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Offline Google Maps has NEVER worked right

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Wax Bean Tycoon, May 15, 2021.

  1. Wax Bean Tycoon

    Thread Starter

    Ok so this problem has been going on with my Android tablet and with my new Android Smart phone.

    I don't use mobile data, unless I really need to, so I'd rather use offline map (my tablet has no mobile data capability at all).

    So many times when I go to use google "Driving mode", there will be no detail on the map. Sometimes it will show the arrow with a white line for the road, other times, the road will not appear at all.

    If I turn on mobile data, the map will fill in with detail. But why? Do I have an offline map or not? Why does it seem I need an internet connection in order to properly use the offline map?

    If I set a destination, while map is not working right (another words offline), then it seems to show the blue line, and voice prompts work....just visual detail doesn't work right.

    If I access driving mode with wi-fi (before leaving home) then it seems to work fine later, when I drive away, or even if I turn off the phone before leaving, then turn phone on (without internet).

    So, what is the point of an offline map??

    I have the offline map saved on a micro SD card. Wondering if I should try saving offline map on the internal device? (I can't see how that could be the problem but who knows).

    EDIT: Oh, and clearing Google Maps cache and restarting phone doesn't work.


    #1 Wax Bean Tycoon, May 15, 2021
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  2. Hello @Wax Bean Tycoon,

    - Did you try to re-install Google Maps?
    - Did you try logging out your Google account and re-logging in?
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  3. Wax Bean Tycoon

    Thread Starter

    Hello, I did not try logging out then logging back in to my Google account.

    I did reinstall Google Maps. Actually, I posted yesterday about another issue I was having with Google maps not allowing me to download/install an offline map. So during that trial/error yesterday, I must have uninstalled/reinstalled 5 times lol.

    The problem I had yesterday, was Google was not allowing me to download/install an offline map when I had the latest/updated version of Google maps, but if I reinstalled Google Maps......then download an offline map before updating....It would allow it. Crazy. That was happening on both my Android tablet (running version 7) and Android phone (running version 9)

    I think I will try to uninstall Google Maps, reinstall, download/install offline map.....and NOT update Google maps and see if that works. I don't know how long I will be able to use Maps without updating but it might at least tell me if that's the issue.

    I will also try installing offline map on the phone (internal device) rather than the micro SD card. (doubt that's it but never know).

    thanks for responding ;)
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  4. Okeh.
    Try also to download Google Maps from another source like uptodown or apkpure and see if there's any difference ;)
  5. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    what phone do you have? do you have enough room on the phone for the downloaded maps? are you sure the downloaded map is in the area you are driving?

    and "driving mode" i do not think i have that on my note 10+.....what is that?
  6. Wax Bean Tycoon

    Thread Starter

    I have a Motorola Moto e6 XT2005DL
    It has 16gb internal storage, and a 128gb micro SD card (the offline map is stored on the SD card)

    and yes lol, I'm sure the downloaded map is in the area I am driving. Even when Google is not showing the streets (just an arrow of direction, and maybe the street name) it will still give voice prompts during a directed route.

    ALSO: "Driving mode" is just part of Google maps. There is a "widget" you can add, so that when you click on the "driving" icon (widget) it gives you a 3-dimensional view of your driving (rather than birdeye view). Just like during an active directed route.

    Below is a screenshot of the "widget" for driving mode (next to Maps)

    #6 Wax Bean Tycoon, May 16, 2021
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  7. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I saw your other thread and I had a Moto E6 Plus 2/32gb at home.
    I tried it last night and it had offline maps I had on the device (about 500mb) but I was able to then also download onto the SanDisk card I had there.

    It seemed to show Maps and a driving route OK (I live on the edge of a big city), but I'll try it for real tomorrow with data off and see if the directions keep showing the full area.
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  8. puppykickr

    puppykickr Android Expert

    Yeah, Google Maps has NEVER worked right- period.


    Anyway, it would be interesting to see if saving the maps onto internal memory (not the SD card) makes any difference
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  9. Wax Bean Tycoon

    Thread Starter

    Hi Madd61, just make sure you don't access Google maps before turning off the data. With my phone and tablet, it's like giving them a 'booster' shot of map information lol. If Google maps isn't accessed for a few days, then try it with data off, then it might replicate the problem I get.
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  10. Wax Bean Tycoon

    Thread Starter

    There is not alot of feedback online from people with the same problem, so I'm starting to think maybe it's the SD card. I never re-formated the SD card in either my tablet, or smart phone. They just worked. they came compatitible with android so no need. But I'm starting to wonder. Maybe re-format them as "portable" card storage. Everything else seems to work just fine, so I think it's Google Maps that stinks lol.
  11. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Have you other stuff on the card like media. Have you apps on the card.. Its a good quality card, the best, but try the SanDisk app : Memory Zone to check it's health and authenticity.

    Is your Maps download showing valid for a year in the Google Maps app,

    I just got home and may look later :)
  12. Wax Bean Tycoon

    Thread Starter

    Yes, map is valid one year. 262 MB expires May 14, 2022 unless updated

    I just downloaded/installed SanDisk: Memory Lane. Not sure how to "check it's health and authenticity, but the app didn't give any red flags. Must be an app that tells the exact manufacturer of the card.

    As far as what other stuff I have on the card. No apps, (from what I understand you can't install apps on a SD card unless it's formatted as "internal" storage. But there's basically nothing (see below)


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  13. sullencab

    sullencab Well-Known Member

    Great to see that image. Mine's always almost full and I haven't got the chance to buy a memory card.
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  14. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    My E6 Plus worked fine on a 6 mile route. I don't use a car atm so I was on a train in Driving mode, but it showed where I was correctly, albeit having to redraw the route constantly and tell me to make a U-turn.

    Maybe use an app to check the device is functioning as it should. You mentioned a tablet also but that would surprise me less

    I had a cell signal on, but data and wifi off, so maybe cell towers help.

    Can you download say 500mb of a built up area onto device storage, maybe temporarily removing apps.

    Try the Device Info app or similar to see if the Moto E6 is functioning.


    I didn't screenshot arriving at the destination until later but the blue line was there:

    Screenshot_20210518-160020.jpg Screenshot_20210518-140451.jpg Screenshot_20210518-160218~2.jpg Screenshot_20210518-143416~2.jpg
    #14 Deleted User, May 18, 2021
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  15. Wax Bean Tycoon

    Thread Starter

    thanks for the post (and your time investigating).

    Try again, but without the Google Map App being in an active directed route. Another words, just turn on the app and start driving. That's when I have the most trouble.
  16. Wax Bean Tycoon

    Thread Starter

    Well, I can confirm one thing...

    I downloaded the offline app and installed it on the internal "device" storage, rather than on the SD card.

    NO GOOD! I still got a problem. Here are two screenshots taken within 25 seconds of the other. Both when I was on a highway lol. I wasn't anywhere near a Route 58 :thinking: I wasn't on a directed map route (voice prompts telling where to go), but just driving, with "Driving" mode on.

    This was with updated Google Maps, AND offline map installed on device itself......so it's NOT the SD Card, or where the offline map is stored (internal or SD Card).

    I will next try re installing Google Maps, turn OFF auto-update, and try it a few days with the older version of Google Maps, and see if I get the same problem.

    I'm thinking now the newer version of Google maps is the culprit. At least for my Android 7 and Android 9 OS (tablet and Smart phone).

    The offline map covers my entire state of Connecticut and parts of Rhode Island, so every road should be covered. There's just a glitch that is keeping Google Maps from accessing the offline map like it should. The data is in there, because If I start a route (input and destination and click "start"), the voice prompts will direct me (even though visual map is blank or very whacky)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    #16 Wax Bean Tycoon, May 18, 2021
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  17. Wax Bean Tycoon

    Thread Starter

    I suppose no one else has a problem with downloading and storing an offline map with the latest update version of Google Maps? because both my Android 7 tablet, and Android 9 Smart phone wont allow it

    I'm 99% sure it's the latest updated version of Google Maps that is causing the issue, at least for my two devices. (which seems nuts but....:rolleyes: )

    I have to uninstall, then resinstall Google Maps, then download and store the offline map, before Google Maps gets updated. How %^THed up is that?
  18. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    I got what you said about not running Maps or updating for a few days, but not about letting the location run without setting a destination / directions.

    I'm not clear probably on the problem - like downloading the "offline" Maps app?, running yours in 3D view, have you tried 2D? How did you uninstall Google Maps?

    Be aware, (from the little things I learned on these forums as I'm no genius - I just had your phone model), that when you "move" any app to the SD card, be it games or any Play Store app that allows it, then only portions of that app get moved. Links will be created for the mother app :) on the device to find those portions on the card. You must have broken those links, but if you started afresh .... then I don't know. Maybe that doesn't apply to offline mapping as it doesn't work with device storage either. There are better brains here.

    Have you tried other offline mapping apps?

    Have you tested the GPS sensor. It seems like it doesn't know where you were but knew there were roads somewhere. GPS Status & Toolbox has long been a good GPS helper on my previous devices.

    I hope you get help figuring it out. Sorry if I missed some salient points, I have a low attention thresho :)

    BTW : FWIW my current Maps version as above is 10 .68 .1 while its 10 .68.2 on my Android 11 Poco phone.
    #18 Deleted User, May 18, 2021
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  19. Wax Bean Tycoon

    Thread Starter


    Hi Madd61

    " I'm not clear probably on the problem - like downloading the "offline" Maps app? "
    The main problem, is when I'm away from my home, and no cell data turned on (another words no internet data at all), I click the "Driving" icon (see screenshot below), and it starts showing my location as I drive in 3D. I don't have destination route going (no blue line), it's just running showing me as I drive down the street etc.

    "have you tried 2D? How did you uninstall Google Maps?"

    2D view (bird's eye) is the same, lacking streets, names etc. just like the 3D view. I uninstalled Google Maps (can't really uninstall, just go into settings, Apps, Maps, then choose "Disable". which is kinda like uninstalling. Then when you click on "enable", it reinstalls an earlier version of Google Maps.

    "Have you tried other offline mapping apps? "

    GPS is working just fine, I have a hiking/biking gps mapping app called OSMAnd, and that will show me driving down the street just fine. It too has a downloaded "offline" Map.

    I hope you get help figuring it out. Sorry if I missed some salient points, I have a low attention thresho :)
    I think you're a sweetheart Maddie! Thanks for spending time to at least try, nothing else matters in life...(well, maybe a few other things )

    I think I'll figure this out. I'm narrowing down the issues as time goes on. It's not super important, I'm just a bit obsessive to figure it out. pet peeve kinda thing lol.

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  20. Wax Bean Tycoon

    Thread Starter

    So with further testing, it's looking more and more like Google Maps version 10.68.1 just doesn't like Android 7 or Android 9. At least my 2 devices. Tablet is an ACER model B3-A40FHD running Android 7, and my Smart phone is a Motorola Moto e6 XT200DL.

    On my tablet, I have Maps version 10.68.1. On my Smartphone, I have verion 9.85.2

    I'm at home, and I turned off wi-fi (and cell data is off)... so no internet connection at all.

    with the latest version (10.68.1), on my tablet, I open Maps, and I pan away from my current location, and at some distant location in my state (but within my offline map coverage). When I zoom in to get street map names, I can't get details. just fuzzy white lines.

    HOWEVER, when I do the exact same exercise with my Smart phone, running Google Maps version 9.85.2, and zoom in to the exact same spot on the map that I did on my tablet, I GET DETAILS! I get street names etc.

    Now this kinda sucks, because that means I need to run an old version of an app, and I can't have auto-update running for all my other apps, I have to rememeber to manually update them all.

    Also as stated before, I can't even download and install offline maps with Google Maps verion 10.68.1. I simply get a "Couldn't Download" error with no details (of course).

    I can't be the only one experiencing this problem. Weird stuff, but I am rather confident now that I discovered the issue. Google Please Fix. o_O

    #20 Wax Bean Tycoon, May 18, 2021
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  21. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    While looking at your problem just now with my Moto E6 Plus on Android 9.0 and going through the settings, and trying to understand what you have done .... currently not a lot to report.... but I have deleted my offline file and cleared junk with SanDisk Memory Zone - and I just updated to version 10.69.0 (which says some bug fixes etc)
    I don't remember deleting the other maps download on the device when I switched to a new sd card download but there's no offline data currently until I download again shortly.

    Have you looked at the gear wheel settings icon when downloading and it's set for WiFi or both.

    I'll keep experimenting, but I think you should have the newest version and figure it from thee, although the older version works now.

    I would delete your offline map, update and try a fresh download, initially to the device. I don't know if you mentioned the size of the download.

    As an aside the first thing I did was browse around the Map while it was still offline since yesterday or before, and I could browse further than my downloaded area up to a point, in that I could see the main streets and routes to the north of Paris from London here, further south of a line was blank and didn't fill. My downloaded map had every detail with shops, businesses and street names, until I deleted it for now.
    This is what I was drafting before I played around. We are probably on two different planets of understanding right now :)

    [So on the Moto, it has or had an offline map on the card. The download you have now will only work with Maps 9.85? When did you download the offline part, before you reverted to 9.85 or since?

    Have you switched versions of the app and the download a few times so there is no link?]
  22. Wax Bean Tycoon

    Thread Starter

    Hi Madd, I had mentioned (somewhere in this thread), that I can NOT download an offline map when I have the latest version (10.68.1) of Google Maps. It will start downloading, maybe even get to 100%, but then stops and gives the following error:

    So, I HAVE TO revert back to Google Maps version 9.85.2 in order to download and install the offline map. THEN I can update Google Maps to latest version and it will still have the offline map. That in-and-of itself is a glitch. That happens on both my tablet and Smart phone.

    I didn't realize there was a Google version 10.69.0 out. I will try it on my tablet, but I'm doubting it will change anything.

    Once again, thanks for your efforts and time on this issue Madd61!!! ;)

    EDIT: I just now updated to latest version of Google Maps 10.69.0. SAME PROBLEM. I refuse to believe the problem is on my end. Maybe my tablet, Maybe my smart phone, but the same problem on both devices, no way.
    #22 Wax Bean Tycoon, May 19, 2021
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  23. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    The update appeared today.
    I've seen that Couldn't Download message before but can't recollect. If your device storage was tight the system will want to leave maybe 500mb + headroom for other apps so that would happen then iirc.

    Anyway I couldn't replicate it, so I'll only take you around in circles.

    You're welcome.
  24. Wax Bean Tycoon

    Thread Starter

    well, I just tried a THIRD device, I have an older ACER tablet, model B3-A30, running Android 6.0 (kernel version 3.18.22). I just updated to latest Google Maps version, and the SAME problem is on that tablet as well.

    It's Google, three devices, same EXACT problem replicated. I also uninstalled the offline map, then tried to re-download offline map (with Google Maps version 10.69.0) and I got the same glitch error.

    It's frigging Google. I guess I'll have to find another driving app. Maybe WAZE app.
    #24 Wax Bean Tycoon, May 19, 2021
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  25. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven ...eschew obfuscation...

    I use CoPilot which will do completely offline navigation or follow along. Some features require connectivity, but the maps and nav don't. Not even for setting up a route. The entire map base is installed on you phone, so you need to take storage into account. I think North America (US, Mexico, & Canada) is about 2.1GB. I load the northeast and it is about 450MB.
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