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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by marctronixx, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. marctronixx

    Moderator Thread Starter

    As title states, once these start rolling in to actual users, be sure and post your review here.

    User @SMARTPHONEPC has posted this on another site:


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  2. Old Member

    Old Member Android Expert

    First impression, with only a few thoughts, more to come:

    1. Turbo Charger is LOUD.
    2. Turbo Charger does a great job. 44% out of the box. 40 minutes later 100%.
    3. Screen is gorgeous.
    4. White is a lint magnet.
    5. It's big but fits nicely in my Khaki front right pocket. I will report back about my jean pocket. I'm 6'4" so maybe shorter people will have an issue with this.
    6. Compared to my Droid Maxx, the battery is NOT having a good first few hours. I'm already down to 85%. I have installed over 140 apps and been handling it non-stop so this is probably not the best day to judge the battery. This is my first impression though. By the time I came home at 4:20 the battery was down to 52%. Hoping this gets better.
    7. Camera is outstanding but I will miss the twist to activate option from my Maxx.
    8. Speakers are LOUD and great. Side by side comparison with my Maxx, Nexus 6 wins hands down.
    9. Verizon LTE seems to be VERY slow. That's developing, but it's having a hard time connecting in my school. My Maxx was a bit slow here too. I will report back.
    10. Several apps do not work with it. This is to be expected with a new version of Android. I'm sure that will be fixed soon.
    11. I had to reset my Moto 360 to get it to connect with the Nexus 6. That was aggravating. My 360 works great as a trusted device to bypass the security code. Also, had trouble connecting my VW GTi Bluetooth to the N6.

    More to come.

    12. It doesn't even come close to fitting in my cup holder. Now what do I do with my phone while I drive?
    13. LTE Speed Test is still disappointing. The fastest speed I can download is some 13MBPS. Upload is awful at 4mbps.
    14. The TYLT wireless charger works GREAT.
    15. Cloud Print continually crashes, so I disabled it.
    16. Google Music is NOT free for 6 months. Although I was already a Google Music subscriber. That's REALLY silly. Penalize those that are loyal customers and tick them off in the hopes of getting new customers that you hope to keep happy. I don't get it.
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  3. kinfolk248

    kinfolk248 Android Enthusiast

    Video reviews.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???? lol jk
  4. tyban

    tyban Newbie

    Just switched over from the HTC One Max so it actually seems alot smaller.

    I am a Lyft and Uber driver so I go through battery quick and it actually held up very well in that department compared to my Max. The screen is oh so pretty when sitting in the dark. Very smooth when switching between apps. Navigation is much better on this phone than on my max. Love this phone so far.
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  5. rayfin

    rayfin Writer at Phandroid.com

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  6. phandroid

    phandroid Admin News Bot

    There's no doubt about it, the latest smartphone from Google, the Motorola built Nexus 6, is a whale of a phone. Check out our Nexus 6 unboxing and first impressions video and let us know what you think.

  7. marctronixx

    Moderator Thread Starter

    launch day max user. been in the phablet game for over a year now ad the nex 6 is not all that big.

    still in early testing but the 64gb blue is doing just fine. i picked up 4 qi chargers (one for the car, one for the bedside, one for the job, one for my recording studio) so i am sure to keep this thing topped off.

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  8. Biaviian

    Biaviian Android Enthusiast

    Cincy, did you see my post in the other thread about your charger? I tested mine again last night and I still don't hear anything. I have experienced the hum with the Note 4 charger but not this N6 charger. Either I am very lucky (if others are having the issue too) or you have a defective unit.
  9. Old Member

    Old Member Android Expert

    I did see that. Honestly, I haven't tried it again since the initial use. I used my TYLT charger at home last night. I will try it again today and report back. There was a VERY loud hum and high pitched squeal when it was in use. It was sort of pulsing on and off with the high pitch squeal and hum. It wasn't constant.
  10. Biaviian

    Biaviian Android Enthusiast

    That is exactly what I heard with my Note 4 turbo charger. I would hear it from 6-8 feet away with a laptop in my lap so I heard it over the laptop's fan. I also had a TV on in the same room.
  11. SAL8116

    SAL8116 Android Enthusiast

    Turbo Charger is dead quiet for me.
    Freaking phone is GORGEOUS!!!
    The Tap to set up via NFC was great. EVERY phone should have this!!!
    Phone is running smooth for me.
    Still getting the feel of Lillipop and where everything is.
    Currently not a fan of ambient display. Maybe I'll get used to it?

    My only issues and I posted a separate thread is my Wi-Fi seems to be on even though its off; Wi-Fi Discussion
    I've checked the settings and can't find anything else to turn off. The option to let Google search for Wi-fi is off or never.
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  12. halon

    halon hakuna matata

    I love this freakn phone! Such beautiful design. I just like looking at it! Feels well built. I could easily see it falling out of someones hand, has a slick feel to it. Screen is sweet, but whites do seem a bit dull.

    FRONT. FACING. SPEAKERS. Seriously this should be on every phone.

    UHD video from YouTube looks awesome.

    It is working great on Verizon. Did you read that correctly? ON VERIZON!! I knew it would happen again! :)

    It does not sit in my vehicles cup holder. There is even a shallow slot off to the side that my G2 fit great in. The NexSix, not so.

    5.0 is super neat. :)

    Did I mention I love this phone?

    Can't think of anything else at the moment.
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  13. QuadConPana

    QuadConPana Lurker

    As far as I've read:

    Vanilla Android advantages:
    OS takes up less storage
    Device is not bogged down with as much bloatware.
    Updates come faster.

    Skins advantage:
    Might include some high tech features that aren't in Vanilla version

    Is there anything I've missed? As memory capacities increase, and cloud storage becomes more useful, the storage issue becomes a LITTLE less of an issue. And, a 2.5Ghz or greater quad core does allow a little forgiveness with performance issues.

    Are there any reports of fewer force closes with Vanilla. It would seem to a non programmer like myself that the original Google version of Android might provide fewer surprises for developers. Has this been the case with previous builds of Android?

    I'm fairly happy with my nearly paid for S4, and looking for an excuse to extend my contract by going wit the Nexus 6.
  14. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    Vanilla android is fast, like you don't realize how fast it is until you use it and then go back to the skinned version.

    Sometime around July last year I got a galaxy s3. After running an AOSP rom, I literally could not go back to using the Samsung ROM for more than a few minutes. It felt sooo slow, and you didnt even realize it until you saw how smooth AOSP is.

    The other thing to consider is the manufacturers tend to use up alot more resources for their skin. My nexus 5 and S3 both had 2GB of RAM. The nexus almost always has less than 1GB used. The s3 was almost always full. You get more of those resources available on a lightweight system.
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  15. TheAmazingDave

    TheAmazingDave Android Expert

    I've only had mine for a few hours so far, but it is an amazing, fantastic device!

    Most importantly, the call quality is crisp and clear, as I expected from Motorola. The screen is gorgeous. The front-facing stereo speakers are very impressive. The first thing I did was unlock it, but I'm not going to decrypt; it's flying through menus, and it's smooth as butter. Not even sure I'm going to root it yet. I haven't had much chance to play with the camera yet either.

    I don't even want to use my Nexus 7 now, KitKat looks and feels so clunky. Lollipop is vibrant and engaging. I don't know if the bright colors are Lollipop, the AMOLED (my first device with this type of display), or a combo of both, but I really like it. Not too "childish" as I've heard it described. The pixel density is amazing. I've recently noticed I can resolve the pixels on my 1080p N7 while holding it a few feet from my face. Not a chance on the N6.

    I opted for the 32GB model, because that's the size of my tablet and I've never come close to filling it. Not regretting it, all my apps installed and 20+GB to spare.

    My only grips so far is how warm it's getting during use. Not unbearable, but noticeable. The heat spreads evenly though, unlike my N7 which just gets hot on the top corner.
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  16. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum

    I too unlocked it right away, but have yet to root. I will be getting to that soon, though.

    It is a beautifully made phone, but it's big. That said, every time I pick up the N4 or the S3 (wife's phone) they seem tiny. Not going back.

    Everything is tight and smooth with no defects or reports of them. I'm not crazy about the position of the power switch and the volume rocker. I would have preferred them a little higher up on the phone. Maybe that's just what I'm used to. The phone is very slick, and not in a good way. The glass on the N4 was an adjustment, but I was able to adapt. This phone is the first phone I've ever felt necessary to put in a case just for the grip and slip potential. And, without a case, the back is a fingerprint magnet for a swarthy male of Mediterranean descent. Must be all that olive oil. :eek:

    I've taken a few pictures with the camera and they blow away the N4, but then again, the N4's camera was not that great to begin with. I have read all the comparisons to the S5 and the iP6 and most of the test shots on the S5 pop, but I've come not to trust Samsung's "enhancements" that over saturate and over contrast images to make them more vibrant. I'd rather shoot raw and do my own adjustments, TYVM.

    As stated before call quality, signal strength and wifi are all rock solid. I keep WiFi and Bluetooth on all the time so i don't know about WiFi reporting battery use even when off. Speaking of battery life, so far it's stellar! My average day ends with 60%+ still available.

    Lollipop is bright and fluid. I'm still finding things I love about it. Lock screen notifications are such an improvement, it's worth the update just for that! I haven't had any locks, reboots or glitches that i'm aware of. So far all of my apps have worked without issue (except the root apps, obviously).

    Now, I love that the Gmail app now supports IMAP and POP3 accounts, but I thought it was pretty presumptuous of Google to include an "email" app that turns out to be nothing but a notice to set up your accounts in Gmail. They just took away the gallery without warning, so why not the email app, too? Not that I am missing either one, it's just inconsistent.

    Of course nothing fit any more. :( I used the turbocharger and charge times are stupid fast. That's handy if you need a quick power boost, or you forget to charge, but my use doesn't really make that an issue. I bought a Qi-infinity charger and found something quite interesting. I plugged it in and first the charge light flickered a little and the phone didn't record charging. A bit of shifting and adjusting of the phone and I could find a sweet spot, but it was as if a sneeze would mess it up. Then i check the charger it was plugged into and discovered it was a Samsung unit (I think for my S2) and remembered that when I plugged my Note 10.1 into that charger, it wouldn't charge, so I tried the Note 10.1 charger with the Qi-infinity. Boom, charging in pretty much any position.

    The difference was that the Note 10.1 charger put out a full amp while the S2 only put out .7 amps. I found a generic USB charger in a drawer that was rated at 1.0 amp out and there you go, Bob's your Uncle, Yatzee!, etc. ;)

    I also replaced the iOttie car dock with the iOttie-XL. I love these things, but the side grips grab the N6 right over the volume rocker. :mad: I'm going to wait until i have the case on before I start fussing with it.

    I don't know that I'd call the Moto 360 an accessory, but I've been rocking one for 2 days and am loving it. The notification might be a bit much, but I've got them all on right now. It's nice to know there are Russian women who want to know me right in the middle of a meeting. :rolleyes:

    FYI, my charger is dead quiet, too. You might see if they will replace just that part.
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  17. Old Member

    Old Member Android Expert

    I returned my N6 and kept the Note 4. No worries.
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  18. Mad problems im having with my nexus 6, where to start? Lets see first of all it starts to run very slowly and animations start to jitter, when I am listening to pandora or another music player and I have an app download something in the background like podcasts from pocketcast it starts to stutter and hiss when listening to music, also the volume overall is to low on the nexus 6. Sometimes when I get calls from people the ringtone sounds totally messed up and staticy choppy the sound it totally messed up no matter what ringtone I choose and when I try to answer the phone it starts to crackle bad through the speakers even with headphones on. Speaking of more sound problems popping and crackling sounds randomly happen when using google now or hitting the microphone to activate google now. Battery drain is way insane on this phone, I barely use it and its eating up battery like mad not sure from what.. the amoled screen is almost pinkish when the brightness is down to low and I hear reports of burn ins on the onscreen buttons all though I have not ran into this problem yet. I am going to have to send this back, I had high hopes for this phone and was very excited the first day or two but its looking bad now and im not sure I cant wait on updates to fix these problems that I am running into on a daily basis. I dont like touchwiz but I was thinking of getting the note4 even though I will never use the spen because of touchwiz and I will end up slapping a launcher on it, but I want a big screen phone and the nexus just has to many problems right now for me to be happy with it. Or maybe just get another M8 to replace the one I gave to my family and wont give it back because they like it so much LOL.

    Im wondering if anyone is experiencing this problem with their nexus 6, I have had it for about 4 days now and im starting to notice a few things that worry me, whenever I use google now or say OK google it makes a popping sound on the speakers, sometimes its low sometimes its very loud, almost like a blown speaker sound, I think its a problem with lolipop because sometimes it doesnt do this at all. Also I noticed when I am listening to music in pandora or a music player like Poweramp this weird glitchy sound happends through my headphones when my pocketcast app starts to download a podcast in the middle of listening to music, this is very annoying and has happened many times now, my M8 never did this. I have tried reinstalling both with system reset and going into the bootloader to do a hardware reset by deleting system files that way and doing a hard clean reinstall of the lolipop, its still doing this. Also the screen will sometimes go totally black if im playing a game or watching a youtube video, I try to be very careful to not cover a sensor in case that was the reason but still no luck. I also notice a decent amount of battery drain, for such a big battery I would expect better performance, I am not that heavy of a user so this I don't understand? the note 4 has a slightly better amoled screen with more pixels and does not have this kind of battery drain problem from what I have seen in reviews. Can someone with a nexus 6 test this out on their own phone and see if they are getting the same problems, the sound issue really bothers me and im hoping its not a hardware issue as I do not want to deal with returning this phone and the rest of the hassle that entails.
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  19. marctronixx

    Moderator Thread Starter

    I am having no such issues with the nexus 6. i am stock non root 64gb blue from goog directly. using sprint.

    i would seriously suggest a factory reset and do a manual install of apps, one by one, especially if you think an app or two may have gone rogue on you.

    battery life will vary from user to user and typically with new handsets, battery drain is faster at the start because one tends to use the device more, add/remove more/less apps/widgets, etc to test things out before settling on a certain configuration.

    if it turns out to be a hardware issue (there are some bad devices off the line with defects) you have a 14 day window at your carrier you can exercise.

    point is the phone is new. dont sweat trying ti diagnose each thing. get a replacement if you are not satisfied, or return and get your money and spend it elsewhere.

    much success to you.
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  20. TheAmazingDave

    TheAmazingDave Android Expert

    I think you have a bad phone. If I were you, I do a factory reset, and if that doesn't help I'd probably exchange it for another.

    Aside from a slight pink hue on grays at very low brightness, I haven't had any of those other problems. My battery life is good and my sound is amazing.
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  21. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    Totally agree :thumbup:
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  22. I have already did factory reset I guess its time to return it
  23. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum

    Manufacturers do their best with quality control but even the best phone makers produce lemons.

    So even though only 2 to 3 phones per 100 had any problems, someone has to get those devices and unfortunately you seem to be one of them. :( I hope you get a replacement and see how impressive this phone really is when it's right. :)
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  24. Yeah I did this again last night 3rd time now doing a reset in system recovery deleted cache and did a complete reinstall not adding any widgests keeping things very minimal, when I woke up this morning phone would not turn on nor the active display after hitting the power button like 5 times it finally turned on, ill try to get a replacement but this is really bumming me out, its hard for me to believe that this is all hardware related like a bad handset it feels totally like a buggy lollipop.
  25. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum

    If it were a firmware issue we'd be hearing it all over the place since the release, but we're not. Most people are reporting positives and accolades.

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