Ogg Vorbis? And How Does Sound Compare to Hero?


Hi, everyone.

So my Hero got stolen, and I'm considering the Evo (I'm on a waiting list right now).

What concerns me, though, is that Ogg Vorbis isn't listed as a supported music file type for the Evo, unlike the Hero. Does the Evo really not do Ogg? That would be a deal killer for me, since all my music is in that format.

Also, for those of you who've had the Hero, how is the sound quality of the Evo in comparison, and does it seem to put out the same amount of power? (The Hero drove my big Sennheiser 580 headphones just great all by itself- I would hate to have to get an amp.)

P.S. I did some searching, and could not find these subjects covered.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.
My wife has a Hero, but I haven't listened to hers at all.

I will say this, though, any audio via the 3.5mm out, be it through headphones (I predominantly use Shure, now) or through an audio system (fairly heft HT setup and my shitty factory car stereo) is definitely lower quality than it is with my first gen Zune 30gb. It isn't horrific, it just isn't as good. I still use it quite often, however.