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official RUU for 3.14.605.12 OTA

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by scotty85, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

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    NEXTLOVER Newbie

    scotty, if you're on the OTA Global Capability (4.03.605.1) is it safe to use this RUU? Stock recovery is the same but the... firmware? I guess is different.

    I just want to make sure before I do it :)

    Thank you!

    Ugh. & I did something real stupid. I was in the initial steps of doing the full RUU (while on a custom ROM) and already unlocked the phone before I cancelled because the firmware was different. Now every time I reboot, I end up on the HBoot screen. I think my only saving grace is the RUU, but I don't think my PC recognizes my phone at this point.

    Edit: So I'll just try a method here: 1. Download the 3.14.605.12 OTA fr. androidpolice (got about 45min. left to go! Thank you rapidshare haha) 2. Rename that to PH98IMG.zip; 3. --> Sdcard via card reader; 4. Install through Hboot.

    I'm praying this works :D
  3. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    do you have a security warning??

    if your s-off,the 3.14 ruu will work fine. if your s-on,your SOL,looks from the android info text document in the fimrware like the main version is up-ed to 4.03 to match the build update.

    if yours s-on,you cannot go backwards in firmware,only the same or upwards.

    if youre s-on,youll have to either:
    1)wait for 4.03.605.1 ruu :eek:
    2)re-unlock with your original token. you can then restore a backup,or flash a new rom.

    what were you trying to do,exactly? as i keep saying,be very careful what leaks and updates you run on as s-on device,as you cannot go backwards in firmware if you decide you dont like the update.

    if youre s-off and wanting the ph98img of 3.14,its available on the shipped roms link,and is likely a much faster download ;)

    NEXTLOVER Newbie

    I'm S-on but I have not gone through any of the RUU.exe/flashing the stock.zip file. I just turned the phone off. I do have a security warning though.

    How would I re-unlock via hboot menu? I do have my Unlock_code.bin still in the adb folder, along with everything else. I think I need a step by step guide lol.

    I was trying to go back to complete stock. Yeah, I'll DEF. wait until Sep. for that official OTA.

    Thanks :)
  5. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    from the other thread,i thot you had updated completely to the world phone 4.03.605.1. can you verify this? do you have a backup of it?

    in a nutshell:
    1)remove any PH98IMG files with an sd card reader
    2)boot to hboot. select FASTBOOT from the hboot menu. plug in the phone
    3)open your cmd window,cd to the adb folder(cd c:\mini-adb_vigor if you used my guide)
    4)fastboot devices (to make sure your connected. should get seril number back)
    5)fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin to re-unlock. chose yes,push power. phone will reboot,and if you were on a working rom,it will boot to a factory fresh reset of whatever that was.
    6) if it doesnt boot,thats ok. let get as far as it will,then pull the battery.
    7)repeat step 2
    8)fastboot devices
    9)fastboot boot recoveryname.img
    10)restore backup,or flash rom. if the backup youre restoring is gingerbread,then youll need to flash the new firmware patch immediately after the restore. you should be able to restore any ICS bckup with no issue.
    11) collect underpants

    and if youre not a southpark fan,ignore steps 11-13 and just reboot :p

    hope that helps
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    NEXTLOVER Newbie

    scotty, I LOVE YOU <3 I really, honest to GOD do. I would collect my own underpants, or steal 'em fr. those damn gnomes & give them to you along with my profits! IT WORKED!

    I was on the Global Update, the first one (.1), and made a backup of it, which I'm on rite now. I'll just have to look around for a ROM that doesn't kill battery life, because Viper was really draining me rite now :(

    SOMETHING told me not to go ahead with that ICS RUU. I saw the different firmwares, remembered what you said, then promptly cancelled it. I'm hoping by Sep. there's a workaround for us S-on folks on the initial Global Update (.1).

    But I'm actually watching the youtube video of the s-off procedure for Rezound. Looks simple... but... I gotta make a trip to Home Depot & ask for that wire thingy cable. I'm not exactly a 'gentle' girl :(

    THANK YOU & MUCH LOVE once again <3
  7. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    awsome! glad you are up and running. what sort of workaround are you looking for? are you having trouble with the 4.03.605.1 update? ive been running it for some time and had no issues with it... while battery life sucks,it actually is better than the other stock roms ive run :)
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  8. DroidPhreak

    DroidPhreak Newbie

    You don't need a cable as shown. If you have an insulated paperclip, you know, the ones that come in different colors? Unfold the paperwork, cut some insulation off of the tip and you're good to go. Since the screen is upside down and you can't really see the screen, I used the 3 arm tool I use for soldering, placed my phone on there and a mirror below. Once I successfully tapped the points, the phone rebooted and did it's thing. One thing I highly recommend is to first RUU. After so much phone flashing, the s-off technique just wasn't taking. Once I RUU'ed to the GB FW and ran the Jonunpubear, I got it working the first time. Hope this helps!
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    NEXTLOVER Newbie

    I'm mainly having really bad battery life plus overheating. I was on the 4.03.605.1 firmware for a day, and battery was pretty good. Then I switched to ViperRez ROM and that was when I was having all sorts of issues, like FC of camera/video app and I had Youtube problems along with ESPN. But after the 2nd install of Viper, I've been having good experiences with vid playback and no FC on camera or camcorder :) & no overheating issues. Yet.

    I'm thinking it's not the 4.03.605.1 update but maybe the ROM? I had no problems with the ROM on the (old) stock ICS update though.

    I reinstalled ViperRez so I'm on it now. This is really the only one I like so far. I tried NeoMax ROM but don't like the keyboard for it plus all the EQ apps I've tried seems to not work.

    I ordered the extended battery for Rezound so I think I'll be good to go with ViperRez (I can always watch ESPN vids through the stock browser :D )

    Thank you, DroidPhreak. I do have a couple of those lying around, but haven't clipped off the ends yet. I'm still researching, researching, + RESEARCHING. I've never done this before in my life and I love this phone. I don't wanna do something stupid to it again LOL.

    I've read the timing is what throws ppl off. So the rhythm's like "1 (touch) one-thousand and (touch)." I don't know; I'm guessing that's what "1.5 seconds is?"
  10. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    yup,it was either the rom,or the install process. ive been on 4.03.605.1 for several days now and havent had any issues... the battery,while still crappy,is actually better than most stock roms. i get better than i did on the old ICS builds,and GB.

    my solution to crappy battery life is an external cahrger and more batteries. i just go till the phone dies then pop in a new one :eek: 2 usually get me thru the day :D

    i personally think s-off is the best scenario for any phone what folks want to mod. s-on htcdev is a pain,but does have one big advantage:

    its next to impossible to brick an htcdev unlocked,s-on phone with software flashed beyond recovering.

    s-off has many more advantges,but with much greater responsability. you need to always understand wha your flashing and use caution. always use md5s to check the integrity of downloaded files. dont use a file the poster wont provide an md5 for. a bad hboot or radio flash can,and will,brick your phone beyond recovery,so you have a much greater sense of responsability.

    for the above reasons,and the fact that the procedure is a lil scary to some,i try and not push my s-off beliefs on to others. despite the fact that its much,much better IMO.

    my advice if you want to try it:
    -first and foremost,use a small spare sd card. the process wipes your card,and its possible the backup the program makes wont get properly restored. all you need i s a cheap 1gb card to keep your good sd and all its info safe.
    -the wire isnt really that important. i used a piece of thin wire i had on a roll i the shop,im not sure what the gauge is,or what its intended use is. the biggest issue with the wire,is make sure when you stick it in the hole(pin 1) that it goes straight down and makes contact with the little dot underneath. its easy to get the wire crooked,so its not making a contact. no matter how many times you do the wire trick,it wont work if one of the points isnt making contact ;) i would also personally avoid anything thats hard,or sharp,to avoid scratching up the board underneath.
    -the count is supposed to be 1 3//4 seconds "one onethousand" sounds about right,tho i believe i did it a lil quicker

    after becoming s-off,i strongely recomend,to avoid issue:
    -run an ruu containing whatever firmware you want to run.(make a backup if youre on something you want to return to)
    -with the stock recovery on the phone, chose "clear storage" in hboot
    -give the phone a few minutes after boot

    once yovue rebooted a second time,you can reinstall recovery and install root files,or restore your backup,or flash a rom,or whatever. but doing those things,along with not using your normal sd will help ensure that
    1)your sd doesnt disapear in recovery
    2)your sd and internal storage dont disapear from the booted OS
    3)you dont experience flaky,unstable data

    just rermember that if your backup was of a rom that was using the "old firmware patch" it will no longer work as is. after restoring the backup,simply reflash the rom without wiping data,so it will work with the newer firmware.

    holler if you have further questions :)
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    NEXTLOVER Newbie

    Thanks once again, scotty <3 You are a good, good man! Bookmarked this and once I've gathered enough info and cajones to try, I'll attempt.

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