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*Official* What I Love About My New Atrix Thread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by atlbuc, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. atlbuc

    atlbuc Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    In anticipation of our phones arriving today I have created this thread which Roze will sticky for us.


  2. atlbuc

    atlbuc Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    This phone really does feel solid and fast, don't know what some reviewers were talking about it feeling plasticity.
  3. lsutigers03

    lsutigers03 Android Enthusiast

    How much RAM can you use?
  4. tical2k

    tical2k Member

    fix the yellow color and i like it... right now the yellow is pissing me off
  5. atlbuc

    atlbuc Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Can't see where to check, usually its under running services
  6. lsutigers03

    lsutigers03 Android Enthusiast

    Try this app. It should give you an idea if you can use the full 1GB or 512MB.

    System Panel
  7. DT

    DT Android Expert

    First impressions:

    Solid, well put together, plastic is fine.

    The display is fantastic. Immediately I could tell the difference in small text/details vs. the Captivate. Pentile schmentile :D

    VERY fast out of the box.

    I'm only on WiFi right now, so I'll have to update on my cell performance.


    Connected to Google, accounts/contacts/etc., are all sync'ed up :)
  8. redrider67

    redrider67 Android Enthusiast

    So far very impressed with the Atrix, camera and video are great! Very fast opening applications. Display is great, best part for me is the call quality! Called a few people that I normally talk with and they could tell a difference from my Iphone 3GS.

    =KLRS=ZERO Android Enthusiast

    Very fast but I think my screen is plastic. Compared to my sisters iPhone, it doesn't feel like glass and when you press in on the screen it disturbs the LCD.
  10. newwales

    newwales Newbie

    When you get a moment (I know you have just had the phone) but could you upload some photo & video samples on here or Flickr/youtube.

    Cheeers :D
  11. francodman

    francodman Newbie

    How can you tell if the data transmission is using the wifi connection as opposed to att's network?
  12. aggie99

    aggie99 Newbie

    my droid x is the same way. they both are supposedly gorilla glass. The glass apparently isn't as thick as what is used on the iPhone and HTC devices.
  13. jroc

    jroc Android Expert

    Yea the Droid X is definitely the same. As many times as I have dropped it, and dropped it face first...it has to be Gorilla Glass...lol

    If I compare it to my Omnia 1 screen....its no contest. It has to be Gorilla Glass.
  14. aggie99

    aggie99 Newbie

    if you see the wifi symbol in the status bar at the top of the screen data will be transmitted using wifi. when you are connected to a wifi network data defaults to wifi.
  15. drums7890

    drums7890 Newbie

    I love how it's a million times faster than my 2.5 year old iphone 3g!!!!
  16. thabends

    thabends Member

    I love that it's not an iPhone...2 years of Apple was enough. Seriously though, I love that I could delete the bloatware and get wireless hotspot without rooting or paying for tether.
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  17. varun124

    varun124 Newbie

    how did u get wireless hotspot without rooting?
  18. gzrecoil

    gzrecoil Member

    I like everything about the Atrix and I've been playing with it for nearly 5 hours now.
  19. idoc1992

    idoc1992 Lurker

    Just a few comments: phone is very fast, having been using a Motorola XT701. No trouble importing contacts etc even though the XT701 was obviously not an ATT phone. Phone is light and relatively small; compared to XT701 the main difference is that the viewing screen is larger but phone is about the same size. Also smaller than my wife's new HTC Inspire and feels much lighter than that phone. Can't tell MotoBLur is much of an issue but then I have never had it before. I am 3 hours west of Dallas Texas and am getting download numbers right around 3.0 mbps. Seamless transition from one application to another. Did I mention the phone is fast? Only annoying thing right now is that the browser opens to Yahoo and I haven't found a way to change it. Will make a widget for Google. so far love it. Down to 30% battery but I downloaded all my old apps right from the androidmarket.com.
  20. shawn1224

    shawn1224 Ex CEO-DNPSEA foundation

    This is what I want to know as well. I'm going to an at&t store tomorrow to play with one but if there are any RAM limitations it will way heavy in my decision.
  21. atlbuc

    atlbuc Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

  22. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

    @ atlbuc....after a Day of use, what's good? Is it worth all the hype my man
  23. atlbuc

    atlbuc Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Here are my initial impressions; the phone is very fast and responsive and if you set the phone to no animations you get even faster transitions but I like animations so I’m leaving it on. You can install Spare Parts to speed up or slow down animations and transitions. Opening and switching between apps are instantaneous. Blur is not a problem on this phone at all. With the exception of a few apps that aren't optimized for Tegra2, all apps run perfect for me. I haven't experienced any lag or sluggishness and I haven't rebooted the phone yet. Running the phone in the laptop dock is pretty smooth. While scrolling some websites I did find it to be a little choppy but nothing to be a deal breaker for me. Citrix receiver worked great with no real slow down. Gestures would have been nice in the track pad but I'm using a Bluetooth mouse so not all that bad for me. While in the dock the phone stays pretty cool to the touch which is great. I love the fingerprint reader, very convenient. Call quality is excellent for me as well as using the speakerphone while in the dock. This is easily the fastest Android phone if not Smartphone period. Browser speeds are good in Atlanta although I think once the Back haul is complete we’ll see even faster speeds. Battery life has been good but I haven’t had it off the dock long enough to get a good gauge. I took the phone off the charger at 7am so I’m going to see how it goes today without it being on the dock. A lot of people were trying to compare this phone to the Inspire and I have to say from testing the Inspire that the Atrix is definitely faster, lighter and more pocket friendly. People were saying that the Dual core wouldn't make a difference, well it does.
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  24. funkypunk

    funkypunk Lurker

    I am a former captivate user. The Atrix is what I expected when i first got an android phone, captivate now looks like a nightmare. There are some pluses and minuses, but overall a quality product just needing the promised gingerbread update from Motorola. I don't have any accessories so I can only mention what I have.

    Screen - not as vibrant as I would have liked or used to from captivate, but it is a great screen overall. The colors are just different. Kind of like comparing plasma to lcd.

    Speed - Fast. I have not benchmarked it, but overall usage has been flawless and you can definitely tell it has more horsepower all around.

    GPS - WOW! this thing had a lock on me indoors and has stayed within 5ft of my mark with over an hour of use. They definitely got the GPS down on this one.

    Build - Great build. Plastics are fine. Big plus is that the way the plastics are designed custom back covers should be easily manufactured. Maybe even an induction charging back cover.

    Camera - What I expected. It is not my DSLR, but it is a quality 5mp phone camera. It captures details well. The better thing is the reaction time. I think they made some sacrifices, but the response time to take pictures - to quality is great.

    Calls - Of course I have had a few dropped calls with AT&T, I live in Atlanta. But otherwise clear and always seem to have a strong signal.

    Motoblur - A first for me. I like and I hate it. Mostly like it for the few widgets I actually do use. I think the contacts widgets are the most useful.

    Battery - It is a monster. Took me hours of heavy usage to wear it out and it still kept rocking. I spent at least six hours updating, surfing, fiddling, gaming before I even got a low battery warning.

    Speakers - They are fine. It is a cell phone and not a speaker system. I found music quite acceptable. The use of the equalizer and speaker settings does help in making the speakers perform better

    I really think this phone is more of an all around winner. I don't think it specifically shines in one area compared to some of the other dual cores coming out, but it seems like moto did a great job at building a dependable device. I have only had it for 1 day. But 1 day with this phone has been better than a week with my captivate
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