Offline GPS Solution for Android?


What are the best offline gps solutions currently on the market for android?


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For the US, I'd go with CoPilot Live -- special Labor Day discount pricing expires soon.

They're really good about map updates, issued monthly, and make it easy for you to report map problems, with a guarantee of 45-day turnaround for most updates.


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CoPilot has been amazing for me. The maps are 100% accurate in Canada and US (Ontario/New York) is all I've tested though.


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Google maps...

Now you can cache map areas. Open maps -> long press an area -> when the address pops up, select it -> select pre cache map area. It will download a 10 mile radius (100 sq mi), and you can repeat this as much as needed. :cool:


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Turn-by-turn navigation for car: NAVIGON.

Routing navigation for offroad biking/hiking: ViewRanger with premium topo maps.



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Copilot for the user interface and ease of implementing custom POIs (speedcams etc)
Sygic for the quality of the map display


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I downloaded Maverick, but I'm a little confused. Is this just a standard map utility or is it a navigational tool to get from home to vacation, etc?


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Maverick isn't a turn-by-turn navigation. You can import a tour as track (.gpx file) and then follow this track line :)
The best use of the app is for walking, hiking, biking, skiing ...