Official "Where is my Froyo update?"

So am I the only user on here that has NOT received the OTA download? I just checked manually too and it says no updates are available so WTF? I am running version 1.47 too.


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Yeah, I've been trying all morning

I'm about to leave the site, because it's making me grow more impatient with all the people who have it already. I already downloaded the one from last week just in case I don't get it by tomorrow morning.


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I realized what my problem was when I got home. Simpleroot set me back to 1.17. So I unrooted back to 1.47 and now the updates downloading.


Im not getting it either. Whats up with that. I updated my profile and have tried numerous time, both on 3g and Wifi, to maually update but it keeps telling me that there is no update available. Anyone have any suggestions?


So i've cleared the devices storage and did a full reset. still wont acknowledge an update. i'm on the phone with sprint now. ill post to let you all know if they can help.
Go into updates, HTC Software update and uncheck automatic check for update, then re-check auto check for update and the hit check now, worked for me!