Official Samsung protective cover


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Anyone lucky enough to have one of these able to post a video?

Does it snap on or go over the original back? How bulky is it? Are holes ok for Verizon?

Interested in this cover.


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Are you referring to the Samsung S-View Cover or some other cover. The S-View one was reviewed here. If its another cover you are referring to please provide a link or image of what it looks like.

btw I have the S-View flip cover on mine and I have to say I agree with everything in that review.



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Sorry. The NOT s view.

The bumper cover official from Samsung in blue, grey, or red.

I had an s view on note 3- last month I went back to regular cover. Sview great unless you take lots of pictures - then it is an obstruction.


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I have the S cover, but returning it. I do not like dealing with the cover for pics and not good protection for a drop since the cover is loose.

Going with a holster and a thin case with protection for the corners.