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Oh God no! xD

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Member2085114, Nov 24, 2018.

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    Hehe Yes! :D

    The Americans are very cool! I love working for them always a very decent and courteous bunch of guys :)

    They couldn't stand the blacks here and all their interference and insane levels of corruption demanding they employ blacks only and that kind of insane crap. They also stabbed the Americans in the back many times and they had enough of it so they sold and left the country.

    The black government went against and back tracked on many previous agreements because they were trying to run the Americans out of business and so they got sick and tired of all the corruption and sold and left the country.

    They were also angry they were being forced by laws to hire only blacks that were dangerously incompetent putting everyone's lives in serious danger and risk.

    It's extremely sad but I don't blame them - hopefully it will give them more reason to try and persuade Trump to come and drop some bombs on these extremely evil and corrupt people.

    Yes I am in the QA/ QC side of Industrial engineering hehe and I love it! :D

    I checked the database online and there are only 6 level 3's in all of Spain!

    Holy pork fillets!

    Wow my qualifications don't only seem to be only rare in South Africa I am actually really surprised lol.

    A lot of people say we are like the Mafia lol but that's only their dodgey and corrupt perspective because they just want to do a super dodgey and dicey job (quick and dirty and DANGEROUS) so they can cut costs everywhere and then they want you to sign of that dangerous pile of shit so they can make a fortune out of someone else's misery or cost. They don't even care if there is a massive explosion and many people die later just so they can make a fat profit.

    But yes it is very interesting because they kind of do artificially keep the numbers of inspectors down dramatically because the pass mark to obtain it is harshly very high to pass. It's extremely difficult to pass.

    It requires a lot of in depth knowledge and understanding though.

    Also it is not entirely true that they artificially keep the number of inspectors down through a high pass mark as they do need to keep out the dangerous people of the world that also don't have the intellect required to safely ensure that everything is done perfectly fine according to international standards.

    Looking after billions of dollars worth of extrmely dangerous technology is no small joke and is an extremely serious occupation that demands a very responsible individual.

    So the dodgey people that want to cut a lot of corners will call us the Mafia but I love to just laugh at them! :D

    Those are the dodgey people that want to cut corners all over the place and they can't be trusted... you have to keep your eyes peeled wide open for those kinds of people.

    You need eyes in the back of your head with some of these dodgey creatures.


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    Hey things are not so rosey in this country either… .
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    What was Die Antwoord all about @Stinky The Legend?
    Loved the music but could never reconcile the source with what I had been told about SA all my life pre-"Free Nelson Mandela" days.
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