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Offline voice recognition problem

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Mar 27, 2016.

  1. Android Question

    Thread Starter

    Hi everyone.
    I have a problem whith the Google App wich is driving me crazy. I can't download the offline voices to be able to dictate words when offline. For some reason I can only download en-US. The other languages are there, but when I tap on Italian (I need that one) or any other (event en-UK), they won't download. It says it is downloading, but it seems like it is struggling: download icon on the status bar appears and then disappears. After a whole it stops and nothing is installed.
    Can someone help me, please?

  2. Mieiko

    Mieiko Lurker

    I have to say I already tried to uninstall Google and install again... I really don't understand what's wrong.
  3. Parayilhussain

    Parayilhussain Android Enthusiast

    Go to settings>language & input>voice input>gear icon>languages>from here select language and "check" in the box>tap to save below,return to settings>language & input>text-to-speech-output>tap here>tap on the gear icon> tap on language >select the same language "check" in box, see below install voice data ,tap here and download, after finishing this, go to settings>language & input>tap on language button at top, select the same language and tap on it.now your google map language and the device language, keyboard language change to the selected language. Remember that you can download and install only default language, and you can't install one language for google map and another language for device settings.
  4. Mieiko

    Mieiko Lurker

    Sorry, maybe you didn't understand my problem... Language settings are alright, I only chose one language (Italian). The problem is only with offline voice recognition. I selected Italian as principal language both in device settings and Google vocal input. But when I try to download offline language packs other than American English it doesn't do anything. Maybe someone can download the Italian pack for me, so that I can put it the "data/data/com.google.android.googlequickesearchbox/app_g3_models" folder? Even if I have to say I tried putting another language pack there, just to try, and it didn't work, it said "no offline languages installed" in the Google voice input settings...
  5. Parayilhussain

    Parayilhussain Android Enthusiast

    I have downloaded the " Italian" data , 11 MB,but the file is not stored in the prescribed folder.
  6. Mieiko

    Mieiko Lurker

    Thanks for the effort. It should be there. When I download the American language (the only one which can successfully be downloaded) it puts it there, also in the Internet you'll find references.
    If it can help finding a solution, I noticed pronouncing "okay Google" from inside the goole app doesn't work anymore, even when online. I guess for some reason it only works when selecting the American language as predefinite. I really can't figure it out.

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