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***Official*** Status of your Droid X order thread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jazzman09, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. ndfan4u

    ndfan4u Well-Known Member

    C'mon FedEx get your ass in gear and bring my X....................can't wait any longer.

  2. hudge1983

    hudge1983 Lurker

    Just talked to a VZW rep and she said that any order that was processed after 2:30pm that your Droid X will be shipped next Friday. I ordered mine at 2:00pm and it didn't get processed until like 9:23pm. So that means that I have to wait until next Saturday or the following Monday until I get mine.....WTF. So much for VZW saying that they don't anticipate a shortage like they had on the Incredible!!!
  3. sanjeeva7

    sanjeeva7 Well-Known Member

  4. Exiled

    Exiled Android Enthusiast

    Mine just arrived in Oakland. I'm guessing it will have to get to another local sorting facility before it makes it over to Sacramento, but thats not too far!
  5. Breukdance

    Breukdance Well-Known Member

    Grrrr...ordered mine 8 am on the 15th online..... not coming until the 20th......
  6. Magic Angle

    Magic Angle Newbie

    I feel your pain.

    I ordered my X at 6:45 am EST on the 15th. Have yet to receive shipping info. Called CS today and was told that my order didn't post till 6 pm! WHAT!? They said it should ship out today for monday delivery. The person I spoke with sounded like an idiot and I am busy at work so couldn't sit on hold all morning. I am still hoping it will show up this afternoon when i get home from work. And i am praying that I am not backordered till the 23rd.
  7. Breukdance

    Breukdance Well-Known Member

    After further review I am confused....Fedex didn't get shipping info until July 16 at 3:40 am. Then it says 2 day indirect....I understand its business day but wouldn't that be 3 business days? Friday, Monday, Tuesday? After getting my ass chapped from the Incredible shipping fiasco I am gonna be lucky to just get it I suppose....
  8. xtiff007

    xtiff007 Lurker

    Mine says 2 days indirect and is also not coming until Tuesday. I'm just as confused as you. I figured we would get it Monday .. but oh well.
  9. Steven58


    Thread stuck for today or tomorrow possibly, only. I'm trying to make it easier to get to.

  10. mahers

    mahers Android Expert

    excellent idea, this was
  11. blugrss4ever

    blugrss4ever Member

    Great news: My 3 lb. X is delivered! Philly suburbs, originated in Memphis.

    Not great news: I'm at work :mad:
  12. alicia4065

    alicia4065 Newbie

    Finally mines arrived I'm charging it now :D
  13. teeno

    teeno Newbie

    3lbs??? 2 x's??
  14. Steven58


    I got my phoooooooooooooooooone!!!!!! It's charging now! It came 80 percent charged, so I don't believe it will take long to get full! It's so beautiful! What a screen! I do very much love the leather snap on kick stand case.


    Steven does the happy dance! :)
  15. jeremyhammon

    jeremyhammon Lurker

    Ordered mine at 12:45 CST yetsterday. Just received shipping confirmation for Monday delivery with the free overnight.

    But I can't complain even though my wife already has her's because she also convinced CS to change my upgrade date from 12/27 to yesterday so I could order it online.
  16. Calabris

    Calabris Lurker

    Went into local store after work yesterday. (cannot order online from work) at 4. They are out of stock, no surprise. Order one from the store, the will ship to my house, have it on Monday they say. For ordering on Thursday at 4 and promised next day, ehh, Monday is not bad. But get call today, guess what, Verizon underestimated the number for sales. So they will START shipping on the 23rd! WTF! Just like Verizon, say anything to get your cash, then pound sand waiting for them to live up to promises. I tell them, find cancel my order, see if I can find it somewhere. Oh sorry, you have to come into the store for that, and then it takes 10 days for a refund! Grrrrr...
  17. Steven58


    Only one person like Yoda, here, can talk! ;) yw.
  18. Exiled

    Exiled Android Enthusiast

    I've learned my lesson with buying the X online: someone who is as impatient as I am should not order online. I think I would have been better off waiting in line yesterday. I know, I know, its really pathetic that I can't even wait for a phone to arrive in the mail. :)
  19. New ERA

    New ERA Member

    ^^ me too...its says the phone should arrive by 3 pm...its now 2:20 pm est...it better be here soon!!
  20. Shiner Bock

    Shiner Bock Lurker

    Exact same thing happened to me with my 8am EST order on the 15th. Now all local stores are out of stock and there is nothing that can be done except cancel or wait until the 23rd and hope I don't get screwed over again at that date. I am so ticked off at Verizon. :mad:

    Same day shipping! Free overnight! We have plenty of phones available. What a crock.
  21. JA1234

    JA1234 Android Enthusiast


    Go plug it up and try out that kickstand ;) lol
  22. djosbun

    djosbun Lurker

    I just got off the phone with VZW customer service. This girl stated that they were sold out before 6:00am. I ordered at 10:30am on the 15th and will not receive mine until the 25th, at the earliest.

  23. dequardo

    dequardo Android Enthusiast

    WTH now does this mean???

    Order Status: Your order has been shipped. You can track your shipment at www.fedex.com. Your tracking number is .

    With NO tracking number listed. Again, this is the company revered for their service?
  24. Paznos

    Paznos Android Enthusiast

    Did you get a email with the tracking #? I got that before the status on the website changed.
  25. bobbymcgee

    bobbymcgee Lurker

    fedex delivered at 11 am. ordered online yesterday at 7 am. Not one gripe yet:)

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