Help offline browser ie., downloading files from internet in batch for android.

Hi I am Rupesh from India. I have examined a website which it contains mp3 file's upto 50000 which are organized into various categories and among those I want to download 12000 files and luckily all the files I want to download are contained in a particular folder and this folder has address starting with the domain name of the site. The files I want to download ie., 12000 files are of size upto 130 gb. I have internet connection which has bandwidth 25 mbps and the download speed is upto 2 mbps.
I am having android phone with quad core cpu, 1 gb ram and 32 gb external memory card. I am also having portable external hard disk which has free space upto 500 gb and so I can save the downloaded files.

In Windows os there are number of softwares under the category offline browsers like httrack, backstreet browser etc., and among those if we want to download jpeg pictures there's a software called neo downloader, Aaron web vacuum, extreme picture founder etc., . I have used extreme picture founder to download mp3 files by selecting some options like file types set to *.mp3, scanning depth etc.,. I have downloaded upto 93 gb. I am searching for similar program under android and found some apps of which httrack is mostly usable and remaining apps are running for maximum upto 5 minutes and displaying message as successfully downloaded but nothing has been downloaded.

I have searched Google playstore for word mp3 downloader and found some apps but these apps are not usable to me I mean they contain some pre defined websites and are downloading mp3 files from those sites only.

I have used httrack under android and it is performing unnecessary scanning of websites but not downloading any files at all. Httrack is also very complex to understand how to use.

Can anyone of you suggest best app for downloading specifically mp3 files from a particular website.