent! Thats why we are the leading Cell Phone Maker in the World!!! HTC Employee: lol dumbasses...



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If Sony wanted to they could have us with 2.2 withing a few weeks, this is the most ridiculous company I have seen taking until Q4 to put out an update that phones are already running and now the Nexus 1 is running 2.2.. What the heck is going on? Where is Sony in all this, enough is enough just put out the update like all your consumers are asking for, It would solve one heck of a lot of peoples complaints and it would bring a lot better features to the X10. They are going to lose a lot of business if they do not solve this issue and soon...


i hope ppl dont hate me for this comment but i think a lot of people are too hung up on the 'newest version of android'. i mean xperia x10 with its android 1.6 is quite functional and i cant complain too much about it. i do see why ppl have problems with sony ericsson rolling out the old version of android when they could have used newer version but hey when they update to 2.1, maybe they'll have features or looks that 2.2 will be jealous of (it is coming out much later than the 2.2).
all this os talk seems a little too ocd...

solidkevin, thx for the fun read tho, cheers


It feels unlikely that they will change their mind and release 2.2 instead. Reason being that even though the X10 was released with 1.6 it came with a lot more features than the generic google version did. Since they're planning to also add 720p recording etc in this "Q4" release, I think SE will assume people will be happy with that like they are with the 1.6 and stick with it. Another problem is they love Timescape and Mediascape too much to giveup otherwise how hard of a port do you think it'd be without them?

Also it would be more effective to spam the official 2.1 announcement at SE's developler's blog instead - there are already 600+ comments from people asking for the release of 2.2 by the end of the year instead of 2.1.
I will sign, but I think SE are going to be locked into 2.1 at this stage.

They can't really just release an update without months of testing (although, with Sony, you never can tell). Its a problem with the breakneck speed at which Google are developing Android; if you want the upto date software releases, there's really only one phone to get at the moment - the Nexus One.



Hopefully Sony will pull their heads out of their asses and listen to their customers. If I don't see 2.2 on X10 by the end of the year, Sony can be confident I will sell my X10 in favour of an HTC or Motorola device (or *gasp* I will go back to an iPhone).