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Official Vehicle Dock

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by FCUM, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. FCUM

    FCUM Member
    Thread Starter

    Does anyone know how long it takes Samsung to release the official docks?

    Got my phone and struggling without a car mount for it.

    Cheers in advance.


  2. bonerp

    bonerp Android Expert

  3. FCUM

    FCUM Member
    Thread Starter

    Mmm. Might take a look at that.

    My only concern is there being enough room between the top of the phone and the screen to get an audio cable as I use an FM transmitter in my car for music and calls.

    Am I right in thinking that the official Samsung one has the ability to plug the audio lead into the dock itself?
  4. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    Has anybody attempted fitting the Note 2 with the Note 1 car dock from last year? I had posed the question in another thread, but this one seems like it's more appropriate.

    Obiously, the Note 2 is longer, but I wasn't sure if it was so significantly longer that it won't work in the Note 1 car dock.

    I'd really appreciate any info anybody might have on this. I'd even be fine using the original Note 1 car dock, if it required slight modification to work with the Note 2.
  5. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    Just bumping this thread to make sure people jump in on the iBolt thread on xda, so they create a good 3rd party dock for the note 2.
  6. ItalianHunk

    ItalianHunk Well-Known Member

  7. MikaelPe

    MikaelPe Newbie

    We at iBOLT.co are working on a car-dock solution for the Note 2 but it will be quite a few weeks until it's ready. We've been told by a gazillion customers (well, a bunch...) that it must support Otterbox Defender and Ballistic type cases so that's what we are going for. Also, we want to automatically start the car-model so you can install CarHome Ultra with the new "screen sleep" addition, see quick demo here on YouTube.
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  8. MikaelPe

    MikaelPe Newbie

    Wireless Qi charging, what's the feeling out there? Naturally we can integrate wireless charging into the new Note 2 Dock but it would probably add quite a bit to the retail price. Also, a bit challenging with case compatibility for technical reasons... Anyway, do you guys think consumers would pay $30-$40 bucks extra for the convenience of wireless charging?
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  9. Wangta

    Wangta Well-Known Member

    Yes I would totally pay up for that feature. I've had two phones have their internal micro-usb connectors break due to repeated connecting and reconnecting and will do anyone to avoid that!
  10. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    So, instead of 30 it would be 60?

    I'd consider it, but the most important part for me would be having audio integration (via usb and 3.5mm adaptor) more
  11. SoulSmilen

    SoulSmilen Well-Known Member

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  12. bonerp

    bonerp Android Expert

    the new note 2 will not fit into the note oe car dock. Its longer and narrower and the dock isnt adjustable.

    I'm going to fit the mount on the windscreen. Hope to get it this week and I'll provide feedback
  13. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    Thanks for confirming. Wasn't sure if it was that much longer that it wouldn't still work, but from everything I've read on different forums, that seems to be the consensus about the Note 1 OEM dock.
  14. evohicks

    evohicks Android Expert

    I bought the Samsung phone holder below when O2 were doing priority moments,
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  15. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

  16. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    MikaelPe - If it's impossible to incorporate a 3.5mm adapter with wireless charging, then if iBolt wireless charging dock included something like the below item, I think that would be accetable as well. And at that point, a 60-70 dock might be more justifiable to the consumers.
    3.5mm Stereo HiFi Audio Bluetooth Dongle Adapter ESPOW
  17. evohicks

    evohicks Android Expert

    No, there's no need to plug it in all the time, only if you want to charge or play music via USB, I usually stream music via Bluetooth. This holder does not come with a dock, it's just a holder, but like I said I can plug the same cable that I use to plug the phone into my PC, into my head unit in the car.
  18. serpa4

    serpa4 Android Expert

    I must have a powered dock. Coming from a Moto droid line of phones with their excellent accessories sets my standards high.
    I'd pay a lot for a wireless charging car dock, yes, a lot. Probably $65-70.
  19. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    I should've phrased my question differently, but in essence, your answer means that "yes" it would need to be plugged in everytime vs. a dock that already has an integrated microUSB charger.

    I always prefer my car docks to have integrated chargers, in the event I need to use NAV to go somewhere I haven't been.
  20. raiderleaf

    raiderleaf Member

    Exactly what I was thinking!

    Also, MikaelPe, would this product be offered in the United States?

    Ideally, I'd just like to run one cord up to this unit for charging and not have to have multiple ones (e.g. charging, audio, etc.). If it had an integrated "dongle" as seen above that would broadcast the audio, that would be sweet and would totally cut down the mess. I understand that there is an associated loss in audio fidelity, but I know I'm willing to take that trade-off to avoid another cord.

  21. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    And just to add, even with the loss in audio quality, bluetooth connection should be much more reliable than radio transmitters (which, I've tried all of them and every single one was awful).
  22. raiderleaf

    raiderleaf Member

    I will not dispute that lol, but not all of us have Bluetooth in their car! Maybe someday lol ...
  23. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    with the bluetooth 3.5mm adaptor dongle, don't need bluetooth in car. I don't... Lol
  24. raiderleaf

    raiderleaf Member

    Well this would technically give you a bluetooth connection to anything that uses a 3.5mm input jack, but powering this dongle is the issue. It is powered via AC-USB connection. I don't have a USB in my car, however I do have a AC outlet, but it's at the back end of the car and I don't want to deal with that mess.

    I don't see any way around a transmitter if you don't have a separate power source powering the dongle that is compatible with most vehicles. Technically if the dongle ran off of DC it could tap into the 12V going into the back of the radio unit.
  25. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    I see what you're saying. Well, that's when you buy one of these:
    Amazon.com: dual usb car charger

    Or you can get one of these
    Amazon.com: Black 4-Port High Speed USB 2.0 Hub: Computers & Accessories

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